Pelosi Uses Disgusting Slur to Categorize Republicans

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

Nancy Pelosi has taken her insanity to the next level, this time categorizing Republicans as “enemies of the state.”

Pelosi isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. She lost her temper on live TV.

According to Town Hall:

Katie reported on Pelosi’s meltdown on MSNBC earlier:

Speaking during an interview with MSNBC Monday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on an unhinged rant about President Trump and his Republican allies on Capitol Hill. 

“We take an oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic and sadly the domestic enemies to our voting system aren’t honoring our constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States,” Pelosi said, referring to President Trump and Republican lawmakers. “Enemies of the state.” 

While Pelosi’s comment could have been mistaken for typical Nancy rhetoric that she is quite famous for, many fellow members of Congress didn’t take too kindly to being called an enemy of their own country, simply for not believing her party’s bonkers conspiracy about the post office.

Republicans responded:

Pelosi was upset over the hearing that preceded the interview in which Democrats failed to get their “gotcha” moment on Post Master General Lous De Joy while questioning them about a conspiracy theory they dreamed up.

        1. Unfortunately, her constituents in San Francisco will never vote her out. That city has become a dump and she does nothing to help it, and yet they keep voting for her. Mindless fools.

          1. Can’t help but wonder if the election in her district is fixed. Needs to be investigated.

          2. She won by voter fraud they all did it was going to be a red wave and the votes were stolen from all the Republicans we had double ballots, missing ballots, dead people voting, ballot harvesting. That’s how they won they house because they knew if the senate won the house they were through. We are not mindless fools. Their are alot of republicans in CA. They need to speak up more and protest and demand these scumbags resign but most of us are to busy working to keep a roof over are head, it is so expensive to live in CA. you have to have 2 jobs

        2. Pelosi needs to be booted from Speaker asap! She actually is proving to be a asset to us, Republicans, with her outrageous free flowing raging lies and accusations against DJT and supporters! However, she is a big nasty stain and a embarrassment to our country with her insanity and needs to have her camera privilege taken away!
          Pelosi has serious diarrhea……..of the mouth and is turning the area around her into a massively growing cesspool!

    1. Drunken skank most of the time, and hildabeast has gone over the cliff! Wow, what a pair of disgusting pigs the demon lib-rats have embraced!

  1. She is the type of person that made up the communists regimes in Europe through 70 years. Vile, hateful, ranting maniacs with only contempt for other people and a hunger for power.

    1. She should be tried for treason for all her deeds against America. I don’t she ever paid back the money she stole from the last stimulus.

  2. Pelosi is the worst of our leadership that could have been helped if we had Term Limits. Pelosi enriched herself and her family on taxpayer monies and this abuse has to end!

    1. Term limits must become a law! There is no way that the general population cannot see the destruction caused by the permanently planted power-mongers.

  3. What are you members of Congress going to do about it? You need to hold this person responsible for all the hate and vitriol she is spouting from her “ lofty” position. I, for one am tired of seeing every Democrat get away with spewing hate. I’ve watched it for forty years. Enough already.

    1. Tough to do with a majority in the hands of Democrats.
      I do agree it is time the Republicans to stand up to the bullying of the Dems.

    2. Patrick — think about what you are asking — you are asking a bunch of political dirtbags to vote against their lifelong positions of corruption and the raping of the American citizens that takes them from middle class to the 1%ers. It will never happen — term limits for EVERY public office needs to be put on the ballot and voted on by the American citizens. WE are the ones who will have to get them out of office.

  4. That’s OK, John Kasich and Jeff Flake support Pelosi, they are working hard to give her more power, but they are doing it for the good of the country and not for their own self-interests, right?

    1. Flakey is not fit to be a dog catcher and his son proved that by killing nearly all the dogs at a shelter he was suppose to manage. Losers and Flakey lost the mormon support just like Romney will. Liars, cheats, thieves! Switch to the dim wit rolls and get lost!

    2. And for anyone who believes that, I also have ocean-front property in Arizona for sale! Anyone interested?

  5. You people up there in DC, AKA Congress, need to remove her. Use the Constitution Article 1 Section 5 Clause 2. Do what’s right for the country. Remove her under that Article.
    Oh wait. Democrats who moved over to the SOCOFA party won’t cooperate. 😡
    SOCOFA (SOcialist COmmunistic FAscist) party is running against true Americans. If you want to keep this country after the election of 2020 pay attention:
    It’s either the SOCOFA change over to the United Socialists of America (USA 🇺🇸) or keep the Conservative – Republican United States of America (USA 🇺🇸)

  6. Lets take a vote to see how many Americans would like to see Pelosi at receiving end of a well earned LETTAL INJECTION.

