Hypocrite House Speaker Pelosi Gets Blow-Out at Shuttered Salon

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

Nancy Pelosi had her hair done inside of a San Francisco salon on Monday, despite local beauty parlors being prohibited from providing indoor service due to the pandemic.

A security camera revealed footage of Pelosi walking through a salon sans mask with wet hair, while a male stylist trailed after her.

Beauty salons in San Francisco have been barred from doing business since March. On September 1, they were allowed to reopen for outdoor service only, but Pelosi was seen inside of eSalon, which is still closed down.

Salon owner Erica Kious said Pelosi’s visit “was a slap in the face” to struggling local businesses. “There were rules and regulations to go by to safely reopen, which I did, but I was still not allowed to open my business.” 

The salon remains closed due to their specialty in hair color, which cannot be performed outside because using chemicals in open air is against local ordinances. Kious said that though eSalon is shut down, she rents chairs to independent stylists and has no control over their actions in the space.

Pelosi’s spokesman insisted that the Speaker’s visit was in accordance with local rules. “The Speaker always wears a mask and complies with local COVID requirements. This business offered for the Speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business.”

Kious disagrees, noting that Pelosi’s hair was washed and blown out, which is prohibited. Not only did Pelosi’s maskless visit defy the outdoor order, Kious said, “you’re not supposed to blow dry hair.”

She’s disgusted by the double standard, noting that her salon will likely permanently close in the next 30 to 60 days as she has lost 60% of her clientele.  “We’re supposed to look up to this woman, right?” Kious said. “It is just disturbing.”

Critics were quick to slam Pelosi’s blatant disregard for the rules, #PelosiMustGo is trending on Twitter. 

  1. Nancy “The Pig” Pelosi is as vile a creature as ever infected the Speaker’s chair, and at this point is the most powerful psychopath in all of Calipornia.

  2. Bet ole Nancy didn’t know she was on video. LMAO
    If any one of you Californians that voted for this anti American communist, you now have proof that she is for Communist government, you know the one that dishes out socialist programs while being ruled by a Communist government where only THE FEW are in control of the Majority?

    Voters California, you now live in a communist world that you voted for, Nancy getting her hair done when YOU CAN’T is just a small thing, you give up your freedoms for this hag to get her hair done.

    1. I’ll bet she is getting a kick back $$$ from the chinese and the mexican drug cartels and soros. beside her paycheck. which away to much for her, another OVERPAID and UNDERWORKED CORRUPT POLITICIAN

      1. Have no proof of it but also suspected that Pelosi (the epitome of hypocrisy & deep state establishment INSIDER enemy combatant) ever since reading that drug lord El Cheapo had been caught & arrested. That article said El Cheapo said a lot of politicians in both Mexico and the US were in his pockets because he paid them huge bribes. Also recall seeing an article that said Peolis’s daughter was connected to drug pushing, but no way of checking it out.

  3. No mask, getting hair done — I think this is a good indication of how much BS this lockdown and closing small businesses really is. She is not worried about it and I’ve seen a lot of so-called important people without masks and not keeping the proper distance when it doesn’t fit their agenda. She is proof positive of another demoSCUM scam. Besides that — it didn’t help her looks – not one bit.

    1. San Fran Nan knows that she’s “invincible” to Covid since she’s been taking hydroxychloroquine for MONTHS, but she won’t let us “peasants” take it!!

        1. I don’t understand why you would write that about “only humans”. It came from bats, and she certainly is an old bat.


    3. AMEN – it is ALL BS by the new world order puppets and deep state establishment congressional member INSIDERS working hand in hand with them to destroy our nation from within. Their indictment, arrests, detainment & prosecution are long overdue.The INTERNAL COUP still ongoing inside the HOUSE is treason and the same deep state establishment INSIDERS who were involved in the Stop Trump movement are still involved in working with the enemy combatant congressional member INSIDERS BECAUSE THEY FEAR BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR TREASON – AS THEY ARE.
      The covid 19 appears to be the brain child of both Obama and Dr. Fauci, and it is being used for multiple purposes IMO. Initially to kill off as many as possible and some demonicRAT governors conveniently helped with that by mandating covid 19 patients be sent to nursing homes before their 14 days of quarantine were up. It has been said that thousands have committed suicide secondary to despair. isolation, shut downs. Bill Gates, big pharma, the CDC, Dr. Fauci & the new world order are all foaming at the mouth in hopes of using the covid 19 to mandate that everyone will have to submit to all of their harmful vaccines. Thanks to WHO the vaccine program is already embedded in every country and they have obviously been using them to decrease the population long before we suspected they were. They definitely want to keep this golden goose of getting paid to manufacture the harmful vaccines for the WHO to keep pushing on other countries, not just here in America. They are also politicizing it in hope of putting another puppet President back in the White House & gaining more seats in Congress. They are also still hoping to destroy our nation by crashing our economy by keeping the shut downs, which should have never been started to begin with. Thanks to all their shutdowns, they hit the food processing plants also so expect a food shortage which was probably part of the their plan to begin with, which will cause deaths from starvation to millions or billions worldwide. Anyone else notice that all of a sudden the FDA, which in the past cried they were too understaffed to really make the inspections they needed to in the past – ALL OF A SUDDEN HAVE PLENTY OF STAFF MEMBERS WHO ARE BUSY RECALLING TONS OF WHAT IS PROBABLY GOOD FOOD. Recall seeing that a lot of those food recalls were said to be for lack of inspection. Don’t recall ever seeing them recall anything for lack of inspection in the past – HAVE YOU?

