Meet the Prosecutors Soros Helped get Elected

George Soros is putting a lot of money behind local races as a means to put radical far-left individuals in power in positions where policy changes have a direct impact on those in the area. What these changes have shown us is that far-left democrat policies result in people committing blatant crimes with no recourse from officials. Soros has put his money down on local races for local attorneys, these prosecutors do not prosecute quality of life crimes, petty theft, or anyone destroying property in a protest. Thugs operate in the open in these cities and people are fleeing as a consequence. Here are all the local prosecutors that George Soros funded: 

  1. Why does he have so much criminal power? He should at the least be extradited to almost any other country. They all want him and would take care of his useless a$$.

    1. Why is this Traitor such a “Teflon Don”? Barr needs to do something about this Slime machine. He’ more dangerous then China or Russia. He has got to go.

      1. Because globalist puppet $oro$ bribes all the globalist puppet democrat criminal party, globalist puppet $oro$ would be extradited to many of the countries that have warrants for him if all the democrat criminal party weren’t in his wallet .

      1. Hungary refused to take him back, haven’t you heard?? This guy is more evil and has done more damage to America than Satan himself. He is paying the protesters and rioters to go from City to City and do their dirty work and he finances most of the Democratic campaigns. We need to fight against this and neutralize him before it’s too late!!

      2. He hold dual citizenship with America and Hungary. Why is he operating here without being sent back to Hungary. Because Hungary was smart and passed a law. Soros is not allowed to meddle in Hungarian politics. The Hungariens are smarter than we are. They know evil when they see it.

    2. globalist puppet $oro$ has so many billions of dollars and donations and the democrat criminal party love globalist puppet $oro$ bribes to preach all the globalist agendas, globalist puppet $oro$ bribes to the democrat criminal party stops the democrat criminal party from extraditing globalist puppet $oro$ to the countries that have warrants for his arrest . .

  2. George Soro’s hate and distain for America makes Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Omar, Shiff, Nader and etc. look like beginners.
    Why do these people hate America?
    I think they need mental health help. And soon!!!!

    1. globalist $oro$ puppets; pelosi and schumer and aoc and omar and schitt and nader etc love globalist $oro$ money and hate AMERICA .

  3. This prosecutor should be investigated for any kind of corruption, espeacially from appointment to the position fraud. I’m sure they will find something illegal and dirty about this prosecutor. MR. BARR, PRESIDENT TRUMP, WHERE ARE YOU? THIS SHOULD BE A PRIORITY CASE TO RID THIS CRIMINAL SORRYAZZSOROS FROM AMERICA, OR HANGING FOR TREASON! WHERE ARE YOU AMERICAN PATRIOTS?????👎👎👎👎👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. It is pathetic that the sheriffs do not investigate globalist $oro$ puppet district attorneys and the police do not investigate globalist $oro$ puppet mayors .

    2. America will destroy herself from with in. She will die by her own hand and ignorance. She will have no history, no memorial statues. Her history books will be burned along with her bibles and it will only take a generation of present American Education to corrupt her children. I hate to say this but I see no hope on the horizon.

  4. I Just don’t get why this guy is allowed to overthrow our gov’t because I know there is a law against trying to overthrow the gov’t. And Soros tried the same thing in Hungary and got kicked out when caught and got kicked out in Britain when he was caught tearing down the finance system of Great Britain. How he just got kicked out and not put in jail for life in these countries I would love to know. And it seems as if our gov’t is not interested in doing a thing concerning this guy. Acorn was behind financially the Ferguson riots and Soros owned Acorn and that paying the rioters to riot should have gotten him kicked out during the Ferguson riots but he is still here paying people to infiltrate our law systems and destroying our cities so as to get control of our cities and than move out into the rest of the country which is how communists take over. What does this guy have to do to be kicked out along with his same personality son.

    1. Because all the globalist $oro$ puppet democrat criminal party are in globalist $oro$ wallet, they love his money instead to extradite him .

