Former Fox News Star Launches New Independent Media Company

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Former Fox News Star Megyn Kelly is launching a new independent media company called “Devil May Care Media.”

The controversial figure is reemerging after leaving Fox News and being forced out at NBC over a “blackface” controversy.

According to The Daily Caller:

Kelly previously worked as an anchor at Fox News until 2017 and then at NBC News until 2018. Kelly’s NBC gig was cut short after controversial comments about “blackface,” although she apologized internally and on her show before departing from the network.

The journalist returned to the spotlight in 2019 with a series of interviews on her YouTube channel. She obtained exclusive interviews regarding multiple stories, including one with Tara Reade, who accused Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in the early 1990s. Biden has denied the allegations.

Following her YouTube channel, Kelly announced that she will be “launching a podcast this month,” which will be “free & available pretty much everywhere.”

In regard to “Devil May Care Media:”

It “will produce content including podcasts and other shows discussing the latest news, current events, legal and cultural issues with the same tough, fair, smart perspective that has made Kelly one of America’s most respected broadcast journalists,” according to an announcement on the website.

Kelly stated in regard to the political media landscape and her goal to escape it: “Every journalist’s dream is to cover the biggest stories and talk to the most interesting people without the shadow of a politicized media institution hanging over them.” The statement was featured in her announcement.

  1. I wish Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative journalists would join together and start their own independent media company. There is absolutely nothing but lies, communist brain washing and slander on the corporate media. Fox says that they are “fair and balanced” and they are not fair in any way whatsoever. Most Americans receive their so called “news” from their TV’s and they never hear the Truth.

    1. I mostly watch their nightime lineup. They allow too many liberals during the daytime. I just heard one tell a bald-faced, proven lie about Trump on Fox and no one called him on it. If they can’t tell the liberals to stick to the truth when telling their side, then they should tell them, don’t come on. The Left is unable to tell their side’s point of view without lying. I’m sick of it, and Fox is allowing too much of it. Tucker, Laura, and Hannity will call them on it. I wish O’Reilly would join up with them and start their own network.

      1. I’ve sent numerous emails to fox, if I wanted to be fair and balanced I’ll watch CNN for 30 minutes after the Five. They let Juan and Brazille get away with to many lies without calling them on it. Their viewership is too large to allow these blatant lies to continue without any kind of disclaimer!

    2. The MSM is full of lies about Trump, and when he does good things they keep it a secret. No wonder Biden is high in the polls. Except for Fox and NewsMax, nothing good about Trump is allowed to be shown. Even Fox insists on having a few leftist regulars on, such as Chris Hahn, Jessica Tarlov, and Juan Williams, and they are getting so bad that I switch channels when they come on. Just imagine if CNN had a regular program with Eric Trump, and he was allowed to speak without interruption. I DON’T WATCH FOX TO GET LEFTIST OPINIONS!

      NewsMax has greatly improved their format and content, and they don’t cater to the left. Hopefully, Kelly will put together a winning format without leftists. Competition is what will win.


  3. If this is anything like what Fox News used to be it will soon top the ratings and have the left grinding their teeth down to stubs to boot.

  4. Bad choice of blog name. It will chase away a lot of Christians. I’m not a person who mixes religion with politics and even I don’t like the name and will probably pass.

  5. Fox is failing as a news corporation. It has been infiltrated by owners, management, and staff that have agendas contrary to factual reporting. The use of panel discussions is more in keeping with Fox entertainment. I am not criticizing gathering perspective from differing viewpoints. That perspective should come from interviews of people involved in events that are newsworthy. Academic, political, and hypothetical discussions of events are distractions. Parroting msm stories is fatal, just as is bringing a biased political agenda to an interview or report.
    Describing an event involves “who, what, when, where, and how”. The aspect of reporting “why” must be rigorously constrained. Speculation may produce further avenues of investigation to search out “why”, but plausible speculation must never be mistaken for fact.
    I no longer care for reporting that is politically correct or solicitous of diversity, inclusion, or minorities. I have seen too many crackpots and charlatans attempting to justify dishonest, perverted, and degenerate attitudes, opinions, and policies. We have become lax and decadent. We have allowed ourselves to be targeted by socialists, communists, globalists, totalitarians, fascists, and islamists living in our midst. We are at war, but refuse to call our opponents enemies and take action to eliminate or expel them.
    Speak truth to power. Avoid propaganda. “Always do right. You will gratify some people, and amaze the rest” – Samuel Clemmons.

  6. Megyn is a solid reporter, just got involved with people of loose character. Everyone knew how those CNN women would treat her, they are entitled, like to see you back with Fox and Bill O’Rielly!

  7. It’s amazing how many ignorant people actually follow her. This name fits her well. This is what conservatives need to be doing have their own platform. She be telling more lies and be able to get away with it since it’s her own show, there are no honest news outlets to many lies come from them, this show won’t be any different

  8. never watch daytime “gossip” news, especially to “idiot collection” shows like outnumbered, view, talk; they’re all laundromat background noise. it’s all geared to daytime viewers who are asleep by the time the primetime news starts.

  9. Good GAWD!!!!! NO ONE CARES about MeAgain Kelly!!!!!! IT is a TWIT with NOT a Journalistic bone in it’s plastic body!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t get a WEATHER report from it!

  10. What a misleading headline…’s only a Pod cast……not a media company in the normal sense. She got a big head thinking how “Special” she was, and the reality smacked her in the face and she found out what the viewers really thought!

  11. What a mute question. She will never be VP.
    Being a good or bad one is irrelevant.
    Biden (or the bitch) will never occupy the Oval Office. This is a fact. Guaranteed.


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