Here’s What You Need to Know About the Dem Mayors Who Support Trump

White House [Public Domain]

6 local Democrat mayors have come out to endorse Trump amidst massive waves of rioting and violence. It is no surprise that these local leaders are coming out for the Law and Order candidate. These Mayors come from local mining towns in Minnesota and came together to make this announcement. Here is what you need to know about these Mayors:

    1. There are a LOT of smart people here in MN.. We didn’t vote in the worthless Mayor of Minneapolis, or the worthless Governor either. That was done by the “refugees” that Obamalama forced on this state. Most of us are hard working, hard playing, family people and we don’t want this crap here. We were outvoted by over 20,000 “refugees” that I’m pretty sure aren’t even eligible to vote. There ARE a lot of hard heads that just vote the party line of the Demoncraps, but a lot of them are starting to change their minds.

      1. They had better change because today they can see what the DNC represents. Nothing but terrorist abroad and here, higher taxes, rules for you but not for them, hate of MAGA and anyone who does not agree with their policy of fundamental destruction. Get the couch potatoes voting and vote republican but vet them too. Make sure they are not hidden rinos. There are some of them in the GOP. VET em all and do not vote dim wit, they are all consumate liars including the current crop.

      2. Lifer bureaucrats on both sides of the aisle love to say how wonderful diversity is when the TV cameras are on them.
        Truth is, diversity will be what ultimately brings down this country.

  1. They’re looking out for their citizens unlike many others. Politics have to take a backseat when there’s this turmoil.

  2. These dim wits are still dim wits. And the legal constituents of Minnesota need to change their voting habits. The DNC is today and insane asylum full of lunatics. All you have to do is look at where that party stands on everything. Got a job, pay taxes, have kids to raise, want to support illegal aliens while they take your jobs, the list goes on. Vote Republican and watch out for the pretend republicans cause they are as bad or worse than dim wits. Vet all politicians cause they can all lie too easily. And support term limits at all levels.


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