These Democrat Run Cities Can’t Hold on to Companies or Citizens

Lorie Shaull via( Wikipedia Commons

The increases in violence and expenses in Democrat-run cities are forcing many companies and families to make difficult decisions for the best of their futures. Multiple American-based companies are getting out while there is still time and Big Blue cities are bleeding their populations. Keep reading to see which companies are brave enough to move on and which cities can’t keep their residents from leaving:

  1. Blue mayors and governors have destroyed cities from coast to coast. If you want to live in a law abiding state / city, VOTE RED as though your life depends on it. IT DOES.

    1. The democrats want to do to the rest of the country what they’ve done to the blue states and city’s.A vote for a democrat is a vote against your children and grand children’s future.I wont be voting for any democrats from now on not even if its for dog catcher!

      1. That’s the sure cure for all the destruction we are seeing today. If everyone would do what you are doing, our problems could go away, as they are caused by “Democrats.”

  2. Besides all being democrats most offices are held women. The point is “not all people can be fixed” and every women is a mother, a nester, an “I can fix everybodies problems.”
    NO YOU CAN’T JENNY GERKIN; free heroin and “shoot-up” houses is not going to “fix” drug addicts and neither were you. Please vacate OUR office immediately.

    1. If one is a DemonCrap, then they are NOT ‘WOMEN’; they’re barely female!! If these Dem ‘females’ feel the need to ‘fix’ something, then they should have STAYED HOME AND RAISED THEIR KIDS PROPERLY!! Maybe these ‘females’ should HAVE MORALS AND VALUES!!!…..and instilled those into their little TERRORISTS (their kids). Dems need to ‘fix’ their OWN HOMES before anything else!

      (PSA: Sociopaths & Psychopaths are NOT HUMAN!!)

  3. If the state of Washington doesn’t deblue its self her fairly quickly I’ll be moving back to Idaho after elections and leave the rotting corps behind,its like a poker game you have to know when to get out and I’m raking in my chips now.

  4. As long as those that are fleeing are AMERICANS, then, good for them!! ALL LibTards should be forced to STAY in the HELL that THEY, THEMSELVES, CREATED!! They made their bed……now, LAY IN IT!!

  5. I don’t blame Shapiro, but he is moving to Nashville, which has a Democrat mayor. Maybe he should have chosen a different location.

    1. The Democratic left wing Mayor Cooper became mayor of Nashville stealing the election with thousands of mail In votes getting only 60,000 votes .In less than 2 years he’s bankrupted the city .Theres little chance he will get elected again .He’s despised by Most of the people here

      1. globalist puppet $oro$ puppet barry soetoro sold all the voter machines to globalist puppet $oro$ so that globalist puppet $oro$ can manipulate the voter machines and appoint globalist puppet $oro$, puppet democrat criminal party and rino criminal party .

      2. Shapiro probably figures he can help get a decent mayor in office. Tennessee is one of only a few states that doesn’t have a state income tax, and that is a big plus.

  6. And they come to Red states and vote for democrats so they don’t learn. If you move to a red state and want our benefits, like no state income tax, and gun rights. Then vote for the people who keep our state preferable to live in.

  7. Well, gee what took you so long? I watched a walkaway video yesterday and it was probably the most powerful and compelling one that I’ve seen in a long time. The young black man gave specifics as to why he chose to walkaway, he actually didn’t walk away, he was NEVER political (nor were his parents) but he learned a valuable lesson when he lived in Seattle and Los Angeles and saw the chaos, total dysfunction and decay of these cities under democratic control. When he was living in LA, he had a bad injury to his leg, it took him 3 months to get an appointment with a qualified doctor, and the doctor he was assigned to didn’t speak English, so he needed an interpreter to understand the doctors instructions. Why it took him 3 months to get an appointment was because of the illegal aliens California policy. He had said of he had waited another month, the doctor told him he wouldn’t have been able to save his leg and would have had it amputated. And he said THANK YOU OBAMACARE!! He had grown up in Tennessee, with upper middle-class parents and attended private school. He tried public school for a short time and picked up some bad habits, started skipping classes, hanging out with the wrong crowd and was failing his classes. His parents pulled him out of public school and sent him back to the private school. He learned he needed the discipline and structure that you don’t find in public school. He said he never saw anything like what goes on in Seattle and Los Angeles in Tennessee. He decided he had had enough to return to Tennessee and said he would never move to a liberal controlled city or state. It’s shear madness. Low paying jobs and high rent on apartments the size of a shoebox. It’s why there are so many homeless people living there, it’s just madness. I found his story very compelling and there was more to his story, but this is getting too long.

  8. The libby snow flakes are fleeing globalist puppet $oro$, democrat criminal party run/ruined cities and taking their libby snow flake nonsense with them and destroying other cities .

  9. From what has come to Texas…. they are bringing their Dem voting with them… If you come leave you Dems voting where you are running… Do not ruin my state with your far left Dem votes……………Look at the Calif transplant that became the mayor of Austin… And that city is looking like Seattle…..Squatting on the streets.. defunding police.. Laws are not being enforced…. ENOUGH>>>> DO NOT RUIN THE COUNTRY

  10. The biggest problem are the people who have voted Democrat all their lives because their parents voted Democrat hey folks just because you see this (D) after someone’s name doesn’t mean they’re a good candidate and IMO in today’s America I wouldn’t vote Democrat even if I had my whole life there are a few Republicans I wouldn’t vote for either you know they’re called RINO’s!

  11. All you people leaving those cities, remember you voted for those idiots so change your ways and vote republican or you will ruin the states you move to. Then where will you go?

  12. These citizens are taking their spending and tax $$ with them. Which will reduce revenues so of course the “solution” the mayors and governors will come up with is to raise taxes further to make up the shortfall. Then they’ll continue to wonder what happened as the cycle is perpetuated and still more people leave.

  13. The Democrat Party was considered the people’s Party and the Republican Party was the Party of Big Business. Now the roles have changed. When did this start? When the Democrat Party openly rejected a election and claimed that Donald Trump is not their President. The people elected Trump and the Party never got over this insult to the Political Establishment. The Democrat Party claimed the voters lost their focus, but it was the Party that lost it’s focus If the Democrat Party had stopped this “Political Correctness” they would have kept half of their membership. It was these voters who put Trump over the top to win the election. Believe it not, the voters saw that Political Correctness is actually Socialism and they want no part of Socialism. After Trump won, the Democrats had nothing but Socialism to run their campaign for the Presidency. They have declared that the only way to fix the ills of our government is to give the people Socialism. Sadly there is NOTHING DEMOCRATIC about Socialism. For Socialism to work the people can not have a voice in their government. Individual Freedom have no place in Socialism. The Political Elite govern and the people will accept what they get or become Enemies of the State. They get Communism without the backing of the military. In other words they do not get Socialism on steroids. Rule of Law will be determined by the Political Elite not by majority vote like we have today. History has shown many examples of Socialism failing. In most cases the Socialism simply morphs into full blown Communism. Would US Citizens be able to live under a Socialist government? They would have to give up the highest standard of living on the planet. Recently the average income of $60,000 of a couple living in the US was announced. If you live on less than $30,000 you are living in poverty and can get government assistance. You can own two cars, a home, have a low paying job, have the freedom to come and go wherever you choose and still be considered poor. 80% of the people living around the globe would love to be a poor American.

  14. The unfortunate part, is that running from these blue states are many who are already indoctrinated and are now moving to red states to begin the process again. They never learn from their mistakes. It’s become a vicious circle.


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