Former Host Chris Matthews Praises Trump, Gets Attacked by the Left

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Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews got attacked on social media after praising President Trump’s response to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

According to The Daily Wire:

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews took a beating on social media Monday when leftists scolded him for daring to praise Trump for his classy and all-American response to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last Friday.

“Trump is right to show respect for RBG. True presidential behavior. Far too rare,” Matthews tweeted.

On Friday night, after learning news of Ginsburg’s death, the president said he was “sad” to hear of her passing and praised her life accomplishments.

“She led an amazing life,” Trump said. “What else can you say? She was an amazing woman. Whether you agreed or not, she was an amazing woman who led an amazing life. I am sad to hear that.”

The left responded:

Republicans have vowed to fill Ginsburg’s seat before the election and support is building for it. Just today Senator Mitt Romney offered his support for confirming a Trump nominated justice. [READ MORE: Romney Makes Decision on Holding Vote on Trump’s Nominee]

  1. Chris Matthews gave President Trump a backhanded compliment with its “Far too rare” statement. That is not true. President Trump did not deserve that slap.

    1. Actually, I think that WAS a compliment because what Trump said was rare. You don’t hear the Dems saying anything.

    2. Bwah hah hah! 😄 Beverly….I’ll take even half a compliment from Chris ” feels a tingle up his leg” Matthews! Do you realize how far this liberal old f a r t has come? If HE put that statement on social media knowing he was going to be “lunch” for the snowflakes…….just think what nice things less vocal liberals are thinking!

  2. How very unfortunate that the dems. discredited one of their own for praising Trump for acknowledging the passing of RBG!
    One would think that would be a reasonable, rational, response to the death of someone well-liked and much appreciated.
    One has to wonder why the dems were upset that one of theirs said something pleasant and reasonable to a Rep who said words of condolance about her loss!
    Odd behaviour, to say the least!

  3. Without ‘POWER and CONTROL” the left has NOTHING BUT HATE.
    You can see it in all the Violence, looting, and burnings they have CONDONED.
    JUST like a SPOILED little kid that doesn’t get his way…’A TEMPER TANTRUM’ !!!!

  4. Final straw from the left and Democrats will be when they cheat and announce Joe Biden as President. everyone that loves America will rise

  5. Now President Trump has to overturn that fraudulent ballot harvesting in mich and Pa because our votes should be the votes to be counted and not overthrown with their disgusting fake votes! The demoocrat SC in mich ruled illegally that they could count fake votes 14 days after the election! And Pa democrat Sc said 3 days after! Thst stunk! This is why we will have the US Supreme ct to stop this garbage!

  6. Good for Matthews, gotta give him credit. He surely knew the evil left wing sewer dwellers was gonna give him all kinds of grief. Their intimidation is brutal and he spoke his mind anyway.

  7. I just wonder if Chris Mathews knows that he is not the only one that gets caught up in all the liberal hatred that the Democrats espouse and the liberal biased mainstream media endorses and inspires, through their bias and bigotry against all conservatives, Christians, and Republicans, as they try to make sure no one is allowed their own independent thoughts or actions, as they try to ensure that we all capitulate to their far left liberal socialistic ideas and actions?

  8. It’s amazing — so many ‘outraged’ at so few — and most of them DON’T KNOW WHY !!! Just ask these people — “Why are you so mad?? What has the President done to warrant such hate??” I have yet to get a COHERENT answer. After all the swearing and filthy language, it comes down to “I just don’t like him”. Here is a man who has lifted the United States far beyond previous records IN SPITE OF CONCERTED OPPOSITION, and wants to go even further — and still the unremitted HATE. “O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts, And men have lost their reason. Bear with me” (William Shakespeare)

  9. Chris Matthews is still a disgusting liberal turd.

    And all liberal Democrats are not worth the time or energy to try to have a discussion with. They are not capable of logic or critical thinking so every discussion ends up with them making stupid insults and accusations about President Trump. They are truly stupid people.

    1. No, they are all on the big pharma meds prescribed by the Clinton’s. Have you ever tried to have debate with a demonrat? They get real mad and clam up.

    2. Yes, they are stupid liberal t u r d people and their snooty mothers wear combat boots!
      Dems = t u r d s and they waste good oxygen with every breath (they caused my bad attitude toward them)

  10. Demon(c)rats wouldn’t know ‘what presidential even means’ just look at who they nominated for president…how ‘returded do you’ have to be to vote for this decrepit, corrupt, lying old reprobate?

  11. Chris Matthews is a cuck. What distinguishes him from his erstwhile colleagues at MSNBC is that he is no longer a TOTAL cuck. The reason he’s not a TOTAL cuck is because he got fired, having run afoul of the “cancel culture” he so zealously defended and promoted before it got him fired (of course, his Wikipedia entry insists on referring to him as a “retired commentator”, which is technically true, to the extent that he elected to retire when they told him that the alternative was to be fired). No longer being entitled to suck the teat of liberal/leftist largesse, he can occasionally risk saying something which his former audience at MSNBC (all 3 of them) would find anathematic. And, of course, even that was too much for the ideologues who watch MSNBC. Matthew’s comment was faint praise for Trump but it was praise and that was all it took to fire the ire of the Left. Theirs are not reasoned judgments and that is why nobody need pay attention to them. What the Left thinks and says is utterly divorced from reality and therefore is irrelevant, save to the extent that they won’t STFU and continue to irritate everyone around them.


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