Trump BLASTS Dems: Middle East Easier to Deal With Than Democrats

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump took a jab at Democrats during the press conference announcing the historic Middle East peace deal between the UAE and Israel.’

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

President Donald Trump said Thursday the Middle East is easier to deal with than Democrats as he praised the opening of diplomatic ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

“The Middle East is more reasonable,” Trump said in the Oval Office, after asking Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin if he found Democrats or the Middle East easier to deal with in negotiations.

Mnuchin, who is trying to broker an agreement on Capitol Hill on another round of coronavirus relief, said he was hopeful he could deal with the Democrats, given the surprising nature of the Israel-UAE agreement.

In a deal brokered by the Trump administration, the UAE became the first Gulf Arab country to establish official relations with Israel.

Democrats and Republicans are reportedly not even close to a deal for another coronavirus relief package.

  1. What the heck, freakin’ ISIS would be easier to deal with than the Democrat Seditionist Socialist Party. C’mon, man!!

  2. All the while being impeached, investigated as a traitor, dealing with the swamp, the Rhinos, Dems and biased main stream media. Dealing with a pandemic that the medical experts knew little about, trying to hold up the economy, deal with anarchy and uncontrolled violence in our country. I don’t believe any President has done s much for our country under such terrible harassment.

      1. And we keep hearing from the leftists that Trump is only interested in his own self and has failed to react to COVID, and he has trashed our economy, and so on. We know that the Democrats aren’t all completely stupid, so the only reason they talk so, is that they are deliberately LYING to the American people. If voters can only understand that, it makes their decision very easy. Vote only for Republicans in November. Reject socialism/communism.

  3. i had said that the DemocRats are more vicious than NK, Red China, russia, they’re the most poisonous rattlesnake from this C-19 stimulus checks can prove it. and their supporters are almost all brainwashed….

  4. Our great President, Donald J. Trump would get more response from a corpse, than the Democrat political party. They prove they are disgusting people everyday.

  5. The demonrats continue to ruin everything they can. Payroll deduct them until they pay back every penny wasted on the Meuller Russian hoax. Charge the rest to hildebeast and the dnc for their collusion with Russia.

  6. Just think what he could have accomplished with just a little support. First, it was McCain and then the House. His accomplishments have been unbelievable — obviously much more than eight years under Obama and Biden without the misunderstandings (that’s polite for crooked deals and outright lies).


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