Joe Biden Announces His Running Mate

White House [Public Domain]

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden chooses California Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential pick, per his tweet.

In a second tweet, Biden said “Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau. I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse. I was proud then, and I’m proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign.”

Prior to serving as California junior Senator, Harris served as District Attorney of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011. In 2010, she was elected as California’s Attorney General.

Harris, who was born in Oakland, CA, attended Howard University in Washington, DC before obtaining her law degree from the University of California, Hastings. Before a life in politics, Kamala worked as an attorney in the public sector.

Biden told his team who the pick was and to make preparations for the announcement on Tuesday afternoon, but the pick was not revealed at that time.

According to CNBC, the Biden campaign has assembled a team of nine operatives who will work with his Vice Presidential pick.

Karine Jean-Pierre, a former NBC employee who served in the Obama White House, will serve as the vice-presidential nominees’ Chief of Staff.

*This is a breaking news story and will be updated with information as it arises*

    1. No, unfortunately Harris will be President if Biden wins, and Harris is much worse than Pelosi. If Biden wins, it is his death sentence.

      1. “IF”…….. IF pigs fly… and IF Unicorns suddenly appear everywhere… and IF Hillary suddenly tells the truth about Benghazi… and IF Hell suddenly freezes solid and I take Ginsberg on a ice skating date… Yeah… IF…

      2. IT’s our death sentence, the U.S.A.!! PEOPLE, IF you ever believed in PRAYER< you had better pray NOW and then some!!!

        1. While god is blessing globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi criminal organisation and globalist media and libby snow flake looters and rioters and arsonists AND altar boy raping priests . . . . .

        1. Shouldn’t be too hard for her to do to touchy-feely sleepy old joe since she’s had plenty of practice sleeping her way up in californicate.

    2. Only temporarily………..the marxists will continue their take down of America until the time is right for them to seize control. They will have no need or use for any Democrat President. They will “keep” the Dem communists in the party and get rid the leaders. The marxist domestic terrorists intend to have the power and control.

    1. I assume 2024? What makes you think she will be a good president? What has she done that was so great to be president?

    2. Now try to be sure of the gender you are born and the 1,000 different genders that globalist media, cliton opinion and feelings network orders you to “imagine”.

  1. The long-time Democrat Party racist, KKK lover, and mentally ill Joe Biden picks a black woman, based on the color of her skin and not the content of her character, who has a personality of vomit flavored vegamite. Not bad, Joe, for picking a woman who slept her way to the top, and has the reputation in Sacramento to be able to suck-start a Harley.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet chester the molester biden imagine that libby snow flakes care about blacks and a black vice president, all they care about is a reason to loot and riot and set fire and assault elderly people .

  2. This is hilarious. In a debate Kamala portrayed herself as a victim “one of those little girls bused” on public TV debate. Now she is her running mate. This truly is a circus.

  3. Meant she was one of those Little Girls that Biden had Bused. Now she is his running mate. This is truly a circus.

  4. Good Choice, someone with nothing meaningful to say partnered with someone who can’t say anything. A match made in heaven.

    1. maybe she is insurance, for biden, if he gets elected, c\she can,t be president , because of her birth problem, she is ineligible.

      1. birth is not a problem anymore, any illegal alien can march into the USA and be elected POTUS by the BurroRats, an usurper called Omamba did.

      2. globalist puppet barry soetoro sold globalist puppet $oro$ all the voter machines so just like in 2012 globalist puppet $oro$ can manipulate the machines and appoint any globalist puppet .

  5. Not a surprise! Now comes the question: Is this who America truly wants to run the country? I do not think that she will be a lot of help in the rust belt states.

  6. Great pick Joe. She will help you lose “bigger”. “Come on Man” Just about what all the pundits expected. I fully expect you to step aside at the Convention and bring in Michelle to take your place. Kamela is cut from the same cloth as Joe, the election should be a real hoot. Joe, you really need to go to your daca in the Ukraine. That country knows corruption better than anyone, you will fit right in.

    1. No country knows corruption better than the globalist $oro$ puppet democrat criminal pary and globalist $oro$ puppet rino criminal party .

    1. KamalaHarris, neither of her parents were US citizens when she was born, automatically disqualifying her from serving as president. But Pelosi validated Obama’s candidacy, so expect alcoholic Pelosi to do it again.

      1. globalists have ways to work around globalist puppets that are born in kenya and produce a fake birth certificate from a Hawaii hospital that wasn’t even built at the time of his birth .

      1. My definition of “natural born” coincides with the unanimous opinion of the nine Supreme Court Justices in Minor vs. Happersett. Those nine Justices’ uniform definition of “natural born citizen” is one born in the US to two US citizen parents. I believe their unanimous opinion has greater standing than any you found on google.

  7. Kamala Harris would be President if Biden could win! She and cult leader Pelosi would have a good old time until the marxist terrorists are ready to complete the take down of America. At that time the marxists would have no further use for the Democrat leadership and would imprison or execute them! The Dems don’t realize the marxists are using them for financial support and approval to commit destruction all over America to break the people’s will. Make no mistake, the marxists will make their move when the time is right because they intend to have the power and control! They would have no more need for the Democrats than they do the Republicans after they take over!

    1. globalist $oro$ puppet chester the molester biden would step down and then globalist $oro$ puppet harris would step down and make globalist $oro$ puppet pelosi president .

  8. Hope Biden poll numbers stop dropping like a rock .. last thing America needs for president some dumb broad that hates a lot things about America

    1. I hope that Harris’ treatment of Justice Kavanaugh during the infamous confirmation hearings is reviewed during the campaign. She was especially hostile toward his Catholic faith. She is likely hostile toward all Christian faiths.

