MSNBC’s Joy Reid Compares Trump to Castro

By Phil Roeder from Des Moines, IA, USA (Caucus Tourism: Joy Reid) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is now comparing President Trump to Fidel Castro during a tirade incited by President Trump RNC speech.

According to The Daily Caller:

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid compared President Donald Trump to Fidel Castro and accused him of violating the Hatch Act following his speech Thursday night.

“As I’m watching this, I’m thinking Fidel Castro, Julius Caesar, Mobutu Sese Seko,” Reid said. “That was not an American president giving an acceptance speech. That was a monarch.”

“If democracy in America ever falls and we become a complete autocracy with a decrepit leader and his corrupt family moving their trunks into the White House and never leaving,” Reid said. “Tonight is what it will look like.”

Reid also accused Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump, whose speech preceded the president’s, and the members of the White House cabinet who were present of violating the 1939 Hatch Act. The Hatch Act limits “certain political activities of federal employees” and is intended to ensure federal actions are administered in a nonpartisan way, according to U.S. Office of Special Counsel.

    1. And who would listen to her except one of the mushrooms fed the Bull Crap of the Fake News and still in the dark. Guaranteed that bunch is shrinking as the days go by if they live in a dim wit enclave.

  1. What a joke! Reid, I don’t watch your show because I don’t trust your network. Just from reading this makes me think I have made the right choice.

  2. Lol I love to hear Liberals get upset it makes my day to know some stupid hand puppet is crying like a fool

  3. Have all the Democrats lost their sanity?
    Yes, yes they have!
    These crazies are an embarrassment to America, all over the planet!
    AND, their marxist terrorists wing of their party are as well! They need to be arrested, indicted and sentenced to prison according to the crimes committed instead of arrested and released to recommit crimes and maybe murder someone!

  4. The Hatch Act. Isn’t that like the Logan Act in that the Democrats have no idea what it says but think it incriminates their opponents? Here is a key part of the act that is ignored:  “It provides that persons below the policy-making level in the executive branch of the federal government must not only refrain from political practices that would be illegal for any citizen, but must abstain from “any active part” in political campaigns, using this language to specify those who are exempt:[10]

    • (i) an employee paid from an appropriation for the Executive Office of the President; or
    • (ii) an employee appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, whose position is located within the United States, who determines policies to be pursued by the United States in the nationwide administration of Federal laws.”

    Since all the participants were part of the executive branch or appointed by the Pres they are exempt from the Hatch Act restrictions. Dems should also be aware that their actions created the law to begin with! “Widespread allegations that local Democratic Party politicians used employees of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the congressional elections of 1938 provided the immediate impetus for the passage of the Hatch Act.”

    In other words, Joy Reid can go pound sand!

    1. Woman is just plain befuddled. Trump Derangement Syndrome. She should read David Horowitz’ book “Blitz!”
  5. Having it at his home was his 3rd choice the liberal mayors declined to let him have the convention in their city, when you have the elite politicians against you , you have to think outside the box. Thats why I love this president! Vote Trump 2020

  6. Joy is an idiot. Why does anyone care what she thinks? Or anyone else in the MSM. They all spout hatred and America hating rhetoric.

  7. Everything she said is accurate. The right wing would have gone insane if Obama did the same thing, but Trump’s fanboys don’t care. It’s a cult. Period. Trolling libz is not policy. Trump does nothing but lie. His “speech” somehow managed to be incredibly boring and absolutely filled with untruths. And he got terrible ratings! hahahahahaha… Pence outdid him the night before, and Biden’s night bested him by like 6 points.

    He’s a con man. Congrats on being completely duped.

    1. Since mainstream media aka communist propaganda machine operates more like Goebbel for the newnazi left party and their smearwrapup party, mainstream America pays no attention to their fake polls or ratings just as we didn’t in 16. Most would have watched C-Span or not the Global communists’ US equivalent of Baghdad Bob scripted bobbleheads who can only spew hate Trump, bash Trump 24/7 just as Hollyweird and all the other Epstein, Weinstein, Clintonite cultists…C-Span I believe had 6X the viewers on first night than the DemonRats virtual orchestration to propagate the PlanneDemic/cheat by mail scheme and didn’t have to greenscreen or duplicate ppl as being there. Obeyme used the WH to promote his own personal agenda from rainbow lights Ramadan so save the spiel. Imagine if any conservative acted the way these raving lunatics do over someone wearing an Obeyme hat or shirt. Heck, a poor circus rodeo clown was called down for wearing a mask. Whereas Goebbel goes ballistic over T 24/7, their cult babies, burn, loot, destroy, attack innocent ppl and do whatever their marxists tell them.

  8. Satan has these left wing-a-dings in his front left pocket. Just like Satan in the Bible, they lose their minds right before their end.

  9. If PRESIDENT TRUMP is suppose to be Fidel Castro..then JOY REID is ID I AMIN.The DNC Convention was CHEAP and BORING. YOU would think with all the DONATIONS they got…THEY could have put on a BETTER SHOW. The RNC CONVENTION was SPECTACULAR. WORTH WATCHING. It was nice to see the BACKDROP of JERUSALEM at NIGHT. BEAUTIFUL. I am going to CONTINUE to STICK UP for PRESIDENT TRUMP. GOD is on MY SIDE. From SamuraiQueen.

