10 Questions Joe Biden MUST be Asked but the Media Won’t do it

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

The media always hands softball questions to the Democrats, remember when Hillary Clinton got the debate questions early? We do, and sadly it was not a major shock then and recalling the episode is difficult because it was just another episode of the same media bias that America is subjected to daily.

Joe Biden has a lot of questions to answer, questions about his record, his accusers, his policy positions, and so much more. The issue is that the media isn’t going to ask him, he is never going to get asked questions in the same way a Republican would be if they were in a similar position to him. Since the mainstream media won’t ask, we will. Here are the questions that Joe Biden needs to answer:

    1. The closest the Lame Stream Media (and now, possibly Fox as guided by the Murdoch boys and Paul Ryno…) will get to vetting Slow/Puppet Joe is taking a picture of him driving his vette… 😉

    1. Tell us about the Ukrainian DA that was fired and the money you leveraged to protect your son. Show him the video and see if he remembers bragging about it.
    2. How many members of your family have profited from your years as a Senator and as a VP?
    3. How much money has your dishonorably discharged son been paid by Ukrainian and Chinese firms?
    4. Did you suggest using the Logan Act against President Trump in that meeting with Obama and Comey?
    5. When did you know the Steele Dosier was paid for by Hillary and when did you know Hillary let our diplomats die in Benghazi to cover the sale of Stinger Missiles that she and Obama sold with the approval from Homeland Security?
    6. With all the gaffes you’ve made recently shouldn’t you prove to America that you’re not going senile and take a cognitive test?
    7. Why have you flip-flopped on policies over your entire political career?
    8. What was your net worth before you became VP and what is it now?
    9. Have you ever been to Orgy Island and who did you go with and see there?
    10. Would you put Hillary, Obama, Comey, Strock and Page in jail if they’re found guilty of committing criminal offenses.
    1. Excellent questions.Also why have you reversed your position on the HYDE AMENDMENT, and now embrace abortion on demand paid for by the American taxpayer. ?

      1. And he calls himself and pretends to be a Catholic and trying to take communion?
        So many questions!!! Why do you consider yourself honest, honorable and with integrity after with so many TRUE SKELETONS in your closet? Why do you lie over and over and over again about Your LIFE issues? and about other people?

    2. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” Do not want to be int family’s shoe when the Ball of Judgement falls! The Lord our God is always present!Nothing that we can do is without HIS ALL KNOWING MIND AND AND ALL SEEING EYE!

  1. We no longer have an unbiased media in this country. We have a bunch of hacks pretending to be journalists and reporters but they are really “PROPAGANDISTS” for the corrupt Democrat political party. And EVERYONE with a brain knows it.

  2. So far nitwit Biden and his (you better pick a black or else) partner nitwit aren’t even taking ANY questions…..
    The mainstream media hasn’t had a chance to even ask any of their softball questions they have in storage…. like, “Joe, how’s your face mask today?”

        1. Billy Wilson have you seen her birth certificate that says she’s white and was born in Alameda Co here in California

  3. social media needs to be regulated to give the news not take sides problem we do not have reporters just rioters

  4. Those are good questions, but not the most critical, except maybe regarding his mental state.

    My concern is, does he believe in the Constitution from an exegetical interpretation and would he appoint judges to the bench who interpret the Constitution in an exegetical manner?

    For thos confused about the big word used here’re the definitions of the 2 related words.

    EXEGETICAL – A critical explanation or analysis of a text based on the actual words written, their meaning at the time written, and the express intent of the original writers.

    EISIGETICAL – The process of interpreting text according to one’s own presuppositions, agendas, or biases.

  5. I would certainly include his relationship with China and his role in the whole Russia hoax before I would waste time on his gaffs. The question about his health would suffice for this measure.

  6. Tell us that u weren’t at the meeting dicussing the coup, to overthrow our duly elected president, sitting next to bathhouse barry soetoro, and other minions, orchistrating obamaspygate, to frame Trump, u don’t remember being there,is that correct? Oh u do.