  9. What is Vegas odds as to when she will be president within the next 6 mos, 1 year, 18 months or 2 years?
    The democrat party looked for gender and color not qualifying as to who can run the country.

  10. Good. Maybe her tough on crime approach as attorney general will piss off a sizable portion of the woke mob.

  11. So Sleepy Joe picks a Person whose family have been Slave Owners, and are Not Black but Jamacian by heritage.
    Joe Definitely Lost the Black Vote. And Hitler was wrong, apparently You can fuk your way into the White House.
    Choosing a woman who have sent Many blacks to Prison is a Naive Move. Joe has completely Lost it.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist media know that white libby snow flakes and black libby snow flakes are stupid .

  12. Ok, here we go…
    I’m still livid with ALL THE NUMB SKULLS who voted for OBUMMER, NOT ONCE BUT TWICE.
    Soooooo, let’s get it together this time and reelect PRESIDENT TRUMP.
    NO GUILT NEEDED! Our country will be GONE if she gets to the White House.

    1. Gotta watch those college educated suburban white women… remember what they did to us in the midterms!!!!
      It’s easy to be a liberal when you live far, far away from America’s crumbling cities and inner-ring suburbs.

  13. NOTHING BUT an OPPORTUNIST! I wouldn’t vote for Biden even if he had a male running mate! Besides that I wouldn’t vote for a women to run for any Public office or any Judgeship of any kind! WHY, because God Almighty HAS SAID THAT THE WOMAN HAS A PLACE AND IT IS NOT AS A PUBLIC LEADER! SHE IS TO BE AS IT SAYS IN 1 TIM 2:12 AND TITUS 2:5 a WOMAN IS not TO HAVE THE STREGTH OF POWER AS IN A LEADERSHIP ROLES! I AM not CONCERNED W/WHAT you THINK OR EVEN CARE ABOUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I AM CONCERNED AND CARE ABOUT WHAT JESUS CHRIST/GOD “SAID!” if THERE IS A PROBLEM W/THAT, TAKE IT UP W/THE ONE WHO WROTE THE MATTER! Jesus Christ!!

  14. So it is official ! Joe and the Ho are going to run together ! He did not pick her… she was picked for him ! Who in the Hell wants a Skank Ho from California as VP or President ? Joe will be gone within 6 months if they win the election and Harris the Ho will be left . Who did she Blow to get the nod for VP ?


  16. LOOK: Instead of talking all this “Stuff” of what we should do and what we better do and what we want to do, why don’t people do SOMETHING? WHY don’t people get ON THEIR KNEES in repentance and ask GOD Almighty to take back this nation for his sake! Why don’t people show The Lord we mean business and repent and get right w/HIM who saved us and PRAY, PRAY and PRAY some more! How can you be embarrassed, YOU can go into your prayer closet where no one sees, and pray! You can pray anywhere at any time! “PRAYER” is OUR weapon that can never be taken away from us! READ the Bible, and I mean a KJV Bible, the ONE this nation grew up on, and the 1st printed book in this nation! DO Something, start w/PRAYER for our leaders, and OUR president!!! PRAY FOR The LORD’s GUIDANCE! PRAY W/OUT ceasing 1 Thes 5:17 KJV Tell your senators and congress to repeal Abingdon v Schempp/Engle v. Vitale/Stone v. Graham/Roe v Wade 91962-3/70/73 S.Court rulings that took out prayer in schools and bible study and the 10 Commandments and abortion made legal!! DO SOMETHING!!!!

  17. WHY must I have approval for something I said, as RIGHT and GOOD as it is? I can see if this were swearing and perversion etc etc BUT…May GOD hold you responsible for the censorship when ALL I am doing is trying to effect someone for the GOOD!!

  18. I guess it pays to sleep yourself to the top. First she was Willie Brown’s mistress then next thing you know she is attorney general of California, then she is Senator from California. God help us all if Biden wins. Believe me, the last thing a person wants is this corrupt woman as President. She has no morals and no sympathy for anybody. She was ruthless as attorney general.

  19. So if they really followed the 14th admentment as it was written Harris could never be President. Her family wasn’t here 5 years before she was born. She slept her way to every position she had. Most of her records have been erased because they didn’t want public to know

  20. Biden says he has great honor to pick Kamala Harris as his running mate. That was not his pick, it was his party. The hypocrisy of the radical left Democrats at full display. There were other candidates better and more qualified than her. But because Democrats want the black vote one way or another. To me Kamala, is a sell out for accepting the offer. After Biden talked and degraded the black community with his speeches, I would not have taken it. Kamala is willing to take Bidens insults for the love of power not to help the black and minority community.

  21. Oh God…. how many college educated, suburban white women are going to vote for that female racist?????
    C’mon suburban, “college educated “ white women….. look at what you did to America in the mid-terms!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t do it again….. or better yet, just don’t vote.

  22. It’s just so wonderful that Joe picked a woman Donald has already donated thousands of his own dollars to!

  23. No one else wanted to run for globalist $oro$ puppet, chester the molester biden vice president and he was stuck with only globalist $oro$ puppet, harris . . . . .

  24. I was thinking if Bolshevik Bernie goes ‘for gender reassignment surgery’ & then claims that he/she/it, now, identifies ‘as a black woman’ wouldn’t ‘it’ be a better candidate, in progressive PC-minds, as O’biden’s VP-pick, rather than Kamala? Since there’s still time for the surgery?

  25. And the whore wins the sweepstakes run by Joey boy I suppose she will be on her knees trying to suck the life out of poor old Joey.


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