Judge Tosses Trump’s Challenge to NYC DA’s Subpoena for Tax Records

White House [Public Domain]

A federal judge has rejected an attempt by President Trump to fight a subpoena for his tax records from Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr.

According to CNBC:

U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero said the president failed to show that the subpoena would pose an unfair burden, siding in favor of Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr., who has said his office is pursuing an investigation of potential violations of state law. Trump is likely to appeal the decision to a higher court.

The president’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, said Trump will appeal the decision.  It is unlikely that any records obtained via subpoena by Vance’s office will become public before the presidential election this fall, if at all.

The subpoena, directed to the president’s longtime accounting firm Mazars USA, seeks the president’s personal and business records, including tax returns, dating to 2011.

The ruling by the New York federal judge comes a month after the Supreme Court rejected the president’s earlier claims of absolute immunity from state criminal subpoenas. While the top court rejected the immunity argument, it said the president was entitled to object to the subpoena on alternative grounds.

Vance has been reported to be pursuing inquiries into possible bank and insurance fraud.

    1. Fay, your taxes and mine and every other American’s are private between us and the IRS. The ONLY exception is if there is Probable Cause a crime was committed by the tax payer. Trump is audited EVERY year so what could the State of New York have on the president? Nothing, they just don’t like him. A piss poor reason to go on a fishing expedition, trashing Trump’s constitutional rights. If they can do that to our president then they can do that to ANYBODY [so long as they’re conservative]

      1. Right on, and I don’t recall any probable cause ever being claimed. They just want to be able to go over the returns and pick any of the millions of entries to accuse, even if they have no idea what the entry is about. This is only one more reason to vote only for Republicans in November. The Democrat Party has become the party of lies. Every additional day offers further proof.

      2. So long as they’re conservative, yes. But it’s only the beginning. Then they’ll go after the liberals who don’t know tow the line, then they’ll go after those who they think could be a threat until you have Fidel and his brother, the only ones left at the top.

  1. What in the h3ll does ANY year BEFORE election have to do with it?? Furthermore, it is NOT a rule that a Pres MUST release his returns…If they don’t, let the voters decide if it’s a problem.

    1. There is no law stateing he must comply with this Democratic way to cause problems ,I would not like anyone else seeing my returns, just because they do is no commitment for me to do this it is just another witch hunt. That will go on and on never letting up. Put all of Congress on the same page let the nation see theirs first and I mean every one ,Pelosi down.

      1. Jimmy Carter started this nonsense of releasing your tax info back in 1976. Now it’s gamesmanship; “I released the last 10 years of my returns, but my esteemed opponent only disclosed his last 5 years of returns. Why? What’s he hiding?”

        Or, like Trump, tell the dems to pound rocks. Have Barr tell Vance that he wants to see Vances’ returns back to 2011 for possible violations of federal law.

      2. Yes I am so tired all the Congress the democrats asking for president trump to releases financial status when they don’t even do themselves. It’s Not mandatory to release financial status , It’s always been voluntarily. Look at the past majority of them never released their financial status God pray for us all. Need to clean out the waste. We need true Americans With value in a conservative way.

  2. I really do not understand this (PSYCHO) OBSESSION with POTUS’ tax records?!?!?! We, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, do NOT CARE about them!!!

    1. Just who is “WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”? You do not speak for all Americans, especially the far Left SOCIALIST Democrat seditionist snowflakes – I hope. 😉

      So it’s VERY easy to understand the Democrat’s obsession with TRUMP’s tax records. Their hatred of him is so great that they demand another fishing expedition to see if they can find any error that they could claim is criminal so as to impeach him again and again and again.

      1. Reece 1..Pretty snotty response..we knew what she meant since it’s been repeated tens of thousands of times by NORMAL Amercans.for years..SHEESH! < are you one of the probable nosey busybodies that thinks
        he'll die if he doesn't know?

    2. They want to claim that Trump’s worth is far less than he publicly states. They know they can’t jail him, but if they can humiliate him, they can once again claim he should be impeached. Interestingly, Tim Geitner had to pay the IRS about $8 million of back taxes before he could head up the FED. Real hinky.

  3. Cyrus Vance Jr is a corrupt left wing Democrat hack. OUR tax records are PRIVATE between us and the Internal Revenue Service – UNLESS there is Probable Cause a crime has been committed. Trump and his companies are audited EVERY YEAR. Why? Because of the shear amount of money generated by Trump and other super rich people. Unless, of course, you’re a liberal like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. THEY get a pass.

    1. The desperation of the DNC insane asylum grows. Nothing sticks to Trump and this won’t either if they even get it. Taxes are difficult and I am assuming this DA owned by Soros will use the old guy who thinks he is godlike funding to hire tax experts to pick it appart. But it will be after the elections for certain.

  4. No one gives a dam about his personnel tax record, this is just a continuation of the radical,liberals constant harrassment of the president. It’s none of your dam business, he has been a business man all his life, the american people, say we don’t care. Let’s see all the top corrrupt dumbocrap taxes of piglosi,schumer,frankenstein,waters,dipshift,harris,biden, big problems no doubt.

  5. I don’t blame him! … Cause even though there is nothing there, the Dem’s will twist the truth to fit their own narrative. Such as… He only paid $xx,xxx in taxes! … which is perfectly legal, but they’ll manage to leave that part out. BTW… Why is Al Sharpton still walking around free?

    1. Because he is an “oppressed african-american” caught up in this “systemic racist” country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  6. This is just one more reason that income taxes need to be abolished,your enemy’s can use them with the help of the government to cause you harm and embarrassment.The democrats are causing mistrust in government when they have shown that they can weaponize it and turn it against you.

