Hillary Clinton and AOC Reverse Course of In-Person Voting

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters at a town hall meeting at Hillside Middle School in Manchester, New Hampshire. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Hillary Clinton and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are ignoring their own advice and flipping their voting plans. Both women have previously urged Americans to vote-by-mail amid growing Coronavirus concerns but now say they will be casting their votes in person.

“Right now due to COVID-19 it’s best for us to stay home,” Ocasio-Cortez says as she urges Americans to vote-by-mail and request absentee ballots.

Both women have been outspoken about their fears of the virus and how it will affect American’s ability to go to polling stations but now it seems that fear is completely gone. After months of Liberals being extremely cautious and attempting to persuade millions of Americans to vote-by-mail, they seem to be entirely changing their story and assuming nobody will notice. This isn’t the first time lately that Democrats have acted directly against the standards they hope to impose on the rest of Americans.

Clinton tweeted to her 28.6 million followers claiming Trump is “making threats to prevent his fellow Americans from pursuing the same option during a pandemic.” However, Trump has consistently encouraged Americans to cast their vote at their local polling stations if they feel comfortable.

“If you’re going to vote by mail do it as soon as you can, follow all the rules, and take a picture of it,” Clinton said on MSNBC as she advises voters to make a plan before voting.


  1. Both women have been outspoken about their fears of the virus and how it will affect…..”.
    NEITHER of them are WOMEN!! And calling them such is an INSULT to me, a WOMAN, and the rest of the REAL WOMEN (aka AMERICANS) in this country!!
    Those two ‘THINGS’ are PSYCHOPATHS (Sociopath & Psychopaths are NOT HUMAN!!)

    1. AOC became “big name” when Pelosi put her on important committees, dem leaders asked her to campaign with them, Shummer gave speeches with her, Biden named her as his “climate expert and adviser”, Biden allowed Bernie and AOC to develop the dem platform for 2020. Believe it, she is a “big name” and a big controller of the party.


  3. We have citizens who will not make public their choice for Trump for fear of physical harm or harassments from the Liberal Left radicals. I personally think mail in ballots to everyone will backfire against the Liberal Left and favor Trump. At the Local Level, the Local TV Networks give the knowledge of what Trump is actually doing, thus the people knows all the benefits Trump has made possible in less than four years and can not wait to see what Trump can do in four more years. As far as Joe Biden, a person would be a fool to think Joe Biden is qualitied to be our President. A vote for Biden will actually be a vote for Harras. She is the force behind the rest of the Socialists in the Democrat Party.

  4. Correction to article…

    Mail in Voting Totally different from Ansentee voting

    Mail in Voting has no vetting on legality of voter…could be dead, could not be a citizen, etc

    Absentee Voting…sent from a vested voter …registered in specific area, , eligible to vote as a citizen

    President Trump because he works in Washington…uses Absentee Voting

  5. I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Hillary Clinton…get out and vote in person. There is no need for mail-in ballots. Get out and vote and make it count. MAGA/KAG 2020.

  6. The president, like many of us, requests and receives an absentee ballot. This is totally different from just mail in ballots. Mrs. Clinton shows she is ignorant about absentee vs mail in ballots and her ignorance makes her irrelevant.

  7. They didn’t say how many mail-in ballots they will be submitting, or how many precincts they will be voting at in person. Some Democrats get public acclaim when they cheat like that, and these 2 Democrats need all the acclaim they can muster.

  8. Shrillary and Occasional-Cortex have both figured out that the “Vote-by-Mail scheme is fraught with perils that could blow up in the demonKKKrats’ faces, hence the POV change. Wonder what’s next??

  9. Do these women ever stop and look at themselves in the mirror in the morning, and ask themselves…I wonder why I make such a complete fool out of myself, when it’s only going to come back and bite me on the A.. Well here it is ladies, and there you are.


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