HUGE Stories the Media is Ignoring Because They Could Help Trump

White House [Public Domain]


The media has a horrid track record when it comes to reporting on stories that might put their preferred candidate and party in a bad light. There has been a lot of news recently that has gone uncovered by the mainstream media, these stories paint a very different story of the country than the one you would get by watching the mainstream media. Here are some of the biggest stories the media has skipped:

    1. Can’t argue that. A lowly FBI analyst is the only one clearly charged. And apparently Bozo and Biden are off limits. That likely means a few scape goats for the worst crime in the history of the USA is gonna slide away so it can happen again whenever the dim wits are losing. That is if we remain a country of law, order and our constitution.

      If the dim wits succeed we will be the next China like nation of marxism. Kiss your rights goodbye if that happens everyone. So, vote, vote and vote just like the dim wits do at least twice especially if you get those awesome multiple ballots the mail will deliver to your address for those mystery people who live at your home. And trust me, I have seen some of that at another house in Phoenix AZ so I reported it and had to go through hoops to stop those deliveries from the DNC ballot vote counter in Phoenix.

    2. Well, “In my Fathers house are many mansions:…. I have a mansion waiting for me in GLORY! I am going to heaven, where my mansion will never get old or rust etc. You can have the temporal crown of money as you say, but YOU can “NOT” take it w/you! My riches are already there when I get there!! John 14:2-6KJV

    3. Well, “In my Fathers house are many mansions:…. I have a mansion waiting for me in GLORY! I am going to heaven, where my mansion will never get old or rust etc. You can have the temporal crown of money as you say, but YOU can “NOT” take it w/you! My riches are already there when I get there!! John 14:2-6KJV

  1. Well, of course the MSM will not cover these and many more news items going on that would cast the Democrats in a bad light, simple little things like “truth and facts”! That is not in their playbook and some of these fanatical idiots would sacrifice their lives to get rid of DJT! Of course that would be ” good riddance to bad rubbish”!

    1. The failure of the MSM to print all the news, especially news that favors President Trump, MAY be behind why the Democrat Convention looks like a repeat of the impeachment hearings. Everything of substance that was said, in both events, was an outright LIE. Democrats interviewed on Fox News keep repeating these LIES every time they open their pie holes. Can they all really be that stupid? I don’t think so, they are deliberately LYING to the public, LYING to the House of Representatives, and LYING to the Senate. If enough voters (legal or otherwise) vote according to these LIES, there is a good chance we’ll get a President Biden, and Venezuela here we come. Vote only for Republicans, as the Democrat Party is the party of riots, lies, lawlessness, and open borders, with anti-American actions promised. It is difficult to see how such a political party can co-exist with real Americans.

  2. FISA court need to be abolished. They have not brought one person up on charges for lying to the court. They are in on the coup.

    1. Meanwhile, the California court feels that it is ok for Garcetti to shut off electricity and water while the temperatures hits a 100 degrees. Thank you for prioritizing what is going on in California.

      1. California is ON “FIRE” and they can NOT see that Destruction is on its way, and reject the FACT that “GOD is angry w/the wicked every day.” Psalms 7:11 KJV They don’t see that GOD Almighty is going to do much more then that if they don’t change their ways of thinking!! Phil 4:8 KJV

    2. Good luck collecting that! Only in CA is that still possible! Stormy is all used up and is of no importance any longer! The rest of the court system is ruling against her or throwing her suits out!

  3. Lori Loughlin who was in the series of full house only got two months in federal prison, and her husband got five months. Does that sound fair? No…. The rich getaway with every thing because their can buy their way out of serious crimes. If I being middle class person, would likely get the full measure of time because I can’t buy my way out . Do you think You could? Their kids don’t make the cut on their own, so mommy and rich daddy brought their way in to college. That is not fair to all you taking SAT’s , Honestly!

  4. The Liberal Media is part of the DNC so what can you expect?? They suppress everything that could help the President and all the American People! We need 4 more years and we pray it will save the Country!

  5. The media has now gotten into the habit of hiding anything positive that the President or his administration does. It’s rather sad that the media has sunk so low. But hardly surprising.

  6. There is too much anti-Trump going the FDA. Hydroxychloroquine saves lives. Every person who died from the Democrat/Chinese virus should have at least been given the option of taking it. Three quarters of the lost lives may have been saved. I’d be suing somebody had my parents/grandparents died when doctors knowingly avoided the telling them of the pill.

  7. These and many other stories that are positive for DJT and Republicans which go unreported are what the MSM wing of the Democrat party do much too often…….they lie by omission to the American people when they don’t report news stories! This is a much worse offense than lying in a report…..we easily know we are being lied to!
    There is a special corner of hell reserved for these vermin where satan and his minions will see to it that no one tells members of the Dem MSM a thing!

  8. OK America. Let’s get to the Olympic Games in Tokyo next Summer. The Prez. will have to troll the msm, blm, antfags and radical Democrats before the Games with his and God’s Blessings to the athletes individually and team wise. And, The Donald being The Donald, make a very special Good Luck and God Bless to both the NBA and WNBA.
    I’m betting the Blue Party will have to have a special session to make a bill to oppose America during the Olympic Games. OH and watch the USA basketball teams throw the games.

  9. The radical,liberal,socialist,marxist,dumbocraps real surprise is on it’s way very soon, and boy, they aren’t going to like that. The USPS has been in the dumps for years, because the dummycrats never helped fix it in 8 failed years of Obummer, now if u want to piss and moan about it, u caused it, so cry us another river. If u think dementia joe is going to be president, u got to be crazier that we thought, he is unfit to be leading anything, and is under investigation, and so is his son. His bff bathhouse barry says joe just doesn’t have it, and can,and will embarrass all of us before the election. He will also blow up the whole election, with some off the wall stupidity, before we get to november 3, we also agree, he will not make to election day. Stay tune for the cartoons, the DNC was a train wreck and dumsterfire, I mean who are these people, are they all suffering from TDS, or just plain stupid?

  10. The only way that this type of news can get out if more viewers see, regular civilian with their own home made YouTube videos. I see a lot of Kevin’s corner, and others who speak out about real news. There are others out there that speak the truth, and will not force you to change your opinion. They give their opinion, show you the facts and you decide if you want to continue watching them.

  11. We don’t have a “media” anymore. We have a propaganda wing of the DPP (Democrat Political Party)..

    One of the strategies of the DPP was to take over and control the news media. They have been very successful in this goal. They have also worked on the “education system and the entertainment industry in America.

    Thanks to these three industries (media, entertainment, education) we are turning out millions upon millions of brainwashed, low information people with zero ability to critically think. Common Sense, logic and ability to critically think are disappearing more and more every year.

  12. I think the Democratic speakers broke the record for the most LIES in a 48-hour period. This includes their star teleprompter reader, Joe Biden. Biden’s memory has to be severely compromised, because he repeated the widely debunked lie that President Trump called white supremacists “decent people”. You have to actively encourage lying to believe that one!


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