MAGA Attackers INDICTED on Multiple Charges

Two women who attacked a 7-year-old boy and stole his “MAGA” hat have been indicted on multiple charges, including felony charges.

According to Fox News:

Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, both 21, were indicted by a grand jury on charges of second-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, endangering the welfare of a child, third-degree assault, attempted third-degree assault, offensive touching and felony hate crimes, Delaware Online reported.

Three of the charges are felonies, and the two women could spend a total of 15 years in prison, according to Delaware Online.

Winslow and Amy are out on bail, a spokesperson for Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings told Delaware Online.

“[H]arming another person – let alone a child – because of the expression of their views betrays the principles on which our country was founded,” Jennings said in a statement to Delaware Online.


One of the suspects even punched a man in the face who was attempting to intervene.


  1. Great news. However, I do have to wonder about any parent, who would take a 7 y/o into an area of potential harm. It isn’t as though we haven’t seen weeks of rampant, dangerous, stupid people, roaming the streets.

    1. It is to show the rights all humans have and to show we cannot be silenced or intimidated by criminals like this into silence and hiding. It is not the child who needs to be hidden from his rights but people like these 2 really punished and not just excused back onto the streets. This needs to be a lesson for all who seek to trample on free thought and rights. They need to be tried and found guilty even if only on probation since these felonies will follow them the rest of their lives and impact everything they do.

    2. They were waiting in line at a restaurant. The boy had a MAGA hat on. These two women had been walking along tearing up pro-Trump signs, and decided to steal the young boy’s hat. The 2 women were trying to cause trouble and chose to steal his hat. A young boy shouldn’t be afraid or unable to wear his favorite hat. This is America not some communist or socialist country where people are persecuted for their political beliefs. Please, please, please don’t blame the victims of this tragedy.

      1. You are absolutely RIGHT!!!!! This is America not some communist or socialist country — at least not yet!!! And we must make SURE that it does not become one! No one should be afraid to wear their favorite hat or PEACEFULLY express their political beliefs!

      2. I’ll be feeling a LOT better if they both get the full 15. Which means they’ll serve virtually all of it before getting out.
        Then they’ll look the part of the hags they already are.
        And won’t be voting, either.

    3. People should be able to take their children anywhere in this country. Let this be a lesson to these two little freaks and the rest of the out of control lunatics. 15 years can be a good attitude adjustment.

    4. Everyone is entitled to express their views. These 2 are examples of the democrat ideology! when have you heard of any Republican physicallyattacking anyone, let alone a child? The BLM and Antifa are being paid by democrats and are symbols of the the demorat party!!!

    5. So, crawl in a hole and stay there. Idiots like that are looking wherever they can to find a Trump, America loving, person to attack.
      Haven’t had the pleasure myself yet. Maybe it’s because they know I have a license to carry?
      And would be more than willing to help anyone in need of support. Everyone knows who’s being assaulted these days. And therefore the target(s) are easy to recognize.

    6. Why would being outside a trump rally be a place of potential harm? We will not let the left dictate where we should be safe.

  2. I hope that they throw the book at them. This nonsense will stop if enough of them are put in prison. I’m GLAD that this is being looked at as felonies and they will be prosecuted. Especially for messing with a child.

  3. I’m glad they are charging them and I also hope they had good jobs they will loose. May be if the others see this hopefully they will stop doing any distruction!

    1. Cammryn Amy worked at a coffee shop and from posts on a Delaware group even lost custody of her child. Just plain trash!!!

  4. This needs to be brought to trial with felony convictions to show all of these radical young that this felony will follow them for the rest of their lives with employment, loss of their 2nd Amendment rights, and negative impact on their lives. When you are 21 and carry this baggage others will understand what this lawlessness will cost them. DO NOT DISMISS THE CHARGES.

    1. Have you noticed that it is always lefties attacking the right. That is because people on the right Do believe in Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and keep the 10 commandments. The thing is, you can be pushed only so far and you will have to fight back, with God’s grace to stomp this evil.

  5. Evil demonic marxist domestic terrorists should be given enough prison time……they would be old seniors when they get out. Too old even to terrorize seven year old children much less adults who happen to have opposing ideology opinions with them! There was a time when female terrorists did not conduct themselves like wild animals and did not deserve punishment as severe as the men but these young female marxists actually are as bad or or worse in some cases than the men! Females have been videoed screaming, spitting, using obscenities, pushing men while dancing in front of them screaming in their faces “you can’t touch me, you can’t touch me” over and over again! I think these poor people have shown inhuman strength and restraint not to have flattened these b I t c h e s out cold in the floor!
    And, these stupid pieces of garbage think they should receive preferential treatment! The classless b I t c h e s deserve the harshest punishment possible! If and when this begins to happen, maybe it will make a few of the marxists think twice before breaking our laws! Maybe………….

