Portland State Police Get Federally Deputized Allowing Fed Prosecutor to Prosecute if Local DA Won’t

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A new report reveals that the federal government has deputized the Portland State Police. This deputization allows the federal prosecutor to prosecute rioters that the local district attorney will not.

According to The Daily Wire:

KGW Portland reports that Oregon State Police were actually deputized earlier this summer, perhaps as part of a deal to draw down a federal police presence in Portland. As part of that agreement, the Department of Homeland Security removed a number of federal agents from “elite” Customs and Border Protection units that had been protecting a federal courthouse from rioters if the Oregon state government agreed to provide ongoing protection for federal properties.

Now, it seems, the agreement also involved allowing the United States attorney the opportunity to supercede decisions made by the Multnomah County district attorney who noted, early on in the unrest, that he would pursue only “limited prosecution” for certain crimes, including interfering with a peace officer, disorderly conduct in the second degree, harassment, criminal trespass, and even “riot.”

The Multnomah County prosecutors office also said, back in early August, that if a person is arrested for “a misdemeanor or felony crime that causes only financial harm during a protest,” they will be offered “conditional dismissal.”

The cross-deputization, issued by the U.S. Marshals, KGW says, “could allow state police to bypass the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office entirely when it comes to charges against arrested protesters.”

Federal officials would not reveal the full list of crimes that they would prosecute if the local DA refuses.

  1. Brilliant, after the Democrats just released a violent protester that turned around and murdered two people the next night, we need this. Let this send a message!

    1. I agree with you , BUT the democrat/socialists in power are SUPPORTING these scumbags, so I doubt any lesson will be learned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They are deputized federal agents apparently. Which means they now answer to the State Police Commissioner AND the federal government. They can not listen to the governor at all anyway, he is NOT their direct boss. This is true at the federal, state and local level.
      Either way, if the feds tell them they have to arrest all as they are deputized then that is how it is. It was part of an agreement and the Governor/Commissioner have no choice unless they want to be sued personally.

  2. George Soros spent millions electing liberal local prosecutors so his Antifa and BLM mob wouldn’t be prosecuted. The president stopped the nonsense by deputizing all the police in Portland so the mob would be Federally prosecuted.

  3. There should be a ZERO tolerance and NO plea deals if the federal prosecutor takes over. The prosecution must be moved to a neutral court, meaning that the jury pool is tainted in Oregon and Washington.
    With regard to dereliction of duty by State officials and City officials, I am sure that there are FEDERAL LAWS that have been broken. Certainly if an agreement was made to remove federal law enforcement in favor of local enforcement with a caveat of protection of federal facilities, then the persons APPROVING the agreement for the cities need to be personally sued by the feds for all damages during police withdrawal.

  4. Thank you President Trump. These Democrat liberal clowns are no match for you and your administration. Please finish the job and send many of these anti-American antifa pukes to prison.

  5. Very GOOD news, I hope the mayor, and the complete city council go to jail along with the “demonstrators”, actually thugs, thieves, arsonists, and killers. Thank God civilization will return to the city! Sad that it took the federal government to control the city, even the governor and district attorney are in bed with the scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If there is a will there is a way ! President Trump will get it done ! BLM and ANTIFA are doomed now . Arrest them all and move the trials out of state .
    Put them away for a minimum of 10 years with no possible early release !
    Arrest the Mayor and DA for not doing their jobs and allowing the Riots, Looting, Arson, and MURDERS !

  7. FINALLY…!!! That’s the best news we’ve heard in quite a while! Thank you, President Trump! Can you do the same thing in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York City, Atlanta and any other city (I hope)?

  8. Excellent, grab them all and throw them in jail and fine the hellout of them and make them pay for the damages or they don’t get released. Soros has lots of money.

  9. Prosecute every Antifa paid hoodlum, every arsonist, every person associated with purchasing and delivering bricks and weapons to rioters. How can the authorities NOT know how the delivery of skid loads of bricks for window breaking and missiles against police are being delivered openly onto street corners?????

  10. Hopefully now the citizens of Portland will be safe. As most of us have read and heard, many of the protesters are being bused into cities that they do not live in and are terrorizing the citizens who live and work in these areas and are taxpayers who expect to be safe in their own communities. When the cities, counties and states cannot control the violence, the federal government must step in. These damned liberal political, mostly Democrat, officials who think they are above the law and give in to a few must be voted out of office and fired by the people in the areas affected by lawlessness! I am sure our federal government can find out who is financing these riots and charge them with TREASON … which should be punishable by death…..hopefully by a military firing squad who will air it live on tv!!!!

  11. A way around the dim wit obstructionist. Yeh! Now arrest these obstructionist if they get in the way on the ground zero with their dim wit lunacy.

  12. Great!!!!! The polititions that are running those cities and districts should definetly held responsible for there crimes of dereliction of duty👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Prosecute the leaders of BLM and Antifa, it is in their name and with their funds these people being activated across this country. Soros said at DAVOS, he considered Trump the greatest threat to the world. The speech Soros made was all about Trump, getting him Impeached within the first few months. Saying he was going to do all he could etc. So he has. His organizations thrown out of counties in Europe and need to be thrown out of America for attempting to overthrow our government.

    Make Antifa and BLM pay for the damage. They are responsible for it. Cut the money and punish those like Soros for backing a Coup and Revolution and by George that is what this is.


  14. Hearing that the Portland police had been deputized by the federal govt. is MUSIC TO MY EARS! It’s about time that happened! Now let’s see this same thing done to Seattle, Chicago, New York City, etc…..all the other cities that have Dem. mayors/governors who do NOTHING but paint black lives matter on streets in their cities, or cower in fear to those lazy bums who call themselves “protesters”…..yeah, right! They’re no more “protesters” than the rest of their violence-obsessed mobs! These racketeers are nothing but rioters and looters who are getting paid to carry out this dirty work. But there is coming the day when these rioters, looters, etc. will no longer exist.

  15. Kenosha police reported that of the 109 rioters arrested 106 were from 44 other states. After the RNC Rand Paul reported that some of the crowd that attacked and harassed him, his wife and others when leaving were staying at the same high end hotel.
    If we had any real investigative reporters left they would be searching high and low to locate the financiers supporting these thugs. Instead we have a complicit media that refuses to cover the violence, death and carnage by the mobs.


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