Pennsylvania Democrat Representative Conor Lamb Admits Economy Tanked While Biden Held Office

Self-styled "normal Democrat" Congressman Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania

Democrat Representative Conor Lamb has admitted the cold hard truth about Joe Biden. While he was in office the economy of Pennsylvania hemorrhaged jobs.

According to Town Hall:

Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb admitted that Biden has a lot of explaining to do, since Pennsylvania lost a “ton” of jobs while he was in office.

“I think in a part of the country like mine, there has been a 30 or 40-year period long before President Trump came along, where we lost heavy industry, we lost jobs in coal, we lost jobs in steel, a ton of manufacturing has gone overseas to Mexico and China,” he told CNN. “And so I think anybody who was serving in public office during that period is going to have a challenge to come to a place like Western Pennsylvania and say we can get this back on track. We can create new jobs. They will pay better. We will secure your retirement but deal with the history of all of that. I’m new so, you know, nobody really held me accountable for that, but Vice President Biden has been around longer.”

Pennsylvania residents recently told Fox News anchor Lawrence Jones this is one of the reasons they do not support Joe Biden:

“He had 40 years to make it right here, we’re still distressed,” one man said. “Eight years as vice president, what magical wand now is he going to wave now to make it work?”

Another resident said: “He’s had eight years as vice president, didn’t do anything, no record to speak of, he’s been a professional politician for 47 years.”

Joe Biden has been in office for over 40 years and his record is less than stellar. Look for the Trump campaign and the RNC to work overtime to expose this as November approaches.

What is Joe Biden’s worst legacy while holding office? Tell us in the comments below.

    1. No. Don’t let Rep. Lamb off the hook so lightly.
      Yes, he rightly blames Biden and his ilk for 40 years of devastatingly poor governance, at its kindest. So what?
      Whether stated or not, all he is doing is stating historical fact.
      The questions one should be asking of Rep. Lamb are:

      1. After 40 years of catastrophic national harm by your party, what is your agenda and how do you think you’ll change things?
      2. Why are you a Democrat? What, exactly, do you think they stand for?

    1. Their entire modus operandi is GODLESS. So they get 200ths of a point for honesty when
      they left the part about God out of the pledge. Like all atheists they have only one god… themselves the true object of their worship and adoration.

      1. libby snow flake parents sacrifice their sons to altar boy raping priests and sacrifice their daughters to globalist $oro$ puppet, chester the molester biden .

    2. The Godless commies are at the helm of the democrat party nowadays and any church going God fearing person who still votes democrat is voting against God and and casting their support behind Satan.

    3. Meanwhile, god continues to bless; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi criminal organisation and globalist media and libby snow flake looters and rioters and arsonists etc AND altar boy raping priests .

      1. God doesn’t bless the ungodly. God has told us the rain will fall on the just and the unjust. Read Jude 1:4
        You can follow God’s principles and it appears that you are being blessed without having to be a believer or follower of Christ or God.

    1. Why do the American people fail to see what stares them in the face and pocketbook.Th e whole democratic population have completely lost their way.
      they protect Antifa and BLM over the true Americans

      1. Their pocketbook are filled from the government coffers and as long as they find comfort in that, they will continue to vote Democrat no matter how much it costs the nation.

      2. Because of the promises the democrats promise. What I don’t understand is why they keep voting democrat when they never deliver. It is 90% talk 10% doing for the democrats.

      1. god is the problem, not the answer” Who told you that? Why do you say that? What proof do you have?

    2. If Quid Pro Joe’s handlers steal the election there will be blood shed in the streets. The loony Dim/socialists want a civil war….. bring it.

  2. someone in my local paper opined that it was reagan that shipped jobs overseas and ruined union jobs.i moved a company from connecticut 42 years ago to florida (dictaphone corp) because the year before thr union wanted 10%,8%,and 5% raises in the next 3 our ceo said give them what they want.and all the while was planning to move the manufacturing’ was unions that caused the exodus out of the country.but the person failed to mention who is responsible for two new trade deals and stopping the exodus to foreign countries yes trump!when someone mentions union the first name that pops into my head is jimmie hoffa! enough said!

  3. Those who remain in Democratic Party after all this bull shit are truly lying fraud dirt bags. If you are a member of this party you are a traitor, felon, baby murderer, rioter, looter, beater and terrorist supporter. Don’t say you’re a democrat for Trump, if you were truly for AMERICA , you wouldn’t be a democrat.

  4. The Biden family was/is corrupt and Obama, America’s first TERRORIST president, finally after many months for lack of anyone else, endorses him.

  5. Thank You Mr. Lamb for standing up and not being fearful of telling the TRUTH!! May GOD put President Trump back in 2020 to help the People and Trump will not forget your bravery and will carry Pennsylvania in the upcoming election! God Bless America and God Bless everyone who stands for truth!!!

    1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi criminal organisation and globalist media and libby snow flake looters and rioters and arsonists etc AND altar boy raping priests .

      1. You keep repeating yourself. If you really knew God and know what God wants of you, you would never say what you have been saying. Your comment comes from a person who has no idea what God really wants from you.

  6. Joe. Biden is a flake and a stand in for the Democratic Party. The only thing he’s good at is smile and touch women . His record as a senator and as a VP is zero..,,,nothing done. His rhetoric on the campaign trail against Trump and the BS discussions on what he’ll do as President is ridiculous and just a mouth moving with the same old crap Democrats have lied about for years. He’s crooked as the day is long and the investigation regarding himself and his son in the Ukraine and China should continue. If anything, this assumed corruption under investigation should go on and be proven now. The Democrats say all they want is to work and help the American people but no all they do is spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax and lie, lie, lie It’s time to kick these bastards out of congress . As a former Democrat I wouldn’t trust or vote for another idiot of the Democrat party come hell or high water. Democrat is just a word they are really communists that are trying to destroy our country!