  5. DANGER DANGER DANGER! This man, George Soros, is not only criminally insane, he is obsessed with his ability to own people! He is involved all over the planet with so many different ideologies and causes, he is like a chameleon and hard to know what his purpose and endgame is other than causing chaos and destruction everywhere! What does he expect to gain from all this? Is his goal the destruction of America with the knowledge the rest of the world will follow in a domino effect? What happens then? He has a plan…………a socialist/communist globalist/NWO planet. But, he is not a leader, he is a financier and big picture person, what does he personally expect to gain? Maybe he just wants to be the puppet master and own the world! He is a very dangerous man!

  6. This dirt bag Soros is known for destroying countries, that is exactly what he doing here, we need to export,deport, this POS, he’s getting, buying no good prosecutors, that won’t charge criminals and let’s criminals walk,he needs to go now.He is in the pocket of the radical,liberal,socialist,marxist,dumbocrap commies, DEPORT SOROS NOW OR ARREST

    1. globalist puppet $oro$ needs to live in the usa because all the globalist $oro$ puppet, democrat criminal party enjoy his bribes to preach all the globalist agendas, instead to extradite their cash cow, globalist puppet $oro$ .

  7. Can’t anything be done about this evil man? He is trying to destroy this country and is getting pretty far in doing so. Please people. If you know who is getting money from
    George Soros don’t vote for them. Once they are elected, they must do his bidding. He has bought the media and the Democrat party. Please vote them out.

  8. Kim Foxx must have no sense whatsoever as to right and wrong! She states that shoplifting is acceptable as long as it’s under $1000.00! She must have rocks for brains if she thinks that’s a reasonable solution to shoplifting! One can only hope that her position of responsibility doesn’t last too long! If it does, thousands of shopkeepers might lose their shops from the theft that will occur!

  9. Chesa Boudin is also out to destroy the country! What does he think will happen if people are allowed to urinate in public, block sidewalks, set up public camps,solicit sex, etc. Those cities that allow this will very quickly be filthy, ugly places in which to live! This is what Boudin would call “quality of life”??!

    1. globalist puppet $oro$ opens up his wallet to bribe the globalist puppet, democrat criminal party to preach all the globalist agendas, the globalist puppet democrat criminal party won’t extradite their cash cow, globalist puppet $oro$ .

  10. When will soros be arrested? Prosecute him for accessories to murders and destruction riots. If he paid attach his accounts to pay for damages and deaths

  11. Why is this hateful man who despises this country allowed to stay here? He is not native born and should be deported tomorrow to Hungary. They most likely do not want him and would take care of him!!!!

  12. Mr. Barr – – – where are you? How come you aren’t addressing an issue about George Soros funding these massacres of our cities and especially, our city of St. Louis DOJ District attorney and Assist. Attorney General. It’s widely known where the money is
    coming from and as the top dog of the justice system in our government, shouldn’t you be looking into these actions Soros is causing? So far, Mr. Barr, I’m not impressed with your handling of the national DOJ, are you part of the swamp or not? Start showing us something, you’ve been there for over a year and it is still the mess it was when you stepped in.

  13. What these traitors are doing should not be allowed. They should be tried for treason & sentenced to death. All of them. We need to eradicate these traitors. There is no justice.

  14. Soros just turned 90 and is desperate to see his communist “utopia” become a reality in the U.S. before he dies. He has spent his whole life trying to undo our country. Don’t let him win. Vote Republican in November.

  15. Right after the 2000 election, Soros said he was going to “buy” every DA, mayor, Govenors … and it seems as we can see from all these destroyed cities…so far he is good at his word. Then he sends out his thugs to destroy, buy votes, corrupt the voting processes. It does not cost him a dime as all of his different groups all get Fed grants, funding. Plus he pockets the rest…. Everytime a Dem Prosecutor, DA, Mayor, Govenor wins an election they pay homage to SOROS… And do not for get BLoomberg said on the Dem debate stage he BOUGHT the 2018 election for the Dems. With Nancy PElosi all of those “elected” Dems do not even have to show up because Nancy Pelosi has their PROXIE… You are not voting for someone to represent you when you check DEM… All taken care of.