  7. I/ve had it w this loser B… there is a reason we got her out of MD… damn Baltimoron

    I will celebrate like nuts when she moves on down to hell, hope it is soon

    1. The 2nd amendment is just one of many targets, read the “plan” for the destruction of the Republic — “Democratic Party Platform 2020 [Full Text]: 2020-07-21-DRAFT-Democratic-Party-Platform”. Content created by Conservative Daily News
      If this doesn’t scare the crap out of every patriotic US Citizen, nothing will!

  8. Typical Piglosi DESPERATE ATTACKS because her Party is LOSING and she shows exactly her total LACK of PROFESSIONALISM, CHARACTER and INTEGRITY. Let along a..’Speaker of the House’. SHE SHOWS HER TRUE COLORS and HER ANTI-AMERICA !!

    1. She does that at any and every opportunity! Her antics would not be cute, at any age, but especially at an advanced age.

  9. I pray they do force a vote on her so we can see just how many Dems will go on record either way. I realize dictator Nancy feels that any one who does not agree with her is an enemy and since she also sides with those who wish to grab every last vestige of power from the people for her and her cronies. Believe me that is coming if the Demomonsters get the Presidency and Congress They will flood the country with aliens who she expects will vote for the leftist government in perpetuity.

    She and the left will destroy this nation and makes us ripe for attack by a wave of terrorism

    1. She and bye-dunce (Xi’s Manchurian candidate) are just trying to pave the way for obumer’s fundamental transformation of America into a UN/WHO/china/demon lib-rat run NWO police state!

    2. If Pelosi and her cronies win the Presidency and Congress, there may not BE another “election”! Pay attention to how Castro came into power in Cuba. And how the governments were changed in Venezuela, and Nicaragua, and Bolivia! Same thing! Hence, the Democratic platform that is the “plan” for the destruction of the Republic!

  10. That is all they have left now and they seem to project what they are onto Republicans! Funny thing is, they know it!! Pelosi = Enemy of the Country!!

  11. Nancy is losing her mind! What’s left of it anyway..
    I think its time for her and Biden to go to the loony bin to get some serious help for their delusions.

  12. When are the democrats going to be held accountable for their lack of respect for the USA and dividing this country.

  13. I doubt that Nancy Pelosi has anywhere else to go after calling Republicans “enemies of the state”! It will be interesting to read or hear just where this statement takes her!

  14. Take away the old witch’s private security and leave her to the devices of the voters she so disdains. The old hag wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

  15. It is now about time the American people see this crazy woman and ALL THE KKKRAKAS for what they really are! True ENEMIES and TRAITORS to our country. The RNC has put on a wonderful convention and exposing joe and the camel and their so called party for what they are and what their beliefs are. It is ABSOLUTELY CRYSTAL CLEAR! What’s going on in WI is coming soon to your neighborhood. TRUMP/Pence 2020

  16. Pelosi’s newest plan to become president herself. She knows if millions of votes are mailed in it will take longer to count them than the January 20th deadline. In that case, per the constitution, the speaker of the House will assume the presidency until the votes are counted. Who wants to bet Pelosi will establish her socialist agenda before the count is complete.

  17. This woman is surely bordering on anger insanity, you can see it in her expression, her eyes, hear it in her words. The more she expresses her anger, the more democratic voters she drives away. Carry on crazy Pelosi.

  18. I was waiting for a chance to post about queen bee old mafia nanc. She is a very poor example of leadership and she should step down. It is obvious she can not take the heat of this very ugly election. I am judging by her actions and words the DNC insane asylum knows they are going to lose again despite all their intentions and fabulous sums of money spent by their donors. And I am sure that includes her throne in the house and the republicans keeping the senate as well.

    And I would add that allowing the destruction and violence and intimidation tactics not to ignore all the manipulations of the house for the fake mueller investigation, the dossiere fisa miasma, the fake impeachment by her dim wit partisan house members, these insane rants to drum up the lunatics she knows full well will attack Gop members as they have in the past, etc.. are just part of the “to be expected move” of the DNC lunatics of the insane asylum she is running in the house of congress since they are “LOSING AGAIN!” Oh joy, maybe she will retire with this lose.

