Watch What Happens When Antifa Tries to Stop the Trump Train

Fires roar and a loan laser beam pierces the lingering tear gas outside the Mark Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland, Oregon, July 22, 2020. Photo: Tedder/Wikimedia Commons.

Clashes in Portland between BLM counter-protesters and Pro-Trump supporters turned deadly over the weekend. Preliminary reports indicate that the victim was a member of a “right-wing” group. [RELATED: Clash Between Pro-Trump Caravan and BLM Leave One Person Dead]

However, pro-Trump supporters appeared to use non-lethal methods to deal with the counter-protesters.

A Twitter video showed members of the pro-Trump truck parade open fire with a paintball gun on counter-protesters who began getting aggressive.

Protests in Portland are nearing their third month and it appears tensions continue to escalate. But it also appears that some pro-Trump supporters are no longer looking to sit idle and watch Democrat-run cities continue to descend into chaos, instead moving in to provide an opposing voice..

Tell us in the comments below if you believe pro-Trump groups should move into Democrat-run cities to protest?

  1. No sentiment for any of these rioters, or the mayors who are allowing them to destroy peoples business. Ten years is jail is to good for them.

    1. ALL elected officials, federal, state and local, who promote or allow cities to be decimated without using ALL available resources to stop the destruction and injuries should receive a minimum of ten years in prison per each incident!
      The elected officials obviously can’t comprehend they are hurting their own citizens…….the people who elect or reject them at the polls! Hmmmm…….do you think any of them will run for reelection? There may not be enough Republicans to elect officials but a middle school aged Democrat could do a better job than who they have in office! Don’t ya think?

        1. I agree Trump needs to take the military or backup forces to go in today’s Democrat States and clean up the mess once and for all. Enough is enough these businesses is their livelihood and these thugs are going in after busting out windows stealing everything in the store burning buildings down destroying anything in front of them killing children and where do they think this is okay hey people let’s get some backbone after the cities are destroyed they’ll go into the neighborhoods and start taking everyone out of the home and taking over your home we need to do something before that happens

      1. globalist $oro$ puppet, barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all the criminals .

        1. Time for Soros to be put down like a rabid dog. He is guilty of treason, he is a citizen, but not an American! He has lived to long and used far more than his fair share of earth’s resources, time for him to die.

          1. What is soros problem. Seems like a rabid dog and you now what to do with one of those. right??

    2. The mayors and governors who do nothing against these demonstrations that are not peaceful will wind up paying the same price as those who are doing the violent protesting and the demonstrations that lead to violence, destruction of property and in several cases, loss of life.

  2. No. LThey should not “move in.” Let the residents of those communities live with what they have voted for. If they want to rise up, I’m sure they will greatly outnumber the anarchists.

    1. I guess you have never heard of Voter Fraud? It’s so easy for many selfish American’s to turn their heads, and not think of any Real American’s that have been denied their legal rights! I just do not understand why people do not think before they comment!

      1. Please post who has been denied their rights, surely you are not talking about the black community. Do you actually know someone without identification. I’m sure there are a few for all colors, but most states offer in home processing of identification. If you cannot go to vote in person, absentee ballots are available. Talk about a red heron, voter suppression is a total false flag.

    2. I totally agree with you. It is the people in those communities that allowed this to get out of control so I say let them pay the price. That is what appeasement gets you. The more you give in the more they want to take.

      1. For every bad person there is a good person who opposes them. The cities have always attracted the worst kind of people. The Caravan came from Oregon and Washington and all Trump supporters. 600 Cars and Trucks and over 2000 people.

    3. I never voted for the drivel that is in office. You don’t understand why this happened to Portland. Reed College is the center of most of it, and has moved it’s way into Portland State University, which used to be conservative. Mail-in voting has put conservatives at a disadvantage for years. A lot of good people have moved out of the city to the rural areas.

    4. globalist $oro$ puppet barry soetoro sold all the voter machines to globalist $oro$, globalist $oro$ manipulates the voter machines to bribe and appoint his globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party to preach all the globalist agendas .

  3. It is a shame that a 17 year old was the one who went to defend his friend’s business. Wake up America and stop the carnage.

