Weather Report Confirms Dangers on Day of Trump’s Cancelled WWI Cemetery Visit

President Donald J. Trump arrives at a November 11, 2018 ceremony at Suresnes American Cemetery in France. Photo: The White House.

Obama acolyte Jeffrey Goldberg’s anonymously sourced screed in The Atlantic claims that President Donald J. Trump snubbed WWI dead at the Aisne-Marnes American Cemetery during a November 10, 2018 visit to France. According to Goldberg’s breathless fantasy, Trump blew off America’s fallen heroes from the Great War because he considers them “losers” and “suckers.” Goldberg further hallucinates that Trump avoided the burial ground northeast of Paris “because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain.”

President Trump, the White House, the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign, and Trump supporters across America have spent much of what should be a tranquil Labor Day weekend trampling on Goldberg’s vicious, filthy lies. No fewer than 10 people who traveled with Trump to France have gone on the record to reject The Atlantic’s sopping-wet tall tale. These include Trump critic John Bolton. The president’s indecorously dumped former national security advisor told Fox News: “I didn’t hear either of those comments or anything resembling them. I was there at the point in time that morning when it was decided that he would not go. It was an entirely weather-related decision and, I thought, the proper thing to do.”

Poor weather made it too dangerous to fly Marine One to the cemetery. And a 90-minute presidential motorcade ride, partially along two-lane pastoral roads, would have created underserved migraines for the Secret Service.

A November 20, 2018 e-mail from a “United States Marine Corps Military Aide to the President,” whose name the White House redacted, reads: “Team, We are BAD WX call for today’s lift. COS [chief of staff] Gen Kelly, will motorcade and replace POTUS for today’s ceremony.” This message was time-stamped 5:59 a.m., based on that day’s expected conditions.

So, President Trump missed this ceremony. Instead, before flying home, he honored our fallen heroes at the Suresnes American Cemetery, west of Paris.

On my request, WeatherBELL Analytics LLC examined the meteorological data for the day of the President’s erstwhile Aisne-Marnes visit. “Given the large-scale nature of the storm system moving through western Europe on that date, data we pulled from Charles De Gaulle Airport, which is representative of the Paris area and points nearby,” the Manhattan-based forecasting company reported. “During this time period, the ceilings (height of the base of the clouds) were extremely low during the midday hours (600-700 feet).”

Low ceilings are not safe for helicopter operations. In fact, the ceilings were around 1,100 feet near the area where Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed on January 26.

Would Jeffrey Goldberg and The Atlantic have preferred that Marine One transport America’s Commander-in-Chief beneath a cloud ceiling 400-feet lower than the one that lulled Kobe Bryant, his daughter, pilot, and six family friends into a Los Angeles hillside?

After speaking in the rain, President Trump contemplates the graves of fallen soldiers at Suresnes American Cemetery in France. His previous day’s visit to the Aisne-Marnes American Cemetery was canceled due to weather that jeopardized helicopter-flight safety. Photo: The White House.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. If Jeffrey Goldberg wants to be seen as the “expert” on why the President makes certain decisions (such as not going to the cemetery), then he should learn to check facts. Of course this could be said of most in the modern lamestream media. They jump to conclusions or just flat out make up things to write just in an effort to put something to proverbial paper and keep their paychecks. They couldn’t care less about the truth any longer. Gone in the far distant past are the days when reporters actually reported rather than fantasize.

    1. Facts don’t matter, this supposedly happened in 2018. Why wasn’t it blasted across the airwaves then? Because it is a political hit job designed to pull votes away from Trump. All that matters is they get it out there, the media picks it up and loops it constantly, the public begins to believe it. Makes me sick. Would Joe like it is someone or ones paid a magazine or paper to run hit jobs on any of the possibly true things he’s done?

      1. I’m not concerned at all,,,cause all grandpa joe is doing is saying what the President has already done in his last 4 yrs or will do in his next 4 yrs,,,so in reality all grandpa joe is-is a copie-cat and I believe most Americans can see that as well…So grandpa joe needs to go back to is hole and enjoy watching yogi bare,,bobo,,,bullwinkel and what ever else it is that old rich elites do…

  2. Even with the mention of Jennifer Griffin’s affirmation, I knew it was not true . How she could stoop so low is making me wonder how desperate these so-called journalists can be— do we follow the money back to its source with them also?

    1. I was actually surprised at Ms. Griffin reporting it like that…I never took her to b an anti,,,but she sure made it clear where she stands…I guess I will give her that…

        1. There are those who are forwarding and believing this accusation. Even a Trump hater should know that if these people are too cowardly to give them names, something doesn’t add up. They should a also use a little common sense and reason and know that Trump has always been a strong supporter of our military. He has restored military strength after it was decimated by the Obama administration. He has reformed health care for veterans so that they no longer have to wait for treatment but can go to any hospital and the VA will pay for it. One of the more recent donation of this salary went for maintaining military cemeteries. It would take a total lunkhead to believe anonymous sources when people who are actually in a position to know have said it’s absolutely not true. These people do things like that knowing that there are a certain number of people who only rely on the mainstream news and will believe a lie. What an insult to everybody!

          1. Yup, anonymous is synonymous for liars club. They use that to pretend that someone with knowledge told them that and supposedly are afraid to step up. These days it is always if a real person is involved a hater on the never trumpers, the deep state liars, the made up for gain opportunist. Nothing anonymous these days ever turns into a real point. Just more fake news BS. And it will get worse until after the elections and fake news is taken down. Demoted to personal views and libel for their lies.