    And now I have to apply the three words Trump has driven her over the cliff with, his WINNING for “FOUR MORE YEARS”! Old Mafia Nanc is the best forecaster for this election as her poker face has fallen. Losing is in the cards with her actions as surely as if she had said it outloud!!! And the dim wits know it. Living in the bubble just does not cut it for the rest of the country. And this do as I say not as I do for the dim wit enclaves is just not cutting it either.

    Don’t you love it when Light Idiot in Chicago makes sure police are at her residence but everyone else in that city is on their own with Soros’s paid brownshirts! And that is the way it is in all dim wit cities, counties, states. Only in those enclave to the violent domestic terrorist run amoke! You get what you vote for folks. Kick em out, way way out!

  19. The senile bicked witch of the west Rep. Nancy Pelosi (DPOS-CA) is petrified she will lose her speakership in 2021, even if the Democrats retain the US House!

    Bye bye Nancy!

  20. She needs to go to the basement and “ZIP IT”. Either that our to a “home” for the
    delusional! It’s time Nan!!

  21. Marshmallow face Pelosi needs get out dodge and give up the hate for America and Trump we have seen more than enough

  22. For the last three years, I have stated over and over that Pelosi is the GREATEST DANGER of all to this country!!! It is well PAST time for the members of the House of Representatives (Democrats) to vote her OUT as ‘Speaker of the House’ and OUT of Congress!!! AND…ALL of America will be watching to see who votes how on this question — and it will be remembered at the voting booths!!!

  23. The only job I would give Nancy Pelosi is to walk around her district and clean up the needles and feces that is EVERYWHERE.


  25. Please keep running your mouth Pelosi. The more your mouth moves, the more people that will vote for Trump.

    How are your RIOTING, LOOTING, and “BURN EM ALL DOWN” pals doing Nancy? They are domestic enemies!

  26. Remember ALL that the DemocRATs have done over the last four years….and VOTE for President Donald J. Trump + Republican Senators, House Members, Governors & Mayors…we need to take back the House and put Nancy Pelosi into retirement…long
    past due!!

  27. I don’t think she should be allowed to just resign. She should be removed for cause from the Congress and not allowed to ever work again within any government. Now I seem to recall that Congress passed a resolution that they are exempt from remarks like she made. But that same resolution did not include our President. This was shown when the Dems and some Repubs wanted to sanction President Trump for some remarks about 4 of the women in Congress. You can easily name them since they are constantly in the news running down our country.

  28. Nancy is just Nancy herself, old lady which should be with the grand kids and not spiting hate every time she opens her mouth. What is amazing, that their own party of the real Democrats, do not get rid of her. Not only from her position as speaker. Speaker of hate, which will cost their election. Citizen of US are certainly not stupid and are smarter than her.

    1. Jerry, I sure hope you’re right.
      Lot of stupid people out there. How did we get OBUMMER not for 4 years but 8?????


  30. This woman claims to be a catholic(Christian), however no journalist has asked her how can a catholic support abortion, same sex unions, transgender genre that are all sins against God and then how in the world a christian can behave and uses that kind of language publicly! its just beyond the pale how she still can get away with it, no wonder the country is in such a despair, if we the people don’t return to the laws of God, then our enemies and their master satan will end up in charge of this great country. My advise is to all get on our knees and repent for all of our sins from now until election day. May God almighty have mercy on us!!!

  31. The Democrat Party is the true enemy of our Representative Republic. They have finally dropped the mask completely and revealed their true Marxist Selves. They are behind the tyrannical Wuhan Virus Controls put on this nation with their Quisling Deep Staters. They are choreographing the current Marxist Insurrection disguised as a social justice movement going on in this country. They, with their Deep State Machine and Fake News Propagandists have been waging a coup on this nation since election night 2016.

  32. This woman is EVIL in every possible way I can think of. Please do not underestimate what she’s up to at any given time. Just look how they took back the house in 2018???
    Where were our voters? I’m petrified that this could happen again this November. Just look up what Hitlary is already spreading out there. Don’t accept the election results. These people work for the DEVIL, pure and simple.
    Soooooo, please get out and vote for President Trump for 4 more years if you want to save our country and stay safe.

