Donald Trump Sidesteps the Swamp Again

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

COVID has shown itself to be nothing but a farce, but it has also certainly shown one thing – no one in Congress cares about the American people. Months of on-again/off-again shutdowns and billions of dollars in revenue lost, many businesses closed forever, and more people out of work than during the Great Depression…. what does Congress do? Play one-up-manship with imaginary money.

So Trump did what he does best, and cut through the tangle with a brilliant move. On the one hand, he’s offered real relief to millions of Americans. On the other hand, he’s revealed to millions more why it doesn’t pay to vote Democrat. 

The extension of Unemployment Benefits is needed; no one can deny that. But the rule still applies: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. By forcing states and cities to foot part of the bill (just like he wanted to do with NATO and the UN), Trump is revealing which side of the political coin can’t put their money where their mouth is – literally. 

Democrat cities are all in chaos and utterly bankrupt. That’s doubly true of Democrat states. 

Well, now the Biden Voters will have to live with the mess they’ve made with their empty-headed voting patterns – meaning less money for them. Meanwhile, Red States, that is, states that are economically in the black, can provide financial aid to their unemployed citizens, guaranteeing that people in those states get the full benefit of Trump’s Executive Order. 

As their Anointed One Barack Obama was so fond of saying, “Elections have consequences”.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

      1. Thanks, Casey! “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” Those evil wishers and doers of EVIL will receive their JUST REWARDS! “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” Do they really do not know what they do? They all know what they do with increasing HATREDS for our Good President! What makes heart hates that is GOOD? PRIDE, ENVY, SELFISHNESS…? Satanism! Followers of Lucifer! SAD! We are a Christian Country! Not a Land of PAGANS ~ the Chinese Communist Government! God watch over our President and our be loved USA! Pray and pray harder! Are we living in the Words of Rev. 6?

        1. Pray without ceasing. I know millions have not stopped praying for our President since the day he came down the escalator and announced his candidacy. I knew at that moment that he was going to be our next President and most likely the best one in modern history~~ maybe in all of history except for the founding fathers.

  1. I only hope & pray that the Never Trumpers, Democrats for Life, will open their eyes and SEE! I won’t hold my breath though!

  2. Thank you Mr. President Trump, you are a man of your word, and your love for America is not well taken by your enemies, because they hate this country and will try and figure out how to destroy it. I say to all these nuts, leave the country Cuba is waiting.


  4. Dumbocraps have gone from being a political party to being Muslim extremists. Biden wants to teach Islam in our public schools, while Dumbocraptic governor’s and mayor’s defund the police.
    Declare the dumbocraptic party domestic terrorists and remove them.

  5. commiecrats are just like irresponsible teenagers with their money……now bite the big one you dumb communists

    1. You’re right but sadly, if these people stay in power & republicans don’t grow a set, we bite the same big one…difference is, they asked for it…we didn’t!

      1. Keep praying, don’t stop praying, pray without ceasing. We must get on our faces before Almighty God and intercede for our America, for our President and for his family. Our future depends on it.

  6. Thank you President Trump! I love it when you do an end around the swamp ! Brilliant! A true patriot who loves America and All Americans . Another example of why We should have term limits in Congress —career politicians work for themselves, President Trump works tirelessly for We, The People. Some may say he’s not presidential — I say he’s more presidential than all the swamp rats that wallow in DC. Remember, the Lord works in mysterious ways and President Trump says what he means and means what he says —Rock on!

  7. I was so happy when Trump became President i bought new top line Dodge ram truck and i hoping with everything i have Trump will be my President for 4 more years so i can get my truck paid off… If Joe Biden and that Kamel Toe Harris take over the White house i may see my Dodge truck get repoed .. Just sayin

  8. I get so pissed when I look at all the idiots burning down buildings and ripping statues down , I can’t believe we are paying for them to do crap like that with unemployment benefits and government stimulus checks , those fruits need to be put in jail then I won’t feel bad about paying money to incarcerate them

  9. To begin with….a person has to be low IQ to be a Dem AND they are incapable of learning from their mistakes SO, they will continue to make the same stupid errors over and again, they will never change…..they cannot! They are caught in a permanent “catch 22”!
    #WalkAway – we want and need YOU!

  10. This latest move demonstrates who is thinking about this country and We the People and who isn’t. We have the greatest president ever and it is time ALL the people realized that.

  11. Yes Obama, elections have consequences. They also bring the law down on the ones who did illegal things in the last administration. Now it is time to go after you Obama for what you did with Biden and others. It came from you two.

  12. Once again Trump is running circles playing chess while the bleeding hearts still haven’t figured out how to play checkers. Brilliant. Such a shame he had to put on the garment of a politician and put aside his wealthy lifestyle for a bit to get the country back on track. Despite that, record economic numbers for ALL Americans, funding for HBCUs and opportunity zones in low income neighborhoods. This black dude right here cant wait to check off “Trump for president” on the 2020 ballot

  13. I’m amazed that more people haven’t seen through the ‘smoke screen’ literally puffing up from all the democrat proposals. They ‘propose’ a corona virus “get well” bill that is designed to be the death knell of the American dream. For reasons unknown to me, they completely ignore the ‘needs’ of the people in their desire to extract maximum “aid” for their failed brethren. Is it the responsibility of the Federal Government to “pay” (from the general fund) money’s to bolster up States which have squandered their resources? It reminds me of the story of the three pigs — two who lived “high on the hog” and the third who built his home with bricks. When the ‘big bad wolf’ came, they all wanted to get help from the smart one. Sorry folks, “no room in the inn”.

  14. Let the Do Nothing Democrats live in there Shit Hole Cities ! Lol NOT ONE RED CENT of Federal Funding to any of them , Lol that should send a wake up call and Paint Black Matters on Every street in Democrat ran cities ASAP ! Also De fund All Police in Democrat ran Cities and sit back and watch these Morons kill each other , Good Riddance TRUMP 20/20

  15. So many democrat voters just cant connect the dots to see what real filth they are voting for. I look forward to seeing the reactions of the white liberals in the suburbs when blm and antifa come to their neighborhoods and there will be no police to protect them! I bet those cowards will give up their homes in a heartbeat!

  16. I am sure Trump will win again bcos Ameticans are not dumb, deaf nor blind. They are wise to know who is really on their side. MAGA, KAGA

  17. 2020 Welcome to the New Scum-o-crat Party. Slavery, poverty, higher taxes, unemployment, no wall, but plenty of drugs, pornography, rioting, looting, and misery. No Trump, no freedom, no jobs, jut a lying News Media and lots of misery!

  18. Now, if only we could get this message out to ALL the common people.
    Or, why we need to find an American businessman who is willing to take the risk of starting a new, American News Network, on national television, and in national print!
    We should all be willing to take the risk and invest in that. If nothing else, I could turn on the “news” at 6 o’clock and find out what is really going on in the world, instead of getting a bunch of lying, talking-heads, spewing out hate-speech against President Trump.
    Of course, it would also be necessary to start an honest journalism school to compete with the school of lying Communist Cronkite journalists.
    And, of course, we would need to set up honest news-feeds, since API, UPI, BBC, etc. are a major part of the problem, having replaced Pravda.
    A tall order, but it should reap huge rewards for investors, since there are a lot of people who want to hear the TRUTH. This should be done NOW, while President Trump is in office, and we still have the freedom to get the necessary licenses from the FCC. Failure to do this will guarantee an eventual communist take over – what happens after Trump?
    Sombody out there must be able to step up . . . ?

    1. Hi Rev. Roland,

      I would like to discuss this issue with you.
      I have also proposed this years ago.

      How can we get in touch?


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