    1. And the worse all the antics of the left will get. I am betting on many more attacks against anyone who opposes them even if it is just not affirming them by raising you arm with the heil hitler salute they demand diners give them. There is going to be blood on the streets and it will not all be those who do not agree with the dim wit lunatic asylum today. I suspect many military and ticked off patriots are gonna shoot if the little darling invade their property like they did to the couple who defended their house in that dim wit enclave. Only waiving the guns is not what they will do, they will shoot the minute the soros paid rioters step onto their properties. Arm yourselfs, enemy within is coming to you courtesy of the demented dim wits and fake news.

  3. Another cock and bull story by the Atlantic. Goldberg, a deranged derelict either apologize or be suited for 500 million. Personally, I would like to see them become completely bankrupt.

  4. More desperation on behalf of the democrat machine. Descendants of slave owners might not know about dangerous weather since they have little people to work in it.

  5. I don’t believe a word of the article in The Atlantic. President Trump has done more for the military and their families than any other president. I am so disappointed in Jennifer Griffin. I am definitely not a fan of hers at this moment. She should be ashamed.

  6. It is time for ALL reporters involved in this unethical lie to leave their jobs. They have put the final nail in the casket of journalism.

  7. I know you can’t go after everybody, but when newspapers and television report news against and quote anonymous sources the must produce names of the individual otherwise there is no protection for the innocent. Because the news media controls what we see and what we read they have and unfair advantage to push the false narrative. If the Democrats can can file all sorts of actions the Republicans need to get off their ass and go after them. There are any number of charges that could be filed against Biden, the most obvious comes to mind, Biden on TV extorting the Ukraine Government. You have him on tape bragging about it. SIMPLE–NO!

  8. There is no depth to which the left will not stoop to attack this president. This ridiculous charade shows how desperate they have become. Biden is sinking fast, it’s becoming more evident in his speech and the way he squints as he tries to keep up with the moment. Every day as the pressure of the scheme they are trying to pull is building within him. No man in his condition should be used as a tool. You have to wonder who were the idiots who thought this up. What’s the matter with Jill? Is the lure of being first lady so strong she will sacrifice her husband. I wonder is Obama is in the wings waiting to be drafted for a third term?

      1. Yes, which is probably why he chose to stay in the Washington area. His plan for creating a Socialistic state was interrupted when Hillary lost the election. If they ever complete the investigation of these criminals who tried to unseat a duly elected president, hey will find that it goes straight to the top.

  9. That is the kind of weather Labron James pilot decided to fly in. Scud running is a killer. Plus I learned that being that far from AF1 by car was prohibitive. .Not to mention it was a LIE. I hope the Slime that made that up gets caught.

  10. This smear is what is today called: Stalinism. If President Trump had said that it would have been all over the communist papers and electronic media. And as Trump detractor, John Bolton, has said, he would have had a chapter of it in his book.

  11. the answer to whether they would have wanted the president to fly in such poor conditions is that it doesn’t matter at all.

    All they want to do is smear the president. The exact same playbook used to smear Clarence Thomas, Bret Kavanaugh, George W Bush, McCain, Romney and every single other Republican candidate with a chance to win.

  12. How can these filthy Democrat liars continue like this? there should be prosecution for this type of lying.

    1. Yes, just yesterday another person, Hogan Gidley, former campaign press secretary who was on that trip expressed how ridiculous this accusation was. He said that the president would never say anything like that, didn’t say anything like that, nor would he even think like that. He explained in detail what the situation was that day including weather conditions. It wasn’t just the rain. It was wind and heavy fog that would
      have made it dangerous to land. In addition to that, there was no coordination set up
      with authorities on the ground which would have made it very difficult to protect the president if there had been any kind of emergency. Do you folks who believe vicious characters who are too cowardly to give their name, feel a little bit foolish yet?

        1. <spoiler>Your mother would be so proud of your comment!
          Did she teach you that?</spoiler>

          So did the #1 National Security reporter at your Fox news TEEVEE station.

        1. If you haven’t seen Fat Donny saying those exact words about American vetererans, don’t worry, you can find them on one of Al Gore’s interwebs. And as gop Sen.Ted Stevens pointed out: “The internet is not a big truck. It’s a series of tubes”


  13. Too bad those darn Frechites banned travel on the 40 miles of road that led from Trump’s hotel room to the American Veterans Cemetery on the day of the ceremony honoring the Americans who are not suckers or losers, otherwise Donny would definitely have made the 1 hour car ride with his hair.

  14. Jennifer Griffin was there, and knew President Trump wasn’t going that day, but even she said she never heard President Trump say anything derogatory about the deceased servicemen.

    1. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t there. That’s why she’s reporting what her unimpeachable sources who were there have confirmed to her, that Trump called vets suckers and losers.

  15. “Intelligent people discuss ideas, normal people discuss events, ignorant people discuss people.” Socrates.

    The Atlantic is a dying rag. This was their swan song.

    What is the lie du jour for tomorrow?

  16. First, I am a proud military veteran. There are so many things wrong with this but let me try to be brief. Trump has denigrated the military for years- starting with 4 deferments for “bone spurs”, on tape saying “avoiding STD’s was my Vietnam”, saying “I like those who don’t get captured” (talking about POW’s), lying about passing the VA Choice Act when everyone knows Obama did that in 2014 and it just recently went into effect, being court ordered to pay $2 million to a military charity after fraudulently holding onto contributed money for that purpose. Finally, if Trump did not go to the ceremony due to inclement weather, how is it that most other world leaders attended? Assuming a well-respected journalist at Fox News would not just “make up legitimate sources”, does that mean several officials attending the trip made it up? If so, isn’t that a huge problem that a President has that many disaffected people around him and that so many Americans say it’s highly believable. Speaking as a Patriot, we can do SO much better than this embarrassment.


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