Democrats Toughen ‘Official’ China-Taiwan Policy – China Not Impressed

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

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In an apparent bid to toughen the anti-China credentials of its notoriously soft-on-China nominee – Joe Biden – the Democratic Party platform adopted last week dropped any reference to the U.S. policy of recognizing only a single China on the mainland. The new platform states that Democrats are committed to the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, which calls on the U.S. to defend unofficial U.S. ally, Taiwan from attack.

This is a highly welcome change. The 2016 platform explicitly supported the deeply flawed “One China” policy. The question is, are Joe Biden and his party serious, or is this just smoke and mirrors, only to be ignored after the election?

History and experience support the latter.

Unfortunately, the communist Chinese regime does not appear overly concerned either. As reported by The Washington Times, China has so far only offered the mildest of criticisms in a bland statement. Asked about the Democrat’s Taiwan stated policy change, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said the Taiwan issue “is the most important and sensitive issue between China and the U.S.”

Lijian added, “We urge relevant sides to abide by the One China principle and the three China-U.S. joint communiques, and prudently and properly handle Taiwan-related issues.”

Chinese state media Global Times also noted, according to The Washington Times,  that, “The change of tone will likely further strain China-U.S. relations.” But this extremely muted response is a far cry from recent aggressive Chinese replies to other U.S. statements and actions, part of its “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy.”

China security analysts say this low-key reaction reflects Beijing’s interest in seeing Biden defeat President Trump in November – a view reinforced by the U.S. Intelligence Community’s (IC) recent reports that conclude that China is actively working for a Biden victory over Trump.

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The Trump administration has been robustly countering China’s bullying, spying, and military expansion across the board. It has also sharply increased ties to Taiwan, agreeing to sell 66 new F-16V jet fighters and other advanced weapons to Taipei, increasing U.S. forces in the Pacific and sailing warships repeatedly through the Taiwan Strait as a challenge to Beijing.

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Earlier this month Trump also sent Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II to the island – the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit in four decades.

During the visit, The Washington Times noted, Azar criticized Beijing for mishandling the coronavirus outbreak and pandemic. Taiwan has been widely praised for its efforts to contain the virus spreading from mainland China.

Sadly, the Democrats quickly undermined their attempt at a new “tough-on-China” image when they also said this in their new platform:

Democrats will pursue this strategy without resorting to self-defeating, unilateral tariff wars or falling into the trap of a new Cold War,” the platform says. “Those mistakes would only serve to exaggerate China’s weight, over-militarize our policy, and hurt American workers.

China seemed to read that statement as well – and does not appear impressed with the Democrat’s new tougher talk on Taiwan.

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  1. Until the old fool is sitting on Trump’s current seat he needs to S.T.F. up. And he will never touch that seat. The DNC is self detructing as we watch this year. Ugly stuff and even uglier people involved.

  2. I can just hear Slo-Joe—lookey, lookey, that is working for Trump, so let’s say that too!!!

    Joe does not know what day it is, if he is not told every 30 minutes.

  3. This is clear as crystal…we can see right through the democratic ploy
    …. “Ok Zhao, here’s how we’ll do it this time: when Kamala and I say ‘we recognize Taiwan!’ then we blink 3 times, at that time you are to just smile and say nothing….wait until AFTER the election….”

  4. Gees these demon lib-rat pukes really are stupid and pig lucy takes the prize for the stupidest of the stupid (behind bye-dunce of course) — Pelosi Admits China Prefers Biden
    No scat, did she think they’d paid him $1.5bil for his genius? She and hundreds of lib-rats and rinos have a vested interest in china, as quid pro quo is the mainstay of the corrupt congress!
    U.S. Intelligence Community’s (IC) recent reports that conclude that China is actively working for a Biden victory over Trump
    Gee what happened to all the laws and rules about ‘foreign” interference in our elections – double standard much??

  5. Creepy,racist,perv,dementia,senile,old,fool,china/ukrainian,slo,joe is unfit to lead anything.
    Just ask his bff bathhouse. barry soetoro who says slo,joe just doesn’t have it to run for pres, and is a fool if he thinks so, don’t think this guy won’t fk up the whole election before it even gets here. Now that sounds like real assurance, and confidence, he’s right slo,joe will never make it to the election, before they have to dump him, because of his mental deterioration, the senile old fool can’t even read a teleprompter correctly, and these idiots want him to run the country. Come on man,u know the thing, I don’t have a clue, and I quit, that what he should say. How sad,this is, definitely elder abuse by his wife.

  6. Biden would flip on this immediately if he got elected. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his son’s revenue stream.
    Besides, even the dumbest of the dumb Democrat base knows enough to not believe that anything Biden or the Democrats say is truthful and will be backed up by actions.
    They haven’t filled any of their promises to their voting base for more than 60 years, so why would they start now?

  7. Give them a few day and it will be something different, they only say thing when it’s political, but as soon as they get power it’s back to lining their pockets

  8. I ask you – what have the Democrats ever promised in campaigns that they followed through on, let alone those that worked? They threw welfare at the minorities and poor in the early 1960’s to stop the riots in LA and across different cities. Those people and millions more are now poorer and less trained for jobs than ever. Then came healthcare that HIllary Clinton failed to bring change for. Obamacare raised the costs of health insurance for Americans, but gave it to illegals and others for free. Social Security and Medicare that hard working Americans pay into their whole working life were robbed to pay for illegals, just like the B2 bomber did when they robbed social security for that as well. The latest from the dems is their 180 degree reversal on illegal immigration and a border wall which they fought for and alloted $78 billion to build as well as fix our imigration issues. The dems turned tail when Trump requested a small part of the funds to actually build it, and tried to stop him at every turn. They have brought for generations of socialism and communistic thinking children and adults who cannot score as high on test as we did generations ago – some cannot read at graduation. So how can so many ‘fields of daisies’ generations believe a thing they campaign on? Or does it just make them feel good to live in a socialistic world where most citizens would give their life to get out of and come to live in a free America?

  9. “The new platform states that Democrats are committed to the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, which calls on the U.S. to defend unofficial U.S. ally, Taiwan from attack.”

    I wonder if the democrats are really more concerned about what they look like next to the President and his policies, or rather, that they like the idea of more saber rattling, and more international conflicts, because it continues to supplement and enhance their military lobbyists.


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