  10. Demo-rats love to bring up violations involving Trump but why didn’t the Demo-rats bring up the Logan Act and when John Kerry violated by telling Iran & China to wait for the next election.

    1. Well, because Dims are above the law~~ all law, from running a stop sign to selling out the United States. If a Republican had done that, he/she would be hung in the town square at dawn.

        1. Stone was targeted for exposing publicly all the elite criminals in Deep State. Imagine if we had a real AG & DOJ when H bashed servers, blackberries, bleachbit, deleted emails, subpoenaed evidence, or if a normal person had done. Gee, imagine if the alphabet agency had arrived then to seize the evidence with Goebbel at their side…imagine if we had real investigations on the last regime and real justice, not laws for thee, and no laws for me. All the corrupt & complicit…They want czars & serfs why they are desperately trying to shove their communist agenda/platform down America’s throats. Goebbel runs shotgun…the rent-a-mobs are just their new lil brown shirts. Wonder if the paid new brown shirts even have clue what H did to them after their usefulness.

  11. Joy Reid is a real rotten piece of work, that’s for damn sure!! But who watches that beeyatch, anyway? And who watches MSNLSD either?!? So, let her receive her unearned salary and shut up her rotten pie hole. But her days as a public figure are probably numbered anyway!

    1. They as usual only bring up when its not one of their own. I think Kerry and Obeyme have both violated Logan act among other things it’s alleged, but seems as thoughthey love projecting all their own activities on this admin anyway it seems…in true Goebbel form…Russia, Ukraine…waiting for China, lol…

    1. One of Communist propaganda machines virulent bundles of Joy that nobody watches really unless they feel like watching Trump Derangement Syndrome 24/7 or for laughs

      1. You and thousands of others it seems. Many were speaking of just that in another platform the other night. The men seemed to be waiting to see an unleashed Pence.
        We all know Joe can’t really debate anyone and is in the basement for that very reason most believe. 2016 re-invented/enacted. Even if they orchestrate/manipulate to have a virtual debate possibly, but not realistically, and Goebbel runs show, gives questions & answers and intercepts with fake fact checking every few minutes, the American people know the truth. Those who know what they were desperate to run cover for in fake hoaxes, impeachments, attempted coups/framejobs to project on him their own activities…he was never supposed to get in…it would have been bsns as usual, and 16yr plan continued. They had to get him out or risk all exposed. Remember Hs email to Brazile about if he got in. If part of the club, DS gets back in, it will all not only be buried, but they will turbocharge to communism guns first and go after all opposition furiously. This is not just another election. Its freedom vs tyranny.

    1. They know…but remember the Dems are admirers of Castro, Chavez, and CCP….the more you know. How many corrupt & complicit? How many have been selling America out for years? How infiltrated?
      Imagine if we had had real investigative journalism and real justice…not two-tiered …Those who scream the loudest. Those who attack him the most…think about the who hard. How many owned and blackmailed politicians, govmt officials, even judges.
      Will all be revealed or if a puppet, any puppet on left gets in, be buried and move to total tolitarianism…
      Do kids today know that 30s Germany/Adolphus ran on Democratic Socialist Republic platform. I’ve seen stamps, coins, stories on recently which tell so much just by the mottos on coins and tons of tax stamps for everything. Control healthcare, control the ppl. A de-armed ppl is an enslaved. Mandated global vaccines and immunity passes and contact tracing data bases. If that doesn’t make you pause, you probably wouldn’t know what hit you anyway when all your freedoms were taken away. They’ve been attacking continuously for a few decades now…the illegal, unconstitutional backdoor Obeymecare was many Americans big wakeup call…reminiscent of Castro beginnings to me. But so many blind. Which brings us back to compromised and blackmailed or communist implanted judges…what can America do about these…that’s a huge question discussed in so many platforms in the last yr. Violation of oaths? Like the mayors and governors & some DAs in these places allowing the domestic terrorism? Complicit? Prosecute them for not doing job, honoring oath, protecting citizens life & property??

  12. Those screaming the loudest have the most to hide. She must be worried that she is going to be exposed about something she doesn’t want us to know.

  13. I don’t understand, now Joy Reid doesn’t like Communism or Castro??? The policies she is pushing for are more Castro-like than anything this country has ever seen so is she now supporting Trump since she compares him to Castro? I am so confused!!!

  14. Joy Reid is a glittering example of the empty headed neo Democrat leftists. This woman is as vacuous as a human can be. Her perspective and propaganda is woefully moronic.

    1. Clearly the increasing regularity in which Ms. Reid reaches her personal topping point is a glaring indicator of her overall mental status. Would someone please take away her dog whistle !!!

  15. How can Joy Reid really be so stupid and still hold a position over at MSNBC? It’s no wonder that their ratings are in the toilet. If they can’t even hire intelligent commentators how can they presume to bring us the news?


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