Not Many Watched the Democrat Convention

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Say what you will about the fiasco that was the 1968 Democrat Convention – people at least seemed to care about it. Not so for 2020. Drooling Joe Biden and the Californian vulture on his shoulder are generating about as much energy as discount solar panels in the middle of Winter.

Even the media cartel flagships like CNN and USAToday had to admit it was a total bust – down 28% from 2016, which wasn’t exactly a million-man march. If we just look at the cable propaganda outlets, we’re looking at a 42% drop in viewership. 

Don’t forget that in most Democrat-run cities and states, people are locked in their houses with nothing else to do – sports are canceled and many networks are running re-runs, so news and politics are the only game in town. MSNBC only managed to pull 5.1 million viewers – that’s fewer than the Bob Ross Channel got when it debuted on Twitch back in 2015. 

This is not a happy little accident. The Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer America other than more of the same carnage they’ve been causing all year. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be trying to hijack the post office to steal the election. 

Be sure to vote in person on November 4. After all, you only have to do what Biden voters can’t be bothered to do: show up.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

      1. It’s SPAM! That ASSHOLE is posting the same damn thing all over the web! But only in sites where we can NOT turn his ass in!!!!!!

    1. Wow you must be desperate to use this site to push your BS please go to CNN or MSNBC and give them the good news of how much money you can make

  1. All the Dems HATE convention proved was they are bizarrely stupid, but, on the other hand their Goals and Policies are scary and will Bankrupt America . . . . their move to true Socialism?

    1. Sorry, their manifesto is pure marx in spades — One would be wise to read what they failed to mention during their kabuki theater routine of mindless hyperbole, which details the “plan” for the destruction of the Republic — Democratic Party Platform 2020 [Full Text]: 2020-07-21-DRAFT-Democratic-Party-Platform. Content created by Conservative Daily News
      If this doesn’t scare the crap out of every patriotic US Citizen, nothing will!

  2. With the lead in headline “Biden, The Dems, and CNN Get BAD News” Ok. What a disapointment. I was hoping that maybe all their dicks fell off and we wouldn’t have to deal with any of their off-spring. “Off” being the operative word.

      1. That AND their lies plus phony conspiracy theories against DJT!
        Ever thought about how the Dems say DJT talks about nothing but himself WELL, neither do they!

  3. I think Van Jones’ comment on CNN was telling, when he said, ‘As long as Joe Biden doesn’t embarrass himself, the media will support him,’ Doesn’t say much for Joe Biden, but it speaks volumes about the media.

    1. AND SO WILL I!

      #WalkAway-Dems and Independents we want and need you!

  4. Are you trying to make it so the brain dead wins? Voting is on the 3 of Novemeber NOT the 4th—Remember people November 3rd is for voting for RED!!!

  5. I’ve been around since Eisenhower and have never watched a Commiecrat convention. What’s there to know about Joe Blow and Cameltoe ?

    1. Well they are both “rejects”: bye-dunce by obumer in 2016 and chameleon harris by the dnc, getting < 3% of their votes!

    1. Biden people are special. We will let them vote on the 4th of November. Now you people voting Biden make sure you go vote on the 4th. We will let you vote on the 4th. Go ahead.

    1. We may even let the Biden voters mail their votes on the 4th. We are generous like that. Go ahead people voting for Biden, make sure your mail in vote is stamped anytime on or after the 4th November. Go ahead mr Biden, you’re special. You can vote on the 4th as well

  6. The DNC, just had the biggest train wreck,with biggest the dumpster fire ever. This was the biggest comedy the world has ever seen,Do these radical,liberal,loonietunes, really think anyone will vote for them, trying to destroy what America is all about.U are the joke, and will be badly beaten in November 3, in a historic landslide, like never seen before.

    1. The Dems failure to mention, much less not condemn the mayhem being perpetrated by marxist domestic terrorists rendered additional crippling to themselves! Of course, the entire world realizes the Dems support these unamerican vermin and their real goal for what they are doing! I want to throw up every time I hear a Dem say 90% of the protests aka riots are peaceful!

  7. Vote on November 3rd because of you go on November 4th the poles will be closed.
    The election is on November 3rd. Tuesday

  8. I haven’t watched the conventions in years. Simply because they stopped being conventions and became coronations.

  9. If the Republicans would wake up and acknowledge that YES, there is systemic racism and that the Democratic policies since the 60s have made it flourish. Trump would walk away with this election like Reagan won in 1980, if Trump would charge DEMOCRATS WITH SYSTEMIC RACISM.

