Judge Begins Contempt Proceedings Against Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Office of U.S. Commerce Secretary / Public domain

A federal judge has started contempt proceedings against Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for his failure to follow an order to continue the collection of census information until next month.

According to The Hill:

A federal judge has begun contempt proceedings against Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross over his allegedly defying her order to continue census collection until the end of next month.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, appointed by former President Obama, initiated contempt of court proceedings during a Tuesday hearing, accusing the Department of Commerce of disobeying her previous order, Bloomberg News reported. She set a hearing for the proceedings for Friday.

The launch of contempt proceedings came after the U.S. Census Bureau and Ross announced on Twitter that Oct. 5 was the “target date” to finish self-response and field data collection operations on the 2020 census.

Koh said that Ross and the department were “doing exactly” what she ordered officials not to do last week, when she issued a preliminary injunction preventing the administration from ending the census before the scheduled Oct. 31.

Ross also wants to report the data of the census to the President by December 31st which is earlier than the April 2021 target date.

  1. I was hired by the US Census to be an enumerator (data collector), but I had another job offer that promised to last more than just a couple of months or so I declined the Census offer. Therefore, I’m reading with interest this latest scuffle and grateful that I accepted a longer-term (and, frankly, slightly better-paying!) job instead! Ten years ago I worked as an enumerator and really enjoyed the part-time, temporary job (little dreaming that I’d still be around to apply for the next Census – which is the current one!). I feel sorry for those who were counting on a longer-term temporary job, but just grateful that I’m not among ’em!!

  2. Can we collect these fake “judges” appointed by the Muslim usurper and load them all on a rocket and launch them into the sun?

  3. Since when does a Judge get to tell the highest official in the land when the Census should end? I was told all Census records needed to be finished a couple months ago. I have my receipt. This is Political BS.

  4. A lot of women judges making law from the bench and acting like tinhorn dictators, not that male Obama appointees are any better.

    And they never let the LAW get in their way of abusing and using the system to go their fascism way.

  6. She must also be one of the judges who want non-citizens counted so the map of more Congressional seats are handed out to democrats.

  7. Shove it Lucy. The people are sick of useless government activity. We want it to protect us from foreign forces that would harm us. And we want it to settle commerce disputes between the states. And…well…that’s about it.

  8. Sounds like we are all fed up with these leftist appointed judges making new laws and rules as they go along. Can they be removed for abuse of the powers they are given?

  9. Someone had to file a suit for this judge to attempt to interfere with the census. So where does this originate and what gives this judge any jurisdiction here? I want to see a show down between Ross and this court when they try to serve this contempt citation.

  10. sounds like a SET UP to me, and someone in the soros-obama-clinton dnc-cp MOB/CORP. are calling in their favors , from putting her on the bench. BACK BACK TIME, make another distraction, before election day. This and she are as phony as a bill clinton 2 dollar bill.

  11. Let’s see… The Federal Department in charge of the census says we’re done all data collected. Then a Judge (?) decided that they were wrong and must stay open another