  7. the corrupt fake media, gives the demo-communist soft ball questions, because they know damn good an well, they could not answer a hard ball question, That STUPIDITY this shows up.

  8. I believe these questions should be asked, but honestly, and perhaps it’s the media’s reason for not asking, but I don’t believe Joe could seriously answer any of them without tripping over his own feet. That’s why the dims have and will continue to bloat Joe’s administration with radical yes people. This is their great opportunity to change the nature and complexity of our country. It’s like having a bubble head out front with everyone laughing and joking at the head’s expense, all the time continuing to do as the apparatchiks want.

  9. There is little doubt that Biden will be a Puppet President should he be elected, thus this is probably why his handlers chose Kamala Harris as his running mate. Harris is the face of a Liberal Left politician and to the Liberal Left this selection makes total sense. Harris knows how to play the blame game quite well. She even used it against her running mate. I think the wrong questions are being asked by all our politicians during this coming 2020 election. We should be asking who will best reflect the meaning of our US Constitution? After all, this is required of all politicians. When they take office they must first give their Oath of Office to comply with, support and defend our US Constitution. It is not a matter of how Political Correct a person can be. It is a matter of how US Constitutional Correct they can be. This means that Rule of Law must be followed by ALL US CITIZENS, not just Political Correct citizens. It may be Political Correct to use Race as a political tool, but it is not US Constitutional to do so. Our US Constitution is meant to be color blind. YES, I can agree that our US Constitution was not taken literally and their was slaves and women who were not considered having the rights of all citizens. Sadly this was the message people accepted globally when Tomas Jefferson drafted our US Constitution. It took time for the nation to mature and correct this message. It took the deaths of US Citizens to correct this message. We now have Rule of Law to make sure this message is not repeated. This is why we must have our history to remind us of our past. If any person we elected to office fails to keep their Oath of Office or abuse it for political gain they should not only be censured but removed from office. The US Constitution proclaims we must have elections so citizens can have a voice in our government. Will our US Constitution and it’s Rule of Law be followed? I do not care what a politician says as long as he or she follows Rule of Law as he or she should. Political Correctness can not be found in our constitution. Why is America so divided? I blame it on those we elected to office. The first Amendment of our US Constitution begins with the words: “Congress shall make no law….”, yet Congress has abuse these words by making laws restricting this First Amendment. They as politicians have corrupted the US Constitution.

  10. Okay, I’ve read enough. There is only one question that needs to be asked of sleepy joe. Sir, you’ve been in politics for 40+ years, tell us one thing you have accomplished for the people or the nation in all of that time?

    1. Socialism will never work, the early settlers in New England tried it and failed miserably. Socialism and communism, has caused many and terrible deaths!

  11. Everyone knows that the mainstream media is filled with a bunch of liars. You can’t believe anything they say. They are just a propaganda machine for the DNC. Don’t ask me why they want a communist society, but they obviously do. If we had an honest press, the left would have no chance of winning the election.

  12. Biden and dems critize Trump re the response to the virus–Question: What exxactlywoould Biden have done with the first sign of the virus?
    When covid first happened in JUS, what would Biden do differently?
    Not fair to think about all that has already happened but when the virus was first reported in China and/or when the virus first hit the IS.
    This is the qustion the msm or CNN will not ask! Direct questions!

  13. News Media needs to be made Accountable & Punishable by the Legal System, there is NO Journalism telling truths!!! They only make Up LIES and can print Anything they want!!!

  14. She’s not even ‘black’. A Jamaican father and an Indian mother. But, in identity politics a person can declare themselves to be any color they want.

  15. Shrillary almost won by sort of hiding her at Chelsea’s. Guessing the demonKKKrats figure that, given the 2016 result, if they TOTALLY hide Slow/Puppet Joe he’ll win!



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