    1. These rioters are being paid to create kaos where ever they go. Either Coral them in an area and starve them or go in with enough troops,cops or other officials and arrest the lot of them. This BS has to end.

  4. Definitely not, because ANIFA are snowflakes that will not put up with just insults. They will use all means necessary to start fights and they no damn well the mayor and governor have their back. So stay away and let them kill each other. Just like it happened at the summer of love CHAZ.

  5. I do not thinkTrump supporters should go near the organized protesters at all. It will only turn into violence on some level and the media will always blame the Trump supporters.

    1. They didn’t try to go near the protesters, but were just driving through Downtown Portland. Antifa thinks they own the Downtown area. They obviously found out they do not!

  6. No, we would be met with deadly force and that would give the democrooks more lies to spread. Let them DESTROY themselves, their doing a fine job of it all on their own!

    1. Repulicans there would be put in jail, ANTIFA thugs would not even be placed in jail.
      Republicans were in trucks, Antifa were not, so how many Reps actually got out of the trucks. Something doesn’t sound right!

  7. Why can’t our police/National Guard take care of these rioters? Why do private citizens have to do their job?

      1. Call in the MARINES! Then watch them run like scared Chickens that they all are! They can shoot a gun, but they cannot fight an Army!

    1. The local government will not let law enforcement do their jobs nor permit the Federal Government to aid local law enforcement. They created their own mess so let them live with it.
      Surround the city to keep them penned in. Eventually they’ll carryout our objective on their own. That’s a win win scenario fir civilization.

    2. The guard is under the Governors of states. The ONLY time the President can send them in is if the Governors request additional guard over and above the numbers they have available in their state. For Biden or any to say that Trump has done nothing to quell the violence, I suggest reading what executive privilege the President has and does not have. Only if martial law were to be declared could he bypass the individual state governors and FEDERALIZE the National Guard and or send in the military. Now I know that no one wants to see martial law declared by ANY President unless the nation is under the most severe threat. What the President CAN do is send Federal Police/Marshalls, FBI or other FEDERAL departments in to protect FEDERAL properties or do conduct domestic or foreign terrorist threats.

  8. What about their entire community taking their own city back by rounding up all the rioters and protesters and kicking them out of Portland.

    1. We just saw 600 Trump supporters ride through Portland, and one got murdered. If the Trump Supporteres had guns the protesters would all be dead. Perhaps the Trump supporters should come in with guns the next time.

    2. The only way they should be kicked out of Portland would be to send every one of them to GITMO as anarchists and domestic terrorists!!!

  9. These rioters deserve everything they get. Time for us to take back our cities, our country, and our lives.

  10. I’m a Korean veteran who thought our country would never see a near civil war like this. I firmly believe that these riots are not because of race but the funding of a few minority billionaires out to destroy our demoractic way of life so they not only then have wealth but power to rule.BLM is there tool to get there objective and that is to destroy our freedoms God Bless America and I will never ever give up saying that

  11. They have as much right as any other people. Of course COMMIES,the governor & the Mayor could always “close their city’s border” and keep everyone out & watch their tax income go down the drain.

  12. If the idiots in power will not do anything, it is time for the Pro America people of Oregon to save their city.

  13. Arrest those who break the law and make the bail 50K each and lets see who is willing to bail them out. Who do you think is pushing these low or no bail programs?

  14. I do believe Trump supporters should stand up for their rights and help stop the rioting and looting and beating up people.

  15. We are all Americans and they are allowed to protest anywhere. I thought they would be safe in trucks, but they got stopped by the thugs in the street and blocked the street. The Trump supporters shot paint balls at them. The trucks had left the area when the shooting took place. It was a Christian group, and the victim was a member.

    1. Protester details George who pays him & get double pay for any friends he brings in This monster is Hillary’s son in law’s uncle Big Dem donor. He’s banned from his own country Hungary, wanted dead or alive in Russia he has 2 manufacturing plants that produce voting machines in the UK & Spain. He’s been behind every riot since Ferguson riot. He recruits through Craigs list, Crowd sourcing & crowds on demand.

    meeting these people on the street won’t do anything except cause more problems

  17. Trump supporters, Patriot Prayers, Pro-Police groups and ALL citizens who have been effected, have every right to make THEIR voices heard, too! We are sick of the violence and damages being caused by BLM and ANTIFA. Did they think we were going to let them go on with it forever, without mounting a defense?! They are not the only ones who have free speech rights, and they’d better get that through their thick skulls.