    4. Everything that is happening this election year is well orchestrated by the left wing commies, problem with their BS is they think all Americans are to stupid to figure out what they are doing.

  4. N.piglosi,the ripper,the sick,demented,disgusting,phony,sociopath,that doesn’t live by her own rules, needs to be removed, from office, the evil woman, has screwed over the American people, again and again, when is her own party going to get rid of this pos.

  5. Nancy Pelosi has made enough money from taxpayers to pay someone like this stylist to come to her home and do whatever to her hair. Instead, she chose to flaunt the rules because she can.

    1. I absolutely agree, MaryAnne! Hard to believe she’s so stupid! But I had to smile when I read the last sentence of your post. The words “because she can” reminded me of one of my favorite Dolly Parton songs “Jolene”. https://youtu.be/Ixrje2rXLMA

  6. Nancy has always thought she was above us all. And untouchable. But when she takes her last breath, God will show her who was the boss and is the boss and boy will she be in big trouble.

  7. Nancy Pelosi: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee REEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    And yet, dems still insist they are holier than thou.

  8. Pelosi and her family have been in charge of California for way too long. She is an “entitled” and rude person who needs to go home and eat her ice cream. Typical of the Demoratic party. Everybody owes us fealty.. Do as I say not as I do.

  9. Rules for thee but not for me!!!
    When are we going to unite and realize these ass clowns politicians are the real enemy!!!

  10. “Even for Pelosi, this is a stunning level of hypocrisy.” This is not hypocrisy for dictatorial governments. Look at the (ex) Soviet union, (ex) Nazi Germany, China, Cuba, et al. Thats the way they operate, and exactly what the Democrat Domestic Terrorist (DDT) party has devolved into.
    When I see the baby-murdering, homosexual, demon-worshipers of San Francisco elect a conservative American, then I’ll believe that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn occasionally. Wanta’ bet she gets reelected?

    1. I am 70+, and grew up in the SF Bay Area. I’m not sure, but …..when it comes to politics, I don’t think Pelosi has ever been a friend of truth.

  11. Did she get her dentures adjusted while at the salon? Just looking at this idiot is bad enough but listening to her loose jowels is equally as offensive.

  12. Just shows how elitest Pelosi is. Expensive gourmet ice cream, that she shows off while people stand in line for hours to get food to feed their children, and shutting down salons for the citizens while she gets her hair done. Laws for these but not for me, typical demoscum actions.

  13. Well I see it this way, there use to be, GOOD DEMOCRATS and GOOD REPUBLICANS , and there was the usual bad mouth AKA mudslinging, But after obama and his nazi jew white financial benefactor got in the game back before the 2008 election,it went right into the TOILET, and since them the TURDS keep swimming and stinking up the show. I was a INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVE voter, best man for the job, NO PARTY affection . But since 2008 and I’ve seen and heard what I have, I’m 1000% REPUBLICAN . so this year I will try and VOTE OUT the ” BLUES 2020 “. and VOTE RED 1000% down the ballot. I want to see nazi pigglosi out of office, and her neutered eunuch lap dogs, schiff, nadler, schumer,newsome,biden,harris. And after the election I would love to see them all arrested on TREASON and FRAUD charges, and put away for GOOD/EVER. TRUMP 2020 MAGA KAG.

  14. This seems, w/certainty, that “DO as I say, and NOT as I do!” applies to politicians! They make laws/rules etc that they do NOt apply to themselves! The Social Security system is wrecked all because it does NOt apply to them! They get nothing from it, nor do they pay into it, they just get a full pension if the finish ONE term in office! How about that! NEVER ask a Politician about “EQUITY,” they know NOTHING about the matter!

    1. I have never worn a mask except to go into the hospital to have blood work done. It’s unconstitutional to demand that we wear masks. I told one lady who was yammering at me, “This ought to be a familiar words to you liberals, My Body~ My Choice.” She was not happy.