  16. Soros is an outright Traitor to America. How does he get away with his dirty plays? AG Barr needs to Grand Jury this Slime. I understand he’s been kicked out of TWO other countries, We need to make it Three!!!!

    1. BUT we need to confiscate any and all his interests or holdings in any thing he has here! STOP all his pay offs to any and all THE SO CALLED PEOPLE ELECTED to be our voice in OUR government!

  17. These people listed as Soros’ puppets have sold their souls to the DEVIL…i.e., Soros himself. And we know what happens to the Devil in the end.

  18. You will carefully note that none of them, from Soros himself down to his lowliest peon, is immortal.
    All can hurt.
    And the more they let people get away with criminal actions the more likely they are to become victims of harm themselves.
    Looking forward to that day when people, me included, will stand and applaud their pain.

    1. Soros should be arrested by the FBI (he will be within the next 30 days) he, with money he has given to these criminal, is an assesory to murder…and those people who lost there business, start a class action Civil lay suit against Soros …he belongs in jail ..and should re-emburse every small business person who lost his.her business.

  19. It is often the case in politics that money and brains don’t necessarily go together. Some people have such a need for power they willingly sell their soul for a caseload of cash. Perhaps money-bags Soros, like other lobbyist donors, should be capped at a certain amount, and any more automatically disqualifies both the donor and the accepter.

    1. ITS all done under the table. If it leaks out, the who and when has trouble. Look at what he did to the people of Germany! Have family who got stuck there and after the camps and tattoos, family and Govt. got them back. Never the same and 1 even killed himself.

  20. He and his family citizenship should be revoke long long long time ago assets confiscated and they needs to remove from USA forever
    Treason and funding domestic terrorism is all we need

  21. The man is guilty of TREASON and SEDITION but Trump does nothing. One of the greatest disappointments about Trump is he has not drained the swamp as he promised. If he did that right out of the gate we would be in much better shape.

    1. Actually, Karen, he has drained many, and is setting up many more. It’s just that the Swamp is a lot deeper than we think, right down to our local level as this article shows, and we can’t be like them and execute as they would/will.
      My hope is that after the re-election, and all the impeachment, COVID, and domestic violence chaos is over, we will begin to see justice done – that many will be swinging from lampposts on Pennsylvania Ave.

    2. Get a clue! You have no idea what he is going thru to get done what he has! And just watch the rats when he goes after more, plus people like sorass! Don’t think for 1 minute he does not have people working on things he can do with out piggy and crew messing things up! TOO many have a lot to lose when he starts! Take your dissapointment OUT on the rats trying to stop ALL he is doing! HMMM ever wonder how many lawyers he has working to be sure he abides by the Constitution?

  22. Why is this renegade Jew doing all this crap? Where will he fit in if his agenda was accomplished. Strange man… Does he want to take over the world?

    he owns hillery, obamma, peloci, schummmer, biden & many other local da’s state sect. of state, mayors & governors they let his organizations operate with immunity. thanks to obammy he is now an american citizen still wanted by most nations of the world.

  24. The Mad Hungarian is on a mission to bring the United States to its knees.
    And he is doing that by pushing U.S. hating socialists, particularly blacks, into elected government positions where they can effectively ruin our quality of life under the guise of racial equality.
    A very simple plan when you get right down to it.

    1. There are many more, some stick out more than others. How about the $$$$ dodger bo let off owing the US back Taxes.

  25. Why is Soros and his sons and criminal conspirators still alive? These MF’ers need to be hunted down and executed fir their crimes against the USA. Anyone that has taken money or been given support by Soros and his kind should be immediately removed from ever holding in public office forever. This man is an enemy of our country and should be hunted down like the animal he is and executed for his crime!! POS!!!

  26. Notice how the snake slithers in behind you when you are going about your business as a positive, productive American citizen?
    They think different than we do. Positive people cannot understand why anyone would want to spend their life or their millions breaking down the best country in the world, and they accuse President Trump of what they are doing. “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and an evil tree cannot produce good fruit.” (Jesus of Nazareth)
    What we need to get rid of is sores like Soros and the other hateful billionaires- against-America.


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