GOP Governor Kristi Noem Installing Security Fence at Insistence of Security Team

(U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Jorrie Hart) / Public domain

GOP rockstar Governor Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) is installing a $400 thousand security fence around the governor’s mansion at the insistence of her security team.

According to The Daily Wire:

South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem is having a $400,000 security fence built around the governor’s official residence at the insistence of her security team, which deemed it to be “critical at this time.”

“Noem’s office did not give specifics on any threats, but her spokeswoman Maggie Seidel said her security team recommended the fence,” the Associate Press reported. Noem “raised her national political profile in the past year, including tying herself more closely to President Donald Trump, who spoke at Mount Rushmore on the eve of Independence Day this year.”

“In America, we debate issues; we don’t turn to violence,” Seidel said. “But it only takes one, and per the Governor’s security team, putting up a fence around the residence is critical at this time.”

Noem has been one of the governors at the forefront of trying to get kids back into school for the upcoming school year and has been known to have a more hands off approach with how she has responded to the coronavirus pandemic.

Noem has urged other governors to “trust” their residents and not take away their freedoms.

    1. Evidently you were not aware that the entire democrat party was “bought out” by CPUSA (communist party USA) back in the 1960’s; they’ve been slow to reveal themselves, but it’s all on the table now – -they actually “think” they’re going to win back control of our great Republic. Notice how “deftly” they play along and ally with Red China. If you haven’t noticed, you need to start doing some serious research.

      Decades ago, Red China thought they could build a military strong enough to overtake us; thanks to “slick willy clinton”, they almost succeeded. Eventually they decided they couldn’t do it that way, so 15 years ago, they start aiming bioweapons at us; just do the research, it’s plain as day. Check out the various viruses and “where” they originated. This is NOT “conspiracy theory”!

    2. What a horribly sad comment on where our country is. A woman who only wants freedom for personal decision making and following the Constitution to uphold a person’s rights has to build a security fence to keep out lunatics who want to destroy those things. You are right, why are we allowing this uncivilized madness to continue?? Too bad the swamp hasn’t been drained yet.

    1. I don’t see any other way to stop the anarchy, looting and burning. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to post this suggestion on some conservative sites that abide by Cancel Culture rules. You have to be careful you may offend those with delicate sensibilities.

    2. That’s the only thing that will get through to them. In Republican run states, serious bodily harm is the only thing they understand. No more pussy footing around by Law Enforcement or private citizens. If it’s your property or self defense, shoot hem where they stand, or a club to the side of the knees will do wonders. The Police, the same way, bust them up and leave them lay where they fall.

  1. The only ones to be prosecuted in the U.S today are law abiding citizens…We need the SCOTUS needs to put out a statement that the 2nd amendment is the law of the land…People will defend themselves and there families….The people that are denouncing there citizenship and paying upwards of 2300 dollars to do so can not vote and should leave and be treated as foreign nationals …Get the F– out

    1. Unprofessional security people are much more unpredictable and scary than the pro’s and they don’t have a rule book so maybe its time to fire the pros and turn it over to the armatures just to keep everyone on the left in a state of permanent alarm. Whoops I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do that,oh well dead man tell no tale!

  2. Leftists suck ….. from Biden….all the way down….
    They ruin everything they touch….and now they want to destroy South Dakota!!!

  3. I didn’t know that there were any lefty’s in SD,I’d thought by now the bikers and cowboys would have had them all tared and feathered and run out of town by now!

  4. More money that has to be spent because the DIMMwits refuse to rein in their terrorist armies. DOJ (those who aren’t deep state) should declare Antifa and BLM as domestic terrorist groups, find out who is financing them, and lock up several hundred.

    1. That is not a problem anyone who reads the real news knows who is financing them, Soros, Gates, Buffet are three at the top of the list that pour money to these communist but until the public takes matters into their own hands, nothing will be done.

  5. Kristi is one of the few governors who stand up to the anarchists–South Dakota
    will open schools–their cases are few–I lived in South Dakota many years ago
    maybe I should get out of this hell hole state of CA and move back–I came here
    as a young hippie in the 60’s—how stupid was i

  6. All she had to do was ask a couple of the Biker clubs that were at the rally to protect her and I think the response would be overwhelming. They look after those that look after them.

  7. This is bathhouse barry soetoro’s Amerika, he said he would fudamentally change our country and he did, with racial divide, and treason, orchistrated the coup, to overthrow our president, and creepy, racist,perv,china/ukrainian,slo,dementia,joe was part of that coup.He is unfit to be president, and harris in unfit to be a vp, two pathetic candidates, that lie and lie. we have baloney joe and phony kamala, that will get Trump re=elected, no problem in a landslide.Stay in the basement joe, it’s your safe place, u have a problem of foot in mouth disease, at least u keep us laughing.Thanks again barry,big help with joe.

    1. So true. She is a conservative hero and others should follow. That would definitely make America great again! But too many of of those states are already bought off and in the pocket of the left machine.

  8. South Dakotans are fortunate to have Kristi Noem as their governor. She has done much to benefit the freedoms of her constituents, and her successes rub worse Democrat governors’ noses in their poor performance. Realizing how some poor performers react illegally to the success of others, yes, she needs more security.


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