  7. How about we the people get to see the top Democrat politicians tax returns for at least the last 15 to 20 years, or their entire political career, so we can see just how a lot of them have ended up with millions of dollars that they didn’t have when they first came into politics.

    You know, they can lead by example and openly show everyone all of their tax returns to prove that A. they have nothing to hide and B. that making tax returns public is no big deal for politicians 🤔 😏

    1. Starting with Pelosi and Maxine! And what about Chucky? There is something fishy about a career politician that drives an older car and supposedly has such a comparatively minor total worth? Where’s all the money everyone else around him has pocketed?

  8. Trump’s Taxes Are NONE Of The DEMONCRATS AND LIBERALS BUSINESS..HE DOES His Job That Is All That Matters To The AMERICAN PEOPLE..

    1. And Trump does his job better than any President during our lifetimes.I could care less about Trump’s personality. It’s his agenda and execution that matters. The fact that the democrap commies don’t like him means he is being successful !!!

    2. Right-it is the job of the IRS to know if there are improprieties. And if as they say, he has a firm of tax people who handle everything, and the IRS audits him yearly, who don’t we hear a peep out of them? It’s only an issue because a Democrat law maker that dislikes the President, is pushing the issue!

  9. why don’t we all send our tax records to congress.they have nothing better to do.that way we could get rid of the irs and save tons of money!and as far as the irs,aren’t they they ones looking at your tax records for fraud?

  10. If this becomes the ‘norm’ — why do we have the IRS ?? Obama’s IRS had these records for years — in fact, even APPROVED them — no question then. Now, we have a “suspicious” DA who is just “curious” (look for ANYTHING to embarrass the President) — I believe they call this a “witch hunt”. If ANY attempt at “honesty” is made, the returns “should” be reviewed by an ‘unprejudiced’ CPA’ who would be subject to “legal action” if confidential information were to “leak”. What do you expect to happen when this “DA”, who is a KNOWN political hack, gets these returns??

  11. You are right, “far Left SOCIALIST Democrat seditionist snowflakes” (also known as Democrat Domestic Terrorists – DDT) are not Americans. The sooner we get this through our heads the better. Unfortunately, they have chosen to take up a foreign way of life – also unfortunate, we have to deal with them.

  12. D.A. Vance has used the Stormy Daniels payment as an excuse to embark on a fishing expedition that would put the investigative effort and expense of Russia collusion hoax to shame. His theory is basically that any such payoff (reported to have been around $130,000) might have been treated as a business expense rather than a personal, non-deductible expenditure. Trump’s tax returns, both business and private, have been audited for years. He has used professional accountants who are not going to risk the existence of their firm and personal careers by cooking the book; they certainly know what happened to Arthur Andersen 1990s in the Enron scandal. If the D.A. gets all the financial records, the only thing that will come out will be countless leaks of half-truths to the mainstream media.



  14. Soooo…when is the subpoenas going out for king o, hrc, clinton foundation etc..and creepy joe????

    1. Sure, Hillary ignored subpoenas, Rosenstein ignored subpoenas and so has every Democrat involved in trying to unseat a duly elected president. I don’t think we’ve found out about Al Sharpton’s 4 plus million in unpaid taxes yet. Maybe they could subpoena his returns.

  15. Not a Democrat that could even read Trump’s tax returns, let alone understand them. Way to complicated for their small brains. Hate for Trump does strange things to people, however they better make things right between themselves and the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? there will be no liars in Heaven. The other option is eternal life with torment in HELL!

  16. What a crock of shit. As intensely as these feckless assholes hate Trump, he’d already be in Prison for Life plus eternity if he really did anything wrong. These bloated white collar tabbed bully boys need their slats kicked in so hard they cant stop puking.

  17. Hey Vance– I heard from an unnamed (like CNN does) source that in 1999 was seen jaywalking across the street from his hotel.
    I think that should be investigated immediately.
    He obviously has no respect for the law!!

  18. Now if Trump has nothing to hide, why is he the only President in modern History to object to his returns being made public, he knew going into the election that his tax returns would be requested. Now Trump is not audited every year, and audits are only done with probable cause, I am a Conservative who in 2019 paid over $1.75 Million in taxes as I have every year or close to it in the past 10 years, and have not been audited one time except in 1995 when we sold the business and came into about $100 Million all at once, the following year I was audited and they found a mistake my CPA had made but it was in my favor and I got several thousand back.
    Trump is a wheeler dealer and always has been, with 7 FBI investigations into his dealings which he always throws someone under the bus and walks away. Not one bank in this USA will deal with Trump in any way a person could think of, so Trump deals with Deutsche Bank the bank of the Russian Mob, who is presently under investigation for money laundering, now that could be why they want Trump’s tax returns, they already know Trump has violated banking laws by under valuing his property for tax purposes and over valuing them for losses, and loans.


  20. And in three days or less, Vance will leak Trump’s records to congress, which has been denied access to them

  21. just something else to cause Trump problems we can tell that he truly cares about this country and its people because he has put up with this crap for almost 4 years without taking any pay if he did not care he would of said to hell with it and left office but he has stayed and keeps fighting for use Trump 2020

  22. Appeal immediately. An obama judge is no real judge at all. Take it all the way to the Supreme Court. UNLESS the tax records for hillery, obama, biden, bidens kids, pelosi, schumer, schitt, and the rest of the denoncrats in the house of ill repute are

  23. This is a soros funded judge in NYC and the federal one in NY is a Bozo slanted one so take this up the ladder. Where is the evidence other than a fishing expedition like the House?


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