Pro-Trump Group Releases Video Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want YOU to See

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

The pro-Trump group “Students for Trump” has released a video and they say House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “does not want you to see this.”

Pelosi was recently caught maskless getting an illegal “blow-out” at a shuttered salon in San Francisco, and responded by blaming the salon owner and claiming she was set-up. [RELATED: Hypocrite House Speaker Pelosi Gets Blow-Out at Shuttered Salon]

Pelosi has also demanded an apology from the salon owner.

According to Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “does not want you to see this,” the Students For Trump organization claims in a new video recorded Wednesday showing the streets of her San Francisco congressional district lined with tents sheltering people experiencing homelessness.

“This is Nancy Pelosi’s district,” Students For Trump tweeted Wednesday, sharing a video recorded for Turning Point USA’s “Benny on the Block” video episode series.

The cellphone video was shot from the inside of a car as it drives through San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. Homeless people, many of whom are Black, are camped out on the streets for blocks. Ironically, messages like “Black Lives Matter” and “George Floyd” are seen spray-painted on a federal office building, with “The Unites States of America” official letting crossed out.

The video ends showing a still photo of Pelosi, wearing an African kente cloth scarf, while she knelt in silence for eight minutes and 46 seconds on the marble floor of Emancipation Hall in the U.S. Capitol in June. That duration was the amount of time Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on the neck of George Floyd before he died.


Pelosi has been in Congress since 1987 and has represented the current 12th district since it was redrawn in 2011. It is made up entirely by the city of San Francisco.

  1. Then the witch claims she was “set-up” by the salon — which by the way was NOT even open and it has already been stated that an assistant of piglosi’s called and told whichever hair dresser the hag uses that she wanted to come in. This really should not surprise anyone– the whole demoSCUM party is all about –do as I say not as I do because the rules they set up don’t apply to them just everyone else. DON’T YOU THINK IT IS TIME TO RID OUR GOVERNMENT(all levels) OF DEMOSCUM TRASH !!!!!!!!

    1. Does Pelosi’s hair look good ? Yes. Do Pelosi’s clothes look good ? Yes, and VERY expensive ! Does Pelosi’s makeup look good ? Yes. Does Nancy Pelosi look good ? NO, I CAN STILL SEE THE PIG UNDER THAT LIPSTICK !!! The only ones to whom Nancy Pelosi looks good are OTHER PIGS !!!!! You might say that “Pigs of a puddle waddle in the mud together !” And besides all of that ; her hair-do was obtained ILLEGALLY, her extravagant clothing is tainted by the abusive usage of Federal “stimulus” funding of Mr. Pelosi’s business, and Nancy’s free travel on CHARTERED (!!!) Air Force planes have too often been for her VACATIONS !!! She wants Americans to support unlimited PARASITES coming across OUR BORDERS ILLEGALLY – EXCEPT to arrive and camp out on HER LAND !!! She, Nancy Pelosi, IS THE PROBLEM, IN PERSON !!!

  2. Crazy,n.piglosi,the ripper,is a sick,demented,disgusting,fake/phony,incompetent,nut=case who needs to be removed from office immediately, she has hurt the American people, beyond what u can imagine.She needs to sooner than later.

    1. HER nephew is being helped by her and buddies to make MY STATE a DUMP! The FRAUD is in! Everyone please vote we have the rats and illegals to out number!

  3. Perhaps the good lady missed her Catholic grade school class on the
    Ten Commandments, especially the Eight Commandment:
    ” Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.”


    1. This will seem and taste like ice cream, compared to what will follow.
      I speak now to any Independent or “white” educated suburban house wife:
      If ALL OF YOU have NOT been watching and taking notes by now on what a presidency under the 2 Democrats will be, especially if you have children, then you must NOT have a beating heart. I’m a LEGAL IMMIGRANT. Trust me when I tell you that you DO NOT WANT SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM which is what you’ll get with these 2 people! Why do you think we want to come to the USA???
      Please think about what I’ve said.

