Trump Calls Out Michigan Secretary of State for Misprinting Ballots for Overseas Troops; Guess Who Endorsed Her?

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Trump is calling out Michigan’s Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson for purposefully misprinting hundreds of ballots to be sent to overseas military members. The Biden supporter printed ballots showing Jeremy Cohen as Trump’s running mate. Cohen is actually running for vice president in the Libertarian party alongside Jo Jorgensen. Benson completely left off Mike Pence from the ticket.

Benson endorsed Joe Biden’s bid for president and even spoke about the safety and reliability of mail-in voting at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

“And let’s be clear: there is absolutely zero difference between voting by mail and voting absentee. Millions of Americans have been voting absentee for decades. Donald Trump, his family, his staff — they all vote by mail. In fact, in states like Colorado, Utah, and Oregon voters have been voting by mail for years. Republicans and Democrats agree: it is safe,” she said at the DNC.

Trump has been critical of how the massive increase of vote-by-mail ballots may impact the accuracy of the election, and Benson’s mistake shows exactly why.

According to the secretary of state’s office, “replacement” ballots have been sent out to those “Michigan residents living abroad under Military and Overseas Empowerment (MOVE) Act.”

“If a voter does happen to return the incorrect ballot instead of the correct ballot, it will still count,” said Tracy Wimmer, a spokesperson for Benson. “The clerk will be instructed to duplicate a vote for Trump onto a ballot for Trump/Pence.”

Joe Biden also endorsed Benson’s bid for secretary of state in 2018. 

Biden said, “Jocelyn is a leader who will make Michigan proud, and that is why I am supporting her.”

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    1. Jut look at the sorry excuse Michigan has for a Governor !
      It is as they say … you know what rolls down hill !
      They ALL are corrupt LIARS !

  2. If a politician states that there is NO difference between absentee ballots and mail in ballots then they should not be in government. Absentee ballots are requested by a registered voter and it is verified before being sent out to the appropriate address. The marlin in ballots have been just sent out unrequested, no verification of registration, address, and even if they are alive. They have a mark on the back which has a D or R in it so anyone knows which ballots are likely to have voted for and could be selected to be deep sized. There has already been an arrest for a person doing so. I also have heard of a family who got 5 copies to one person. We know that there are duplicate registration on voter roles. This provides so many ways for voter fraud and this is exactly why voter ID is not required. So to say there is no difference between mail in ballots and requested absentee ballots is just an obvious lie and they know it.

    1. You are correct. Judicial watch, the Pew Research Center and some of the colleges have done studies, which showed voter fraud has been going on for many years. Even the Supreme court started recording cases of voter fraud, those who were convicted and those who were not convicted. Mail in ballots make it much easier because even if ballots are only sent to registered voters, many states have voters still on the rolls that have moved, with no record of the move, and many are deceased. These states don’t clear their registration book as often as they should. In some cases that number is in the hundreds of thousands to over a million. These ballots are received by who ever is living at the address the registered voter lived at before moving or before dying. All of those ballots can be filled out by the current resident or thrown in the garbage to be picked up by anyone. There was an organization, I believe it was, who was interviewed during the 2016 election, who claimed, on camera, that they transported people to the polls. These people voted for Hilary, then were transported to another district, or even another state, to vote for her a second and in some cases even a third time. They admitted they had been doing this same kind of thing for years. There were also reports, after the polls closed in some states of counties who had more votes than they did registered voters. This is one of the reasons Democrats refuse to pass voter id laws, and call it voter suppression. Pure B.S. It’s also the reason they want open borders, and another reason they refuse to consider voter ID, which would actually eliminate the majority of voter fraud. To obtain an absentee ballot, the voter has to request it, and have a good reason for the request, such as disability or being away from home at the time of the election. In the recent primaries there were reports of finding hundreds of ballots, that were supposedly misplaced until the election was called. There were mail in ballots in at least one state found, which when they were counted, were all for the same candidate. The odds of that happening are very slim.

  3. That Michigan SoS knew exactly what she was doing with the misprints and she should go straight to jail for Election Fraud!! Just shows us that they don’t value the absentee votes!!

  4. This misprint of the ballot is obviously intentional! Now the Democrat politicians will “order the clerks to change peoples ballots” only because they got caught! Vote tampering is illegal even to misprinted ballots! AG Barr needs to go after theses fraudsters ASAP and order these ballots reprinted. There are enough printers in this country to get this done NOW and with the words CORRECTED BALLOT on the outside of the envelope. Then mail those out to the military. Someone who is able to reach AG Barr needs to ask him about this now! Then let us know what he said, please. Thank you!

      1. Sadly the truth in that comment is 100%. That’s what the 3 splinter groups of the Democrat party like. They finally coalesced into the SOCOFA party. (SOcialist COmmunistic FAscist). Then they hijacked the now Old School Democrat party name since their June formation was to lated to get ba mb e recognition.

    1. well this will all be settled with the Armed Revolt that is coming very soon, we will see on Nov 6th “after the votes are counted” how serious and far we need to take it

      1. Hopefully AG Barr will have her dealt with. That misprint was deliberate. I don’t believe otherwise. Only the Democrate side was correct. Misprint BS is what her statement must be. She probably said you caught me with my corruption scheme.

  5. I don’t care who you favor. If you want your ballot to count for certain, GO TO THE POLLS and CAST IT IN PERSON. COVID ain’t the problem, FRAUD IS!

    1. AMEN to that John!!! Voting IN PERSON is the SAFEST way to be sure your vote is counted as you WANT it to be!!!!! I won’t vote any other way!

    2. Washington State has had mail-in ballots 100% for many years. No precinct voting is possible. But there are many ballot boxes for people to deposit their ballots in. Still, the fraud is when King County keeps finding “uncounted”ballots until the Democrat wins. And the voter rolls are NOT cleaned up.

  6. If she can screw around and make a mess of Presidential elections, which are closely monitored, just imagine what she could do to sabotage a State election!

  7. I live in Az and during our last election here McSally had won a Senate seat. Then they kept saying more ballots were found and guess what they ketp finding them until they had enough to make McSally lose and the democrat win.

    1. I believe the Democrats have Ballot Factories where they fill in ballots to their will !

      That is how they “FIND” ballots after the election to change the outcome !

      We must accept ONLY Absentee Ballots and even they need to be returned before Election Day !

      Put and end to this early voting crap !

      Make Election Day .. ELECTION DAY AGAIN !

    2. Same thing happened in New Mexico district 2, 2018 Yevette Herrell R had won. A day or so after the election, boxes of “Mail in Ballots” were found and Xochitl Torres Small D was declared the winner. The demonrats will lie, steel, cheat and do illegally any thing to win. Mail in voting is a proven tactic that works for them. Vote in person!

  8. Demoroids playbook is simple. Lie, cheat and steal. That’s all they do because that’s all they know.Lie, cheat steal, over and over and over.

  9. Those ballots are null and void, and this woman needs to be arrested for voter fraud!!!!! Mr. Barr, WHERE ARE YOU??????????👎👎👎👎👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


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