  15. Erica Kious should re open her salon with Nanzi’s picture on the door, with the caption “she can come here, so can you!” What does Erica have to lose? Her business has already suffered greatly, I’m sure.

    1. This is the best comment yet. It actually reverberates with thought. That must have been hard for you when offered such a ripe opportunity as this to speak the truth of Piglosi’s true and obvious psychopathic nature.
      Good job!!

  16. cnn and msnbc are supporting Pelosi….
    they are reporting that she wore a mask & was the only person in the salon
    They reported that, as a democrat, she deserved to have her hair done and her toenails clipped and painted….
    cnn and msnbc reported they are going to bury this story as are ABC, NBC, CBS and NPR.
    They reported that this would only be a story if a republican had done this.

    1. The CNN and MSNBC can support Pelosi, all they want to.
      HOWEVER, the video surveilance camera shows Ms. Pelosi
      arriving and departing….WITHOUT her mandated face mask!

  17. She didn’t go in for a blow out…she went in for a dye job. She thinks hair color makes her look younger but nothing can change her COLD HEART. Democrats don’t care about anyone or thing but staying in power. It’s all about their communist beliefs!!!

  18. But then, she’ll get re-elected come November because her followers will make sure that the ‘mail in ballots’ are all checked for conformity, making sure she gets another term.
    Smart people would make damn sure she doesn’t get another shot are her blatant hatred for Americans, not to mention her constant and blatant hypocrisy!

  19. Nancy you have done it now! You outwardly told all the voters that you think you are royalty, and the rest of us are peasants. You and the rest of your party desire to take us back to the dark age and establish a feudal system in the world….and of course you are shallow enough to believe they will let you and your cronies to mingle with the upper crust. No such luck! The big money people pulling your strings will dump you like a bag of manure!

  20. PROVES….There are TWO forms of Justice and Government. One for the Government Officials and one for …WE THE PEOPLE !!! GRRRRRRRRRRR
    Can’t wait for She and the DEM’S to be GONE !!!

  21. Well now, Nanzi the Notzee and the criminal Lightsout, Mayor of Chicago, both “deserve” to be treated special and have their hair, nails, feet, what-have-you done. I wonder which one is the “most beautiful” since their salon appointments. Yech, that puts bad pictures in my brain.

  22. Pelosi wants to convince America that it’s not safe to walk up and vote, a 10 minute task, but it’s ok to go mask-less to have her hair done.???

  23. They said that the speaker (PU losi) “always wears a mask”. Yeah. Around her neck, and I don’t recall seeing a mask on her when she was parading around China Town telling everyone to go there. She has to be at the top of the list of hypocrites.

  24. No Surprise there. Corrupt Nancy has always fed off the taxpayers. She lies so often, she doesn’t have a clue what the truth is. Most of us went without haircuts for months when everything was shut down, but not Nancy One of her favorite comments, when she is bad mouthing the President is, “No one is above the law”. If that were true, which it should be, Pelosi would have been locked up years ago. Our number 1 lying hypocrite strikes again.

  25. Every day we can read about some politician breaking some rule that would land us in the slammer or in court paying a fine. When will we read about one of these same persons going to be treated to an arrest or large fine? And, be removed from their office.

  26. You average Aristocratic Tyrant. Do as I say not as I do or I will wreck your life. This is a power tripping sociopathic old woman more interested in ruling the country, than spending her declining years with her family as most normal people her age would want to do.

  27. Pelosi comes from a family of political crooks. I lived in Baltimore when her CORRUPT father, Tommy D’Alessandro was mayor. He was a crook and so was his son (who also became Mayor) and his daughter Nancy out did them all with her Corruption. The whole damn family belongs in jail.


  29. Welcome to the soon to be shit hole lib Commie China pedophile 3rd World Cntry if Dems racist puppet Biden and (biden crime bill 1993) Chameleon Kamala(plays a black or Indian when it’s convenient), steal the election thru voter fraud (we must insist on
    voter I’d). I hope you’ll know that his VP pick will actually be president and senile Sniff your hair Biden will be put out to pasture! You know the the game plan, retire the Senile Biden and replace with VP. Globalist Soros and his minions the Deep S. NAZI Commie Satanist lib party corrupted to the core, MSM Fake news, Antifa, BLM, CIA, FBI, Activist Judges, SJW, Hollywood Rats, Twitter,Facebook,YouTube, All the useful idiots, treasonous RINOs are responsible for this rioting, looting and destruction throughout the cntry. This treasonous act should not go unpunished! It’s about time these Deep S. rats are held accountable! Patriots,we need to save the US from turning into another Commie shit hole just like all the other lib run states!

