A Sleeping Giant is Waking Up in Minnesota

Trump Rally

Six mayors from Minnesota, one of the states hardest hit by Biden-voter rioting, have publicly shamed their party and endorsed President Trump. 

Their given reason is Biden, but let’s be honest: what ordinary American can look at the Democrat Party today and say “yes, these people have my best interests at heart and in no way want to destroy my way of life”? 

Voting Democrat has become a habit for many, especially in industrial parts of the country – but what these mayors show is that normal Americans are still out there, still living their lives, and, regardless of local or partisan politics, still recognize that there’s only one man representing America, and that’s Donald Trump.

It’s hard to believe the emergence of the fully naked form of Democrat politics in 2020 hasn’t played a role here. Focused on local and regional concerns, it can be easy to miss the day-to-day corruption of Democrats in Washington, DC, or the loony Leftists in California and New York. Look at how many schools are forcing parents to sign waivers saying they won’t monitor remote learning! Ordinary Americans are only just now realizing how corrupt and disgusting the left is, and how much of America the left has come to control, from schools to newspapers to financial institutions. 

These mayors who have crossed party lines to take a stand show us that the sleeping giant is waking up, and getting ready to shake off all these leftist fleas and their media cartel enablers. 

The Trump administration is the flea medicine – and the treatment is working!

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

    Like RUSH says, a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots !!!

  2. Mr.President Trump, Take it all the way back to the White house for second term. WE (Americans need to make this as great as it can be.)You got my vote……

  3. Unfortunately most of the country is still “sleeping”! Sad to know that Biden is so high in the polls after so many years of doing nothing and still in hiding.

      1. The globalist media polls, globalist media polls only conducted on libby snow flakes and barely prove the globalist agendas, like the globalist poll conducted only on libby snow flakes on nov 8, 2016 and showed globalist puppet hiLIAR 99% to 1% .

    1. Put no confidence in polls, bad or good for DJT! Most polls are slanted toward the Dems to discourage Republicans from voting. Work as if he and the GOP are 20 points behind and get everybody out to vote! Remember the 2016 polls that showed HRC could not lose………

    2. Polls are deceiving, I don’t trust them. Remember how those polls had Hillary winning? Ha, ha, ha, she lost thanks be to Yahweh our God, and to those of us who obeyed His voice and voted for our wonderful President Donald Trump. This election cycle, President Trump will Winn in a bigger way, because people know now what he is capable of doing for WE THE PEOPLE and for our great nation! He has kept his promises, and could have done more if evil Pelosi and her followers wouldn’t have been against him all the time. This coming election cycle WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE DUTY TO VOTE ALL THOSE WICKEDLY EVIL PEOPLE FROM THE NEW SOCIALIST /COMMUNIST PARTY, OUT FOREVER!

    3. “doing nothing”??? You call making an illegal phone cal to the president of Ukraine and then trying to pin it on President Trump “nothing”? You call trying to destroy the American economy with ridiculous “renewable energy” schemes “nothing”?

      Sorry, Godfather Joe has been far from “doing nothing”. I pray that voters will wake up and see that he’s the worse thing that has come out of the Demon Rat party since Mrs. :”Benedict Arnold” Clinton or Nancy the Pig.

      1. Yes very true .. just 2 weeks ago there was radom poll being taken online and last i looked out of 104,000 people 829,000 say they will vote for Trump

      2. Every AMERICAN needs to go to the polls and vote, AMERICANS need to out number the globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud and the illegal criminal invader voters and dead libby snow flake voters and mail in ballot fraud and ballot harvest fraud .

    4. Is there something wrong with you??? So-called ‘polls’ LIE!!! They are FAKE!! And HAVE been! You might want to study what SOCIAL ENGINEERING is! You’re, obviously, brain-washed if you ‘believe’ that ‘polls’ are a REAL thing!

  4. It’s not only the Democrats that are corrupt it’s the media also America Wake Up TRUMP 2020 to save our country

  5. Finally——-some of these delusional Democrats are seeing thru their parties LIES for the past 50 yrs. The Minneapolis riots are a postcard of what America would become under Biden and Democrats . MAGA 2020

    1. Good point General Patton! Also, I am encouraging everyone to VISIT THE POLLS personally! None of this ‘vote by mail’ stuff!

    2. These Mayors have come to realize that the Demoncraps want to shut down all mining. The cities and towns that these Mayors are in, are in Northern Minnesota in the Iron Range. If mining is shut down their towns will become Ghost Towns, and they will be out of jobs as well as those who work in the mining industry.

  6. A lot of commentators claim every election is the battle of our lives. This one is. Not only must Mr. Trump win, but we must defeat every Democrat possible. The Democrat Party has gone all in Marxist. We must do everything possible to marginalize the Democrats and drive them into third party status.

    1. I think that some people have come to the conclusion that the Demoncraps are only in it for themselves. Nancy PU-lousi has shown them TWICE where she stands. First with her millionaire refrigerators and ice cream and then with her blatant disregard of the rules with her salon treatment. Anyone with more than 2 working brain cells should be able to see that.

  7. This doesn’t mean we have finally won – it means we are finally making REAL PROGRESS. Speaking of “progress” time to defund George Soros – stop buying Progressive insurance.
    Tell all your family and friends, talk about it at church, school, and work. Find honest, American news stations, stop shopping at Amazon, search out Conservative American social media so you aren’t funding the poor, billionaire, Trump haters. Send your kids to American-leaning charter and private schools, pay attention to the most mundane elections.
    We have taken America for granted, and the Democrat Domestic Terrorist (DDT) party almost took it away from us. Now we will have to fight to get it back – but you know it’s worth it!


  9. Well, let me put it this way. You don’t vote all red, then prepare for more rioting, if you don’t vote red your taxes will go up, if you don’t vote red your freedoms will be taken, if you don’t vote red your country will no longer be your country! I can go on with many more, but you get the message. GET OUT IN PERSON AND VOTE RED, OUR AMERICAN HISTORY AND NATION DEPENDS ON IT. LETS SHOW THE ENEMY WHAT A LANDSLIDE LOOKS LIKE OF AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!! MAGA2020!!!!!!!OORAH!!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  10. I had THOUGHT that 2016 had PROVEN, beyond ANY doubt, the the Dems were PURE EVIL!! There was a mass exodus of Dems (voters) leaving that Party and going Independent and Republican. Today, in 2020, the only Dems who are left, voters & politicians, are either low IQ or career criminals. Career Criminals is esp true for the politicians!! EVERY Crime (& criminal activity) under the sun is being committed by Dems. Esp those crimes INVOLVING CHILDREN!!!!! Democratic Party = Sociopaths & Psychopaths!! And Socio/Psychopaths are NOT HUMAN!!

  11. I’m guardedly hopeful that Minnesota isn’t completely hopeless, although several Democrats that the State has elected in the past makes that hope very improbable.

  12. No, no ….
    Minnesotans are world famous for electing left of center goofs!!!!!!
    C’mon Minnesotans, don’t disappoint us!!!!!
    lol lol

  13. it’s too bad the pandemic hit!we were working on a cure for liberalism.but that’s ak as we will have it on nov 3

  14. I am a home bound senior and usually vote by mail but come Nov. 3rd I will get to the voting poll one way or another. TRUMP 2020 <><


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