GOP Convention Incinerates Dems’ Trump-is-a-Racist Big Lie

White House [Public Domain]

NEW YORK — The chief victim of this week’s Republican National Convention is the Democrat Big Lie that President Donald J. Trump is a minority-and-immigrant-hating racist and xenophobe. A parade of speakers of color and Americans with foreign accents turned this slander into a smoking, smoldering ruin.

It is an honor to be with you as a proud Republican and supporter of Donald J. Trump,” said Kentucky’s charismatic attorney general, Daniel Cameron, age 34. “I also think about Joe Biden, who says, ‘If you aren’t voting for me, you ain’t black.’ Who argued that Republicans would put us ‘back in chains.’ Who says there is no diversity of thought in the black community. Mr. Vice President, look at me. I am black. We are not all the same, sir. I am not in chains. My mind is my own. And you cant tell me how to vote because of the color of my skin.”

“I know what racism looks like. I’ve seen it first hand. In America, it has no resemblance to President Trump,” said NFL veteran Jack Brewer, a black man and lifelong Democrat. “I’m fed up with the way he’s portrayed in the media, who refuse to acknowledge what he has actually done for the black community.”

So what has President Trump done for blacks?

  • Before the China virus capsized everything, Trumponomics delivered blacks and Hispanics the lowest unemployment rates in American history.
  • Thanks to the Trump/GOP Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, $75 billion in private investment have poured into 8,700 Opportunity Zones. They are invigorating low-income, chiefly minority communities.
  • President Trump’s First Step Act has freed from mass incarceration some 3,100 largely black, non-violent inmates. 
  • President Trump has secured long-term funds, summer-school Pell Grant access, debt forgiveness, and much more for America’s 101 Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  • President Trump has increased school-choice options and funded the Washington, D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, mainly benefitting black children.

But blacks are not the only people of color to gain from President Trump’s public policies.

“President Trump delivered the largest financial funding package ever to Indian country,” Navajo Nation Vice-President Myron Lizer said from Ship Rock, New Mexico. “The $8 billion in CARE Act funding to Indian country was a great start in alleviating the devastating effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted on our Indian tribes.”

“I may be Cuban born, but I am 100-percent American,” said former immigrant Maximo Alvarez. “I choose President Trump because I choose America.”

Democrats did not appreciate Republicans showcasing people whom liberals have considered their personal property. When the Right went high, the Left went low.

Recalling all that his grandfather had witnessed, Senator Tim Scott (R – South Carolina) marveled: “Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime.” Equally pro-Trump State Rep. Vernon Jones (D – Georgia) complained, “The Democratic Party does not want Black people to leave the mental plantation they’ve had us on for decades.”

Twitter quickly exploded with some 6,000 posts referring to these black elected officials as “Uncle Toms.” One revolting Twitter user exploded: “If you were a slave trying to escape slavery these are the two people that [sic] will rat you out to the slave owner.”  

On Tuesday night, Slovenian-born First Lady Melania Trump explained: “I studied for the test in 2006 and became an American citizen…with hard work and determination I was able to achieve my own American dream.”

Get that illegal alien off the stage!” demanded the deeply bigoted entertainer Bette Midler. She added via Twitter: “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.”

From Bette Midler to Joe Biden, it’s no surprise that Democrats are so grumpy. The Republican rainbow of speakers and the Democrats’ bigoted backlash against them have left the Left’s fiercest, ugliest gun hopelessly jammed.  

Meanwhile, Rasmussen’s July survey of likely voters found President Trump’s job approval among blacks at 36 percent. If just half of them vote for Trump, it’s bedtime for Biden.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research. Bucknell University’s Michael Malarkey contributed research to this opinion piece.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. The one’s pointing the finger are the guilty ones. They haven’t figured out that The American People have woke up and know about their projecting their actions onto their opponent.

  2. Bette Midler is a racist idjit. She says Melania Trump is an illegal alien~~ I thought all the Dim liberals loved illegal aliens! However, our FLOTUS is more American than Midler ever thought about being. Oh, she’s a Jew also. Guess she doesn’t really care too much for Israel. Pres. Trump is Israel best friend.

  3. Once again another HAS BEEN actress feels the need to Bully Melania because she’s married to President Trump, Bette Midler is NO longer Relevant s just like all the other Hollywood has been’s Bette had to Open her BIG MOUTH and belittle our Beautiful First Lady Melania, Bette wishes she was Half a Beautiful and Smart as FLOTUS, Sorry Bette, but Apologizing for saying what you did about her later that night means Nothing to anyone. You are a BIGOT, A RACIST and You should Keep your Ignorant Statements to YOURSELF!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

    1. yes another one hit wonder just letting us know she’s still alive like anyone cares.too bad midler can’t speak 5 languages fluently like melania! what an idiot!

  4. Why can’t we all just get along? With a few adjustments here and a couple there we could do it by golly. Better than turning the soil red.

  5. After comparing last nights RNC convention to the previous DNC convention it should be noted that the RNC focused mainly on regular common everyday people such as myself, my wife and our family, working hard all our lives to raise our three children and putting them through college and, by the Grace of God, living long enough to finally retire and enjoy the fruits of our labor, NOT (!) lavishly, but comfortably. However, the DNC seems to focus primarily on high income professional people such as actors and the like who live in a make believe world of fun and fantasy. It would be nice if life was all fun and fantasy and everything was free but IT’S NOT (!) so get over it and welcome to the real world!! Oh, and by the way, I remember quite well a number of these “elites” who upon Donald Trumps election stated that they would leave the country————to date I still haven’t heard of ONE (!) who has gone!

  6. The democrats are running out of ammo about the President to sling at potential and conservative voters. Eventually you’re down to the sticks and stones. And then you’re standing empty-handed.

  7. I have been posting for years about the two types of citizens in the US. It is simply that we have Political Correct Citizens and those who are not Political Correct. Who gave us the separation of US Citizens? The politicians. Without the politicians, the word “Political” would have no meaning. If the politicians wanted the equality they claim they want, they would be demanding we be US Constitutional Correct. Being US Constitutional Correct demands every US citizen to comply with Rule of Law, yet they use Political Correctness to avoid Rule of Law. The Liberal Left use the term “the right thing to do”, yet in America the only “right thing to do” is follow the Rule of Law as our constitution demands and if a law is Unconstitutional, then legislate the law to make the law constitutional for all US Citizens. The nation can not have it two ways. As long as the citizens accept this Political Correct BS, the nation will remained divided. Our Fore Fathers gave us a United America and to remain United the citizens must be United with the same goals politically. Life,Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our FREEDOM is a terrible thing to lose. The easiest way to lose our FREEDOM is to give it away.


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