  30. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, BLM, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Fauci, Hollywood, Academia, MSM Fox and the rest of Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs! Mutt Romney, Sessions, Richard Burr, Ron Johnson,Susan Collins, Murkowski, Kasich, Gowdy, Justice Roberts, Bolton and you know the rest of the traitors. All the useless republicans that talk a lot of BS and do nothing! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Yours truly, the patriots of America! Watch your back, President Trump! I for one, support you 1000%!

  31. Wuhan Virus Bioweapon AKA: China Virus, Coronavirus weaponized by China and their Globalist treasonous Godless demoncratic Commie party and cohorts Soros the MSM fake media, academia, Hollywood, Millennials. Worst of all the treasonous RINOs..to crash the greatest US economy ever! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work President Trump! 2020 and beyond! From the Patriots of a Commie free America!

  32. just to show what goes around comes around. Mexifornia is getting what it deserves.. It voted in Communist control. Now it is getting it in spades….Dear nancy is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg..now they are seeing the true colors of all those progressive policies they voted in and not liking them. You asked for it and you have gotten it in spades. now the question is…what are you going to do about it????

  33. I’m truly shocked that everyone is so surprised by Pelosis move. The Left have their own set of rules and don’t care about the rest of us or the laws. No surprise to me.

  34. If you didn’t know nancypants peloser was a 2 faced, lying POS before this, you just haven’t been paying attention.

  35. Pelosi turned around and blamed the salon, by saying she was set up by the owner and staff. We could all see just how set up she was in the vid. The masked employees held a gun (Sarc.) to her unmasked face as she marched with her cape and phony hair color, from one station to another. Now the business owner is receiving death threats and her business will probably tank. Pelosi owes the owner a public apology. Pelosi is offensive and a liar. She preaches one thing but lives another. Apparently she also calls herself a good Catholic who prays for the President. I wouldn’t put money on that.

  36. Nutty Nance is a total hypocrite, remember when they passed obamacare and the first thing they did was exempt themselves? The entire Congress. Liar obutthead repeatedly said if you like your dr. you can keep your dr., like your plan you can keep your plan.

  37. This is what the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is about. They do what they want an rule over us but America is not enough they want the world and be the fourth Reich. Whenever they show their true colors they always blame someone else when they get caught. They are great followers of Hitler and true comrades of Stalin. Someone tell comrade Pelosi it didn’t work she may want to try plastic surgery. If she can find a surgeon who can stomach doing it. It would be the only procedure that couldn’t fail because anything would be an improvement. Her evil will shine through no matter what she does. It is tragic the abuse of power by the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. Blinded indoctrinated people will still vote for these vial people because they don’t care about America only for themselves. They are true Communist Fascist Comrades

  38. There is no more vile and decrepit trench dwelling hate spewing creature in the DC swamp more worthy of public outrage and vitriol than Piglosi.
    She’s a rabid carrier of hate-filled venom and should be ousted by the public.

  39. Does any dim wit in politics ever admit their crimes? Apparently not and this crap slides downhill in that lunatic asylum always or to anyone who opposes them. Everyone else is blamed for what they do. Hypocrites all.

  40. THen she had the audacity to BLAME the salon owner who had NOTHING to do with her CORRUPT VISIT!! #HADENOUGHPILOSIYET???

  41. Making this COVID-19 Virus political is getting way out of hand. The only way we will ever defeat this virus is to treat those who are sick from it and stop this Social Distancing BS by wearing a mask if we choose to and know who can fight off this virus. If you are already sick then get tested and be treated if you want to go back into the public landscape. We now have the issue of letting our youth go to school or play sports. If you are a parent, you do not want to expose your children to something that might kill them; but you are not protecting your child by keeping them behind walls. Scientists have made it clear that this virus spreads easily in enclosed spaces. If just one neighbor or a friend who has this virus comes to your home the odds of getting this virus is the same as if they were in school being among their friends. Who gets to play in sporting events across this nation? Those with the most talent and are extremely healthy athletes. They may get this virus, but the odds of dying from this virus is extremely low. Who dies from this virus? Based on scientific facts the biggest danger is among those with other health issues and the elderly over the age of seventy. A healthy Kinder-gardener to a person aged seventy represents a vast majority of our population. A pro-football player recently said he was healthy and he did not fear this virus and if he got this virus then he would have to deal with it then. The man was speaking for me as well. People claim he is not Political Correct and that he does not care about the well being of others. This is just political BS. Bottom line: Every US Citizen has the right to take the risk of catching this virus. Everyday we get behind the wheel of vehicle. We know we are taking a risk, but if we do not take this risk we can not get to our jobs or see people we need or want to see in person. Life is a risk. living behind walls is not living.


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