      1. We are so glad to have you in America! It’s too bad you don’t have the opportunity to tell your story to every natural born American citizen! Our young people who were brainwashed from beginning to end of their education especially need to hear from people like you who suffered under a socialist/communist government! However, they may be unreachable since young people tend to think they have the end all answers and they feel they are the smartest people on the planet! They are smarter right now than they will ever be because when their mind becomes “adult” they will realize how “dumb and stupid” young people really are! I just hope we still have a free America by the time they have adult minds!

        1. Yeah whatever happened to teaching facts and not political viewpoints/ ideology in the schools. Oh I know overindulged senators and reps changed the satandards, yes I know how it is spelled, and we the People let them. So We the People need to take charge and stop it.

          1. And ABOLISH the TEACHERS UNION! Back to teaching the 3 R s and REAL history! Plus shops and cooking and sewing classes! REALLY some folks DO make a living do these jobs!

      2. Love and respect, thank you and welcome to the United States of America. Glad to have you here. Wished we could get more people like you to spread that message.

  4. Here is the full length of this video…you can actually see the homeless on the sidewalks. Disgusting…that bee-ach should be ashamed of herself. Run her out of town and out of Congress otherwise nothing will EVER change!

    1. Helps me to believe that in California these demoscums are not elected but selected and money talks. If they were actually elected they would try to care a little more about their districts to appease their constituents.

      1. Maybe elected BUT NOT by we the people really! There is a group of 4 or 5 filthy rich people calling all the shots. They breed and or decide and school who they want that do their will! Yeah it was a harsh lesson to learn. Born and raised here, and now have to deal with them, illegals and hollyweirdos and all their $$$$$$!

  5. “If you told a Republican to vote twice, they’d get sick at even the thought of it.”

    — President Trump, in May.

    “If you get the unsolicited ballots… send it in early, and then go and vote.”

    — Trump, to his supporters yesterday.

      1. Dems will climb a 100′ tree to tell a lie when they could stand on the ground and tell the truth much easier!
        AND Dems don’t make as much sense as my previous sentence!
        Bwah hah hah!

    1. Idiot…….DJT is not allowed to joke, period! Every time he tries you dudes do your best to condem him and swear he was serious when he is joking or………. mocking Democrats for how they think and do!

    2. Vote early and then go in on the voting day. Try to vote. If they say you already voted, then you will know it was registered. If they let you vote, then the vote you sent in wasn’t registered which means then that you could vote. In other words, if you hadn’t gone in, then your vote never would have been registered in time and you would have lost your day to vote. If your mail in ballot does come in late they will then be able to see that you already voted and that mail in would have been discarded. Stop pretending you didn’t understand what the President meant. It was very clear what he said.

      1. Did not arrive cuz there are many including mail folks who have been shown to be dumping mail if its ID is shown to be a Republican! N/G and military be at EVERY secret counting place, 24/7!

  6. If we could take away her ill gotten gains and make her homeless so she could live on the streets in her district she wouldn’t last a day.

    1. At the very least, we need to STOP her from Acquiring any MORE luxuries at taxpayer expense and STOP her generous use of taxpayer funds to jet around the country in the style to which she has accustomed herself to!!!
      For her treasoness comments, speeches, and edicts, she should be tried, found guilty, and send directly to GITMO!!

  7. Pelosi is stupid, dangerous politician who constantly creates false news and tries to blame others for her ignorant actions – this was not a set-up, IT WAS AN EXPOSURE OF HER CONDUCT!

    1. Dangerous, ABSOLUTELY!!
      But Stupid, No, not really! She is cunning, manipulative, and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! She and her associates and followers are determined to change our Republic to Socialism and Communism!!!
      They are using the very same tactics that got Castro into power in Cuba, and the same thing that happened in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua!!!
      REMEMBER that their favorite tactic is to accuse others of EXACTLY what THEY are doing and INTEND to do!!

    2. LIKE the flag she gave when kneeling for the service of the blackman. IT was an ILLEGAL thing to do, not to mention his past criminal record!

  8. Term limits for all elected officials would do wonders. The term career politician should never be used in modern day government. It was never the intention of the founding fathers.

  9. This person, I’ll be polite, does not and has not ever supported anything I would like to see or try. pelosi has been ripping off the American tax payers for years; she needs to go.
    Put your head in the oven pelosi, show America how big your dick really is.


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