  18. No way! They are merciless and will frame you, a peaceful protestor, in another democratic state. He was found innocent and let go, but he may have been killed. Let them do their thing…they’re just cause Biden/Harris to lose.

  19. These Democrat mayors should be held personally liable for the deaths that occur, as well as damages to property (personal, state, & federal).

    1. There is a man in Seattle suing the entire state and local government and the Governor and Mayor for his dead son who was murdered in the CHAZ. I hope that he wins.

  20. It’s about time the pro Trump made a showing. These socialist mayors and governors could care less about ‘the people’.

    1. I agree somewhat…..remember that ANYTHING that “goes wrong” will be heaped upon Trump and also remember it isn’t just nice sensible people who support Trump, as with both sides there are NUT JOBS and extremists on both sides. The media would LOVE to have a supremacy group toting Trump flags or wearing MAGA hats show up more, all the more crap they can throw at Trump. Yes we should push back, but not so sure it is a good idea to go into the devils pit with these BLM, ANTIFA, AGITATORS, cause that is when SOMETHING can go wrong and thus throw crap on Trump. Before this election Trump supporters need to speak up and do things like the boat rallies, and even caravan rallies but do it away from these demonic people. I would love to see people driving all over their states with their vehicles adorned with Trump flags, Old Glory and such but I know many are afraid of the nutjobs out there who would use a gun on roads just as easily and maybe more so on the highways and larger roads where they could shoot and disappear quickly.

    2. The time and place to put a STOP to all of this is coming in November at the voting booths!!! And if it takes an entire community to encircle and protect each individual voter as they vote, so be it! I, for one, will make a PERSONAL appearance at the voting booth!!!

  21. I witnessed the Caravan. It was a glorious sight to behold. The trucks and vans were all very large and the Flags were huge. They were just showing support for the President, and not looking for trouble. In the meantime the BLM/Antifa goons started to try to stop them, pelt them and curse them, for just driving through Portland. Horribly one was shot and killed by a BLM. The Mayor is causing the insurrectionists to think they have nothing to fear. If the shooter is not put behind bars for cold blooded murder, then there will be a riot of different proportions…egg the Mayor!

  22. Democrat radicals don’t see that they are hurting themselves and the citizens they are supposed to protect. I blame it on them and their Trump Derangement Syndrome. President Trump wants to help but the Dems rather have violence. This will get President Trump reelected. Mark my words!

  23. The Trump supporters have the same rights to protest as others. I watched the videos objectively and the only time I saw the Trump caravan doing anything was when those on the ground were aggressively trying to jump on their vehicles and or throw objects at them , then I saw pepper spray or mace sprayed and I think paintball guns are ok, I have family who do that sport and it is a bit uncomfortable to get a pellet but certainly not terrible. I think the police should use them actually with fluorescent paint, then they can identify some of those who were the agitators and remove them.


  25. I saw some videos this morning, O Boy were they great! Antifa getting beat on, spray painted, shot with paint balls and thrown out of the street.I could watch videos like that all day! The 600 car trump train was a huge success.

  26. Now I know where the kids are getting their idea that violence is the way to get things done if things don’t get their way, The grown ups who is suppose guide our future leaders of the world all they have to do is watch their parents act like bullies. And kill people because they don’t like what hat they ‘re wearing. stop the hate people!!!! teach our kids right,not wrong way.

  27. I saw one video where blm morons were standing in front of Trump supporter trucks so the trucks just stepped on the gas till they couldn’t run backwards fast enough !

  28. I never thought I would see so many brainless, lazy public officials display their lack of a spine on national TV. If these weak basement dwellers get re-elected, we are all doomed. Not too long ago our “greatest generation” was idolized. But now the spineless generation wants to take over and demand free stuff for everyone. What could possibly go wrong???!!!???

  29. globalists $oro$ puppet democrat criminal party invite globalist puppet libby snow flakes to come to the globalist $oro$ puppet democrat criminal party run/ruined cities to loot and riot and set fires and assault police and assault the elderly, IF the globalist $oro$ puppet democrat criminal party didn’t pay and invite the libby snow flakes, they libby snow flakes would stay home in mama’s basement and eat tidepods and snort used condoms and watch cliton opinion and feelings network .

