Fox News Host’s Question to Biden Aide About Teleprompter Creates Viral Moment

White House [Public Domain]

Fox News Host Bret Baier had the Biden Campaign’s Press Secretary TJ Ducklo on Special Report last evening.

The interviewed turned contentious quickly as Ducklo accused Baier of being a tool of the Trump campaign after facing a difficult line of questioning regarding Trump’s China travel ban and Biden’s flip-flopping on the issue.

The interview became particularly interesting when Baier questioned Biden’s teleprompter use.

Baier asked Ducklo specifically, “has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer Q&A’s with supporters.

Ducklo lost it.

Instead of answering the question, Ducklo melted down while lobbing attacks at Baier.

Ducklo responded by saying, “Bret we are not going to engage. This is straight from the Trump campaign’s talking points and what it does is it’s trying to distract the American people.”

Baier pushed back for a simple yes or no answer multiple times in between Ducklo’s ducking of the question.

Ducklo, clearly flustered and unwilling to answer, ended the line of questioning by saying, “I’m not going to allow the Trump campaign to funnel their questions through Fox News.”

Here’s the clip:

Earlier this week, the Trump campaign hit Biden for using a teleprompter to answer questions during a virtual event with the AFL-CIO.

After being asked a question, Biden clearly asks someone to “move it up here” while looking forward at the camera:

It’s fairly obvious Biden had a canned response to a planted question as he asks a campaign aide to pull it up on a teleprompter.

Bobby Eberle, conservative YouTube host of “13 Minute News Hour”, did a brief overview of Joe Biden’s alleged teleprompter use. You can watch it below:

Biden has also been caught giving participants in Q&A’s scripted questions as was caught on tape at his Kenosha, Wisconsin event.

    1. I mean, slow Joe really needs a teleprompter WHY because I have it on good authority this poor man can’t keep his thoughts together long enough to complete a five word sentence like……..”I need to go pee!”

    2. Because globalist puppet $oro$, needs to be sure that globalist puppet chester the molester biden gives the correct globalist answers .

    3. In order to be ready with pre-written answers to the pre-prepared questions handed out to the audience and reporters

    4. WHY…WHY…WHY is the mainstream media ALLOWED to provide the questions to Biden’s campaign team ahead of time????
      Because Biden can’t give a coherent answer on his own to any question.

    1. I think Joe is “there” because he is a easy and malleable tool for Pelosi and her merry band of marxists to control and manage, until they push him aside for comrade Kamala!
      Makes no matter…..the Dems are going down in flames on November 3.

      1. Personally, I believe that by hook or crook the socialist seditionist Democrats with steal, oops win the election and Harris, oops, Biden will be our dear leader, until the Democrats use the 25th Amendment to remove him or he has a sad accident or illness.

        As for our democratic (VERY small d) Republic under a Constitution with a free market capitalist economy, it will be extinguished..

      2. And then globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media will start to count the globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud and illegal criminal invader votes and dead libby snow flake votes and mail in ballot fraud and ballot harvest fraud .

    2. they could prop a dead man up in a chair and still vote for him.but abuse of a corpse is against the they got sleepy joe.close enough!

  1. Biden’s supporters are just as brain dead as Joe. If they had any self respect, they wouldn’t do it. Oh, yeah. I forgot, Self respect no longer exists when money is involved..

  2. Joe has to use a teleprompter that is in synch with the questions he’s asked. If the teleprompter, or the questioner, misses a beat Biddy Biden bumbles badly. He’d have a difficult time keeping track of where he is in his house if he didn’t have arrows on the floor with information such as “Bathroom this way” printed on them.

  3. Again, I repeat:
    B – Biggest
    I – Idiot
    D – Demonrats
    E – Ever
    N – Nominated

    Can someone please print up a bumper sticker saying “Just say NO to Joe and the HO”

  4. Biden has never had an original thought in his life, but that should not be news at this point. Whether it’s a Trump campaign question or one from a reporter the guy could not directly answer that question. A little tip to the guy that is managing this campaign, expect that question at a debate and start working on burning an answer into your ever-forgetful candidate’s mind now.

  5. Biden is just what the left wants. He will be replaced shortly after the election if elected, or he will be a breeze to control.

  6. This guy will not be on TV long representing Biden’s team. His fuse is so short it is almost nonexistent and he went off on Bret almost immediately for a nothing question. He would melt down to a puddle if a real feisty conservative got hold of his “fuse”!

  7. Anyone watch that exchange? Ducklo is a very odd Duck, fast talker, won’t answer the questions, fast talking himself to nowhere. Not surprising, Biden can’t talk, so they hire a talking head.

  8. Remember the debate between rhomney and obama and rhomney made obama look stupid he just stared down because he could not answer the questions, so the next debate they gave obama the questions and answers to make him look less stupid, research yourself!

  9. It’s obvious the Duck-boy was not about to answer Brett Baier, and instead chose to try an end round, because he knew very well that the teleprompter is the only way that Joe can keep his focus when answering questions. Particularly when the answers are being typed out for him to read. What a sad state of affairs the democrat party has fallen into.

  10. Wow, another lying deceitful socialist fake news reporter melting down over the truth.
    Disgusting … utterly disgusting.

  11. So did Joe Biden use a teleprompter? Democrat operative’s answer, blah blah, blame Trump, blah blah blah. Interpretation: Of course Joe used a teleprompter, but we’re too dishonest to admit it.

  12. Biden cheat? A Democrat who lies and cheats? Who is not aware of these scum bags and what they will do for money, or a vote to remain in power? A vote for any Democrat is a vote for suicide and slavery.

  13. Baier should have stopped him immediately. He did not. He let him go on for a long time, getting his entire message across and Baier allowed it. That is exactly what Ducklo wanted to do. He was not there to answer questions. He was there to interject dim-o-crat talking points. And Baier, a never-Trumper smiled and agreed with him after the point was made. It shows two things: Ducklo has no leg to stand on other than “bash Trump” and Baier is fine with allowing him to do that. SAD!

  14. Wonder who will leak the questions to be asked at the first debate to the Biden team. Of course it won’t make much difference since Biden can’t get the answers right with or without a teleprompter. Just look at where he misunderstood the MI to mean military instead of Michigan when he gave the Covid statistics.


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