These Current and Former Trump Officials Destroyed The Atlantic’s Narrative

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The Atlantic broke a story last week that claimed Trump referred to some of our greatest veterans as losers. This story was demonstrably false and the sources used by the Atlantic were not reputable at best and bad actors lying in order to sack the President’s reelection campaign. The story has been refuted by many and many of those who have refuted it were there when the President allegedly said it. Here are the Trump administration officials who refuted the story:

  1. How are we missing the story (from anonymous sources) that ALL Democrats have uncles who are true warthogs. This TRUE story needs to be released.

  2. The liberals will lie,cheat,steal,break the law or whatever else it takes to flip the presidency the senate and the house to the democrats,lord help us if they succeed!

  3. As a disabled veteran I have received more help in this Presidents first 90 days in office then the last 6 guys all together. What has happened in this country that makes anyone think that printing things like this is ok. If you can’t print facts then close down you are a disgrace. Conkrite just rolled over in his grave. SHAME on you!!!!!!

  4. More dam hit pieces on our president,all anonymous sources, get real,u stupid jackasses,were about fed up with all your radical,lies, and bs anonymous, ghost, people who we got the story from.ALIEN IDIOTS

  5. Get used to this folks. The propaganda arm of the Democrat Nation Party that is the Mainstream Media, will come out with phony attacks daily on our President for the next eight weeks.

    It is up to each and every one of us to spread the actual truth far and wide, get out to vote, and encourage all of our friends and family to vote for President Trump on Nov. 3rd. The future of our republic hangs in the balance. Putting Biden’s leftist handlers into power will be even worse than if Hillary had been elected. Hillary was not a good choice, the leftists now are drooling to grab power as they want to tear down our nation. They would be a catastrophic choice.

  6. I think it’s most unfortunate that people who dislike or even hate someone think it’s acceptable to lie about that someone! The Atlantic should be thoroughly ashamed of itself for choosing to lie to defame Pres. Trump!

  7. What is surprising is that anyone would believe anything that is said by Democrats or their Resistance co-conspirators. They have all been spouting lies about Trump for the last 4 years, but the people who believe all the lies should watch Fox News or NewsMax and open whole new horizons. The plan is to tell lies repeatedly, and some people will eventually believe them.

  8. How does lying constitute a free press. What benefit is that to our society. It’s time to shut these people down. A lying “press” is worse than no press at all. Furthermore, we need to root out the people who are behind this domestic terror campaign to destroy America. The longer we let it go on, the more likely they will win. Cut off the Serpent’s head and the rest of him will wither away. If we don’t, “his head is already in our tent and the rest of him will soon enter.” America’s freedom is at stake. Much of our governmental “leadership” has already fallen, and the good ones remaining have been taught by these liars that nothing can be done. So We The People need to rise up and rescue ourselves. There are a lot of good commentators in the “underground” media, but they have no authority (like me). The only clear-cut leader we have right now is President Trump.

    1. Freedom comes with responsibility. That freedom permits lies along with truth. We do not need any entity, including our government deciding what is true or false and what can or cannot be reported by the press. Freedom works best when the majority of citizens have the intelligence and take the time to educate themselves and sort-out fact from fiction. Those who lie, cheat and steal will always be among us and “freedom-loving” people will always need the “backbone” to stand up to them. If we don’t fight the good fight and win the battle all will be lost. Those “true Americans” in the Democrat party of the past did not fight the good fight and the party was lost to anti-America forces on the left. If we want to save this nation from the forces of evil we must seek God in prayer and “put on the full armor of God” that the Apostle Paul spoke of. Engaging the enemy may require the shedding of some “blood, sweat and tears”; but that is not new to those who built this nation and have protected it to this day.


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