  6. And people wonder why Republicans might not want to be honest in a poll or show outwardly their support for Trump when the other side behaves like this and is empowered to behave like this by the Democrat Party and the leftists in the media. This is who the country needs to be saved from, out of control angry children who can’t behave properly in civilized society. You want to know why the Dems want 16 year olds to have the right to vote? Because they have the proper mindset to believe what is being presented to them by the left.

    In the end there is right and wrong, it always come out in the end, the problem comes when people interfere with the truth being exposed sooner rather than later. Biden’s policies (aka Bernie’s) don’t work, never have worked and never will work if/when implemented. Now the problem is whether we have to undo them or not in the future, Portland and San Francisco are prime examples of having to undo the leftist policies.

    1. I firmly agree all the chaos is also to scare the Republicans to not vote! They have stated if biden doesn’t win the chaos will get worse! Saw the interview with the Judge and President last night! He says we are ready to stand tall! He has plans tooooooo!

  7. May these women get the max, and have to serve the full time locked up…any thing less would be trouncing justice, these two brainless beings attacked a seven year old child.

  8. Democrats want to tell us what to do, say, wear, eat, watch, read, listen to, etc. and if you disagree they harass, attack, slander, stalk, etc. People had better wake up and realize that they want to control your lives. They don’t believe in tolerance. If they did, they wouldn’t have pulled down statues years ago — and Americans should have stopped them then, because now look what it’s come to. If you’re a Republican, you can’t express that or you’ll get kicked out of restaurants or harassed at your home. Wake up, America. Vote them out!

  9. Penalties should be the max. Send a message that if you assault anyone because of their political views the punishment will be severe. No slap on the wrist for these two morons. Let them be the example of what happens when you willfully break the law especially with CHILDREN!

    But this should be done all over the country. The law is the law and crossing the line is not something to be tolerated ever anywhere in this country. If you are in the dim wit enclaves who allow these vermin to run wild, better make sure your ink is black and vote out dim wits on every line in the ballot. They are like ants and only do what the party tells them to just like ants in an ant hill. It has to do with what their payday donors want. Money buys them all!

  10. The left are truly sick people, Maxie Waters and Pelosi put the ideas into their followers small minds and this is what happens. Thank God they didn’t get a lefty Judge for this case.

  11. Give them the full measure and force them to take anger management for each charge even if it is repeat classes because I’m sure it’ll take some heavy lifting to overcome libtardism!

  12. Justice is finally being served. Put these communist, inspired, left wing radicals into jail for many years or if this doesn’t soon stop, get your guns to fight back if necessary.

  13. It is amazing how brainwashing can do such a good job at making people think and act as a fool. Women make up a high percentage of BLM/Pantyfa and appear to be easily washed of common sense.

  14. Make an example of these rotten , spoiled crazies. Put them away and show the others like them that we will Not Tolerate such incredibly mean behavior.

  15. Pick on someone your own size. 20 years a piece is what you should get. Attacking a child that is lower than a dog.

  16. It’s a good start, but it will take dozens of good agents to even make a dent in the felons. But reelect Trump and this crap will end very soon. One more reason tomato sure your vote for Trump is made timely.

  17. I don’t kid myself that all these haters are going to become civilized after the election. No, if they win they will be meaner than ever. Best we win and show them some manners.

  18. Having seen and heard the videos, I sure hope they both get the max sentence. Maybe by the time they get out, they will have grown up and learned the hard way about not being a bully.

  19. Mr. President, I hope you reach out to this young man. Personalize an autograph on a MAGA hat for the young fellow and he’ll always remember you as someone special.

    It’s pathetic that anyone has to feel victimized by the likes of these two women. No one needs to live like that. I hope they are given the full 15.

  20. EXCELLENT! I hope they do go to jail. Let’s see how tough they are there. This young child gave me courage to wave a Trump flag or wear a Trump shirt. I haven’t done so for fear of retaliation just like this young child got. Thank you young man for showing this old lady to never back down on your beliefs, no matter what the cost.


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