  7. I didn’t think there were any good democrats left in this country,why is this guy still in the democrat party?

    1. He won’t receive any bribes or voter fraud from globalist puppet $oro$ the next time he runs, this will be his last term .

  8. Past performancce is a good predictor of future behavior…so, all America has to do is look at Biden as VP for 8 years and his 47 years as a politician to infere what to expect from him as president….more of the same performances meaning no jobs, poor economy, government over reach with heavy regulations, higher taxes etc. Here is a man who has been in politics for 47 years and now he suddenly wants to fix the problem…really? It took him 47 years to figure out what is wrong in washington?

    1. globalist $oro$ puppets like chester the molester biden in office for 47 years is what is wrong in washington .

  9. The democratic leadership wouldn’t know the truth or refuses Recognize it if it was printed on the forehead to the democratic party the word truth wouldn’t recognize the truth even it if it was printed on the forehead. The democratic party the word truth to a democrat is what the wicked witch of congress telling them (Nancy Pelosi). The truth is that the new liberal socialist democratic are nothing more than a mockery of justice system and law and order. There Disrespectful and hatred for the president has become so apparent that the DNC was nothing more than rambling of hatred and lies sleeping Joe Biden made outrageous claims that he will fix what he and the Obama administration had f-ck up for a man that’s been in politics for 47 years he should know that economy will recover and the cure for covid 19 will be forthcoming and employment will continue to get better and not for any of the efforts of the Democratic Party the damages caused by THOSES cities and states being govern by liberal democratic shows how dangerous the liberal socialist Democratic Party reality is. Just remember that the civil war was the Creation of the Democratic Party mostly because they wanted to Succeed from the union the first two years of the Civil War was about the social succession. Slavery wasn’t addressed until the Emancipation proclamation was written and didn’t become law till the end of the Civil War and the Democrats
    weren’t willing to accept.

  10. He is a do nothing Democrat. They all promise to get elected and then, Nobody Knows My Name. President Trump said he was going to do things and he did. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is Republicans put money in your pocket and Democrats take it out.

  11. Connor seems like a nice man and patriot having a stellar military service. My advice to him is switch parties and the sooner the better. If Biden couldn’t work magic in the near half century he’s been in political office (including EIGHT years as VP), what’s the point of getting him into the Oval Office?

  12. Don’t get too excited. Lamb is merely positioning himself for re-election. Once he’s back in the House he’ll be back to voting 100% with Pelosi.

    Lamb was the first to run on this fake conservatism and it worked so well that ALL new demonKKKrats ran the same way, which is partly why the demonKKKrats won the House (the rest was due to sabotage by Paul Ryno) in 2018. Repubs and Independents have to be smarter than to fall for this again in November (fingers crossed…).

  13. From what I see and hear the democrat party has sold out,they are either a comminist or a socialist,which neither one is good for America.America is God’s country,when they did the pledge and left God out,that was the begining of their down fall.God Bless America and God Bless President TRUMP.

      1. You are mixing up God with the Devil’s work; but then if that is what you really believe then I feel sorry for you! There are many of us that God has done wonderful things for and has given us a blessed life for sure moving forward. All God asks for is our choice to have faith in him; choice being the key word here. And if we are wrong in our choice, we have nothing to lose. However, if we are right then we have a blessed eternal life. So the logical and smart choice is?!

  14. Participating in illegally spying on the Trump campaign and conspiring to use the Logan
    Act to go after Gen Flynn

  15. Did anyone listen to Mark Levine on Hannity show as he highlighted the DEM Manifesto of 110 pages that will utterly destroy America (as Soros wants)?

    1. Yep, I heard it all. It’s too bad the liberal/socialist media won’t have anybody like Levin on their low-ratings shows.

  16. As VP, Biden held up aid, and got a prosecutor fired to protect his son. His son also traded on Biden’s position as VP in China. I believe that could be called corruption.

  17. Just think Biden and family became multi-millionaires while he was in Congress and as Vice-president. How much do you think he can steal if elected to the office of the President?

  18. The fact that this racist peace of crap who didn’t do anything but keep black people poor and dependent on welfare food stamps and housing benefits while not requiring them to pass school from hard work and learning thinks no one remembers him and the people like him fighting to limit civil rights is a joke u have something he needs ur vote because no one who remembers will vote for him

  19. Joe Biden’s worst legacy in office. #1 Quid pro quo with Ukraine and then lied about it. It was recorded so there is a record. #2 China and his son Hunter making Billions off of his father’s office of VP. #3 Along with Obama attempted to undermine a duly elected president by using the FBI and Russia. #4 Exposed General Michael Flynn in a situation to get Trump. #5 Worst of all uses the race card to gain advantage with the Black voters when he himself is a racist. Modeled himself after Senator Robert Byrd a known member of the KKK.

  20. Connor Lamb also said that he was not going to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House and he did…….just another lying Democrat. It is election time and he is up for reelection so NOW he is speaking up. He voted for Impeachment, he votes with all the radical Democrats. Vote his lying Democratic mouth out.

  21. Brainless human pendulum – swinging from right to left to right aimlessly till Sanders yanked him so far left that he hid in the basement.
    biggest accomplishment – extracting a 1% kick back from Iran of the $150 billion via the $1.5 billion investment provided to Hunter.
    Did Hunter invest in Netflix, for Netflix to sign a $50 million deal with the Obamas.
    None of the swamp lawyers figured this out.


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