  30. If the violent (“yet peaceable”) protesters looting, burning, maiming, murdering, destroying are trying to get people to vote for President Donald J. Trump, they are succeeding. They are helping to ensure a Trump landslide the likes of which has never been seen in America before. RIP liberal movement.

  31. In those cities where the law enforcement won’t or can’t do their jobs, the silent majority, at least the big tough ones, should step in and show these rioters why they should behave. It wouldn’t take too many smashed faces or broken bones to convince them.

  32. this garbage need to be cleaned out along with the leaders of the cities that are alloying it to happen lots of time in prison for them all

  33. I agree completely that supporters of President Trump need to step out and also speak up, not necessarily with paint guns tho, because that may cause the opposite reaction. Mr. Biden is laughable in the comments he has been making, why was he not speaking out about the violence prior to this? I pray for all on the left to come to understand just what the consequences of their actions will be when that day comes. Yes folks, the Bible is all truth, and those who listen to the voice of the enemy need to understand that there is a God who will judge those who come against Him and His people and His word.

  34. If what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, then it’s time to start transporting Pro-Trump spectators in from miles and miles away to view the destruction. Get my drift.

  35. The bigger question is who is paying the rioters? They are getting financial support from somewhere. Maybe Gates and Fascist Nazi Soros is funneling money to them through the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. When the coronavirus they spread throughout the country didn’t work they had to inflate the amount of deaths. The CDC just recently reported the death rate directly from the Coronavirus was under 10,000. The inflated rate was anyone who died from a heart attack, car accidents, or any reason that had contracted the Coronavirus before they died was listed as a coronavirus death. This false reporting was to deliberately create fear to use as a political weapon and support voting by mail. They will win in November if the American people do not wake up. Mail in voting is another way to defeat the President when nothing else worked. Russia couldn’t get Hellery elected so now they want mail in voting. Now the paid rioters to murder, Loot, destroy property and communities all for The political reason the destruction of our country. They want to turn our Republic into a progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Government. Anyone who votes for this Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party candidate’s are a traitor to God, Country, Family, future generations and themselves. The younger voters are too indoctrinated by the education system and only want freebies to know what’s best.

  36. the Black Lives Matters people have made it abundantly the only some black lives matter they threaten and kill those black people who disagree with them

  37. If these incompetent, mayors and governors can’t stop this anarchists,Antifa, blm,all rioters, then there not doing the job they were sworn to do. Vote these morons out before these cities are unlivable, more die. These spineless, politicians, need to be removed from office, immediately before all these places are burned to the ground.People in all these dumbocrap cities are moving, because ther sick of the violence and destruction, soon all these places will be a complete danger zone like Chicago, obummer’s murder city, he did nothing for that city but run away.He was part of the problem, with his race hating retoric.Baltimore,Seatte,lPortland,Kalifornication,NY,NJ,Kenosha, who is going to ever want to live around unsafe invironments were u can be shot down on the street.

  38. This shooting of the Trump supporter has moved the ball or escalated the game. This time the blm and antifa have used firearms. Next time it will the the other side and it one be just one person dead, but dozens on the thug side. Its the same as in Kenosha, the police refused to do anything about the rioting. So a local militia got involved. As of Friday, there were 2 dead and one wounded. We have discovered that the thugs are bringing firearms to these riots. Next time there will be more dead. It always escalates, unless it is stopped before it goes too far. And in both portland and kenosha, it has gone too far. So watch for a higher body count in the coming days and weeks.

  39. This is the inevitable result when local governments refuse their duty to protect the lives and property of their citizens. The citizens are left to fend for themselves. When this happens, it is also the prerogative of the Federal Government to step in and if necessary, protect the citizens from inept leadership, as has happened multiple times in our history.

  40. The Trump supporters, according to authorities, did not intend to go into that riot zone. Their plan was to stay on main roads but a closed ramp redirected them right into the radicals. Trucks are not cheap, there’s no way these folks would have intentionally risked damage to their vehicles from a left wing mob known for physically attacking any person or their vehicle carrying something that supports President Trump.


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