AG Barr Reveals Operation Legend CUT Chicago’s Murder Rate in HALF

Department of Justice via Wikimedia Commons

Attorney General William Barr has revealed that the federal law enforcement intervention program named “Operation Legend” has effectively cut the murder rate in Chicago in half.

According to The Daily Wire:

Attorney General William Barr announced Wednesday that Operation Legend — a Department of Justice program designed to supplement major city police departments with federal agents and resources amid an unprecedented national crime wave — has cut the Chicago murder rate “roughly in half” since launch and has “reversed” a surge of violence that was leaving dozens killed.

Barr told reporters, at a press conference held in Chicago, that Operation Legend has led to 500 individual arrests and has charged 124 people who federal crimes, according to Fox News. Those charges range from firearms and narcotics trafficking to bank fraud.

“Throughout the country, more than 2500 people have been arrested and more than 600 are facing federal charges as part of the operation, an ongoing government effort to combat surging crime in parts of the country,” the outlet continued, citing official numbers announced Wednesday.

Operation Legend launched in Chicago in early July, after the city experienced a shocking spike in shootings and homicides following the release of coronavirus-related lockdowns. Gang violence on the city’s south and west sides also spiked, leaving a number of minors — including several children five years of age and younger — dead or severely injured.

In Chicago alone, there are 400 federal agents assigned to the task force. The task force places agents from the FBI, DEA, US Marshalls, and the ATF with big-city police department investigators to help with organized crime like weapons and narcotics trafficking and gun violence.


  1. BRAVO! Taking no prisoners would be a better approach but a few years in a federal prison will get the message across. Let’s hope Chief Justice John Roberts’s leftist judges agree.

  2. ABOUT TIME!! LAW & ORDER should be enforced in ”ALL” the DEM STATES that REFUSE to ENFORCE THE LAW AND bring ALL those to Justice !! NO BAIL, NO STIMULUS, NO VOTING RIGHTS AND MAX JAIL TIME to the FULL EXTENT of the LAW !!!

    1. No, but she and her “wife” are still trying to get their hair fixed. Lights-Out is just gross…. almost as gross as Nanzi the Notzee.

  3. President is WINNING, WINNING for the people of America. Thank you Mr. President for your strong leadership & love for America & the people. It is so sad the WEAK MAYOR could not do the job she was elected for. VOTE THIS NO NOTHING mayor out.

    The people of Chicago need to realize WHO helped them clean up some of their city.
    MAGA TRUMP 2020

  4. Strong leadership requires good judgement, strong identifiable action and follow up, well what were seeing is opposite, reprehensible lack of action, not controlling protests, allowing agitators Anarchists to control & not the citizen representatives of Government.

    1. Oh but, didn’t you know? They are all “peaceful protesters.”
      The loony liberals are all socialist/communists and they have got to be stopped.

  5. Not in Obamas Chicago… surely you jest??? I was in a discussion this past weekend, are they doing this in Portland also?

  6. The best way for Chicago to clean up this mess is to vote black conservatives in office. Then follow with all other colors, including white conservatives.

  7. Oh no, now what is Lightfoot going to do? Will she accept the credit for this or ignore it and it is no wonder she had the manpower of the police to protect her home.

  8. POLL: NO WAY… NOBAMA… NO Swinging dong “MIKE!”

    One day the world will know, Michelle aka Mike is a DUDE!

    As for CHIT-CAGO, I say send in the Army, get it done, restore PEACE!

  9. LOOK at the Mayor! Look what took office! Romans 1:23-32KJV NO freeking wonder we have this destruction in a city w/a mayor such as this one! Amos 3:6 KJV GOD is AWARE! THAT scares me!! We are NOT talking about some sterile god that has to have his followers kill for him, we are talking about THE GOD of the WHOLE UNIVERSE, that KNOWS all and sees ALL etc etc HE CAN KILL< and HE can make ALIVE! He can wound, and HE can heal! DEUT 32:39 KJV Who am I or who are you to change that? That should scare anyone! It does me! I should scare you too! IF not…YOU are a FOOL!

  10. I’ll say this about the last COMENT: IF people KNEW this, and studied this, and APPLIED this, me too, we’d have less fires, earthquakes and hurricanes and tornadoes etc…I KNOW this, because I have been around long enough to have seen the OBVERSE of a nation 60 plus years ago compared to what it is NOW!! SOMEONE, had better wake up! IT may already be too late! GOD help this nation if it has! Approve this or not, but, I said what I said, and I have GOD’;s WORD)s) to back me up! I’d just HATE to one the one that put a stop to something that could effect someone for the GOOD Isa 5:20 KJV

  11. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP Because he has never given up on America because it’s clear to me that he loves the American people & his actions have always made that obvious! ABSOLUTELY Proud of all his amazing accomplishments during his 1rst term in office & will continue to pray each day for him, his family & our VP MIKE PENCE! THEY HAVE PROVEN TO WE THE PEOPLE ARE THEIR 1st Concern!!🤗👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸God Bbless PRESIDENT TRUMP & HIS VP PENCE!🤗


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