  33. Pelosi has now transitioned from trying a coup by using Russia to just going for it here. She wants that president’s job so badly she is now openly attempting her coup. Calling the president and all republicans “enemies of the state” sure sounds like she wants a one party state with herself in charge, and no republicans allowed in the country at all. Were I the least bit suspicious, I might all this TREASON, because that is exactly what it is. She should be removed from congress immediately. Force a vote on her. Make the democrats vote for her unhinged outright coup attempt, then let them try to make their case for their own reelection


  35. One thing is very obvious, and that is Pelosi is the lowest form of politician and she doesn’t mind holding up benefits for those that need them as long as she can use them in her blackmailing scheme. Special place in hell for you Nancy…Eat that ice cream fast cause it won’t last long where you are going!

  36. I believe corrupt Nasty Pelosi and her Socialist friends are domestic terrorists. They do take an oath to protect and defend the constitution and as far as we deplorables can see, She and the rest of the liberal socialists have been attempting to destroy it for years. Remove her and others like her from office.

  37. “Enemies of the State” indeed. She and Chuckie must have been looking in a mirror when she said those words.

  38. What do Democrats have left in their tank except slander? I can remember a time when any person who held the office of the Presidency was respected. You may have hated your President, yet you accepted the Will of the People. Pelosi is so pissed off at Trump she is now willing to become a Socialist Nation, rather than give Trump a win. I can remember, years ago, that she was preaching and fighting for what Trump is preaching and fighting for now. The Democrat Party was seen as the Party of labor and human rights. What changed? Along came Trump and the Democrats lost their talking points. Trump took the Democrat Party agenda and made it his agenda. Now all this Party has is slander and hate. If President Trump had ran as a Democrat and won, Pelosi would be praising Trump. History will show Trump was not a politician and he supported any cause if he agreed with this cause. He contributed to both of the major Parties. He wined and dined with Democrats. Trump knew he could not win as a Democrat so he ran as a Republican. The fact that he ran at all made him a Outsider. Members of both Parties saw him as a joke, yet he has proven he was not a joke. Trump was a person in the right place at the right time. Voters did not want Obama’s change. They never asked for Political Correctness knowing that Political Correctness meant SOCIALISM IN AMERICA. US Citizens proved to the world that they wanted the return of Rule of Law that the politicians were side stepping to be Political Correct. Rule of Law that meant FREEDOM for all Americans, not just Political Correct citizens.

  39. Oh really? Just what state are we the enemy of? Actually, enemy of the state is no worse than the disgusting slur hillaliar called us in the last election, “deplorable’.

  40. Well she was drunk as usual and the only time she isn’t slurring is when she stuffing her mouth with Ice cream and her foot

  41. Proof positive that the commies within our borders are ready for war to bring about the “change”.

    All of them are enemies of the US, they use derogatory terms to make some think that they are on the side of America when they are against everything American.

    The current civil war is going hot soon. Just wait for it.

  42. Well, i guess drunken pill popping piglosi can’t stand it when President Trump is winning with American citizens of all colors. HE IS DOING HIS JOB!!!!! Unlike the demonrat socialists trying to destroy us. But, tough luck nancy. Nobody cares what you say anymore, because your only out for yourself NOT THE PEOPLE of this country! Why do you think your irrevelant???? Because you’ve been suckering American citizens, so you can fill your pockets with taxpayers hard earned money, helping all your crooked friends trying to destroy America! “We the People” know who the good guys are, and your not one of them. MAGA2020!!!!! BY A LANDSLIDE!!!!!! OORAH PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!! 12 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHAHAHA!!!!!!AHHAHAHA!!!!!!!AHHAHAHA!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  43. Her choppers are in full throttle. She made sure she spoke what was in her mind. After all Democrats are known to call us conservatives and those that dont agree with them all names. From racists, homophobic, sexist, deplorables, and now enemies of America. Keep calling me names Pelosi, cause your name is loser, just like your agenda and party.

    1. Ok, I just threw up a little, Haha
      Please don’t imagine that horrible visual.
      But, you had me laughing.

  44. dear Nancy Piglosis, you wish you’re a man and be our president of this great nation?
    keep on dreaming until your soul rises up to dark hell..

  45. Not surprising that it would come from Pelosi. She has become the most disgusting Member of Congress, and there is lots of competition. She and many of the Democrats in Congress should be evicted in any way possible.

  46. Republicans are not enemies of the United States however we are enemies of hers. She is the enemy of the state. Not us.


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