    1. War on Poverty: Welfare for unwed mothers has broken all families and minimized men. Blacks have been effect the most with 70% of black children born into a single parent family. Democratic legislation, dumb Republicans helped pass it.
    2. Affirmative Action: Lower qualifications for blacks so they could get into great schools even though they couldn’t keep up academically. Solution: make the curricula easier. Did that end affirmative action. NO. Blacks will always be “black” meaning deserving of a special break and whites will always be “white” meaning that merit and achievement by whites is tainted because of so-called “white privilege” which affirmative action created by lowering qualification USING A RACE-BASED STANDARD. That’s systemic racism.
    3. Democrats against guns: Black on black crime is skyrocketing. Law abiding citizens cannot have guns to protect themselves and their families. The right of self-defense is limited in Democratic states. Who suffers the most: inner city blacks. If you are a responsible gun owner, you know that hoodlums would not be so fancy free with shooting up the neighborhood if they even had a glimmer that their neighbor had a gun.
    4. Democrats for minimum wage: Who is hurt the most by high minimum wages. a) inner-city teens, mostly black. Hi minimum wage has forced restaurants to close, Trainee positions are not available unless you’re in a university program or working for the government or a not-for-profit funded by the government. To the extent that minimum wage raises prices of goods and services, who is hurt the most? The working poor. Don’t worry, AOC wants to give everyone an stipend for not working at all. You have a right to eat, even if you don’t have time, energy or inclination to work.

    Every Democratic policy over the last 50 years has been designed to disempower the people. If you’re a citizen you have limited rights. If you are a white male citizen, gun owner or business owner, you have no rights at all. If you made you way to a comfortable life, you are either the product of white privilege or an Uncle Tom.

    The only power we have left is the power to vote. The Democrats say that this chaos is all Trump’s fault — and in one way they are right! If it wasn’t for TRUMP, their path to tyranny would have gone quietly sliding down the slippery slope completely unnoticed until one day we all woke up and found were were living in Venezuela.

    The plan for tyranny is not new, but time is running out to stop it. Please President Trump, call the DEMS out for what they REALLY are and have been all along: Racists. Intentions don’t count, achievements do.

    The only campaign the DEMS are running is ORANGE MAN BAD. Just think of it this way: Goofy Joe Biden and Joker Harris — Would you by a car from those two?

  10. When I did watch these speeches I got the impression, we the voters, are living in a corrupted government simply because Trump is the enemy of our nation and all US Citizens should be ashamed to be part of his United States. If Trump is so corrupted how did he manage to give the nation what the politicians failed to give this nation? What the people heard for decades from the politicians never achieved results, yet Trump gave the nation results. Prison Reform and the suggestion of Police Reform were topics Trump took seriously and acted upon them. Trump gave us a border law to help cut down on illegal immigration, human trafficking, smuggling arms across our border, and helped to cut-down illegal drugs that are killing US Citizens. The press does not praise Trump for taking out two Radical Terrorists that accounted for deaths of Muslims and non-Muslims around the globe. Trump got the US out of or helped update policies that did not benefit this nation. When Trump promised to put the nation and it’s people first, he kept this promise. YES, our economy took a hit from COVID-19, but it did not severely damage our economy to the point of a financial disaster. Our economy is coming back. WHY? It was and still is the best economy ever in the US, even with this virus. When we can figure out a safe way to achieve person to person commerce, this nation will stay strong. God gave the nation a blessing to have a man who loves his nation and it’s people to be or President. Trump won against extremely high odds. Some called it a miracle. Would we have been a US Constitutional Correct nation under Hillary Clinton? She claimed,like Obama, that citizen must be Political Correct. Biden is parroting this same narrative now, so I have to answer NO. Political Correctness is just a example of being Ruled by the Political Elite

  11. “Be sure to vote in person on November 4.” – It seems GOP mixed up the dates same as Biden the Big Tuesday.


  13. On day one CNN, MSNBC, &FNC barely got 6,000,000 viewers. Yet the excuses rolled in and they claimed almost 25,000,000 watched. Now for the last night they’re claiming nearly 30,000,000 watched. That means about 1/3 of all damn democrats watched, at most! That means turnout will be less than 2/3. Never has turnout for a candidate doubled! Biden can’t win.

  14. Forget about viewership. Once the election’s over, the demoncraps won’t even be able to draw flies.

  15. November 2020, We The People will Vote These Socialistic Communist Corrupt Politicians, City, State & Federal OUT Of OFFICE, into the Unemployment Lines Thruout America!!🇺🇸 We The People DEMAND We Want OUR Constitutional Rights and a Government FOR the People, NOT Corrupt Politicians wanting Money & Power Over The People!!! Vote Straight GOP (Except Rinos) November 2020!! Instead of Defunding the Police, We Need to Defund Politicians!!!!


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