Sturgis Celebrates America, Leftist Spies Whine About COVID

Jerry Huddleston from Hampton, Minnesota, US / CC BY (

The message from President Trump is clear: open up the country! The governor of South Dakota is way ahead of him on that front, as are the throngs of Americans at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Leftist academics are howling with indignation at Americans celebrating free association and rugged individualism that their bike rally – and this country – stands for. As one biker put it, “we’re being human once again. F— that COVID s—.”

The Media Cartels are treating Sturgis like a natural disaster – just look at their language. In the “aftermath” of the rally, leftist invented $12.2 billion imaginary dollars it is supposed to have cost in healthcare. They further invented 260,000 new “cases” of COVID from the event.

This is all just a big lie, of course. “Case” here means “positive test results”, and we’ve all seen the stories of how reliable the COVID tests are. It doesn’t mean people with symptoms, it doesn’t mean hospitalization (which is what “case” should mean, from a medical standpoint), and it doesn’t mean ICU admittance. It just means positive test results. Fake news.

The scary bit is how these leftist researchers got their info – from “anonymized cell phones that allow us to measure the residence of individuals and the jurisdictions to which they travel.” That’s right, they were using cellphone data to spy on everyone at the rally, to follow them across the country. 

Here’s the problem, of course: 2 weeks after Sturgis, COVID deaths in the states most bikers came from – Wyoming, Colorado, and Nevada – were actually lower than during the rally itself, meaning the rally had absolutely no demonstrable impact on public health. 

We’re all suffering because the left and their media cartels are throwing a tantrum over “bad orange man” being our President. Trump is right, it’s time to drop this farce and open the country up again completely, and put these whiny academics and lefty governors in a federal time-out chair.

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Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

  1. Yes, he said he didn’t want to panic the country. No need to, the Dems already do a stellar job with that. He took decisive actions like restricting Chinese travel, and later European travel, to US way before that, while Hiden Biden was lambasting him for being xenophobic and overreacting, while Pelousy was parading through Chinatown saying there was no problem, while Schumer was doing the same in NYC, and while several Democratic governors were sending Covid cases back to nursing homes. Not to mention that Obama/Biden never restocked our PPE and ventilator supplies. If the left didn’t just have a vitriolic hate for Trump, perhaps the government would actually function to help its citizens. But, the Dems need pessimism, despair, death and destruction to try and bring down the president and this country. Their hatred knows no bounds. They cannot even be happy about potential treatments or vaccines. They cannot even compromise on bills to help the country during the pandemic, unless their bills support their socialist pet projects.
    Anyone who doesn’t see this as the Wuhan/China virus needs a new reality (so you may want to change your moniker).

  2. You now the real reason the Dems want the country closed and the schools closed? Think. They are planning to win the election (yeah right) and when they do, all hell is going to break loose. Kamala has said she is going to murder ALL conservatives and Trump supporters, a video is out on that and until they murder us, she has to put us somewhere. Their police will round us all up and put us on those schools on lockdown use the malls, shopping centers and closed stores for us. She is probably going to do mass murder to do it. I don’t really think the military will join in if they are Trump supporters, but, hey, you never know. Maybe the military will turn on her and murder her. That’s my reality. There are more scenarios here, but this was just to get you to think. We need to think ahead and be ready for anything. China is going to be a major play in all of this and that is why all the fires are burning in California-to get rid of people living there to leave it open for China to invade America by way of the California ports allowing them to start their own war on us. Governor Newsome is deeply involved with that. remember, he is related to Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein along with about 6 others in our Congress and all of them are relatives of Hillary. Scary!

  3. Arrest the leftist throw them in prison. Open up this country for business as usual and deport all leftists with a one-way ticket to N Korea

    1. Or any regime outside the USA that fits their leftist vision. Venezuela, any where in the EU, Russia, China, Iran if any of those places including N Korea will take them. My bet is the welcome mat will not be out for them anywhere. Spoiled, pampered, revolting, lazy troublemakers!

      1. Evil, stupid, ridiculous, petty, lying, demonic, self-centered, contemptuous, ugly, heartless, gross, hateful, nasty, fear-mongers, riotous, thieves, destructive, selfish,worthless, prevaricators, mendacious, cruel, barbaric…..

  4. I guess the left wing commies and the murderous rioting, looting fire bombing idiots are immuned to Covid 19. You don’t hear them pissing and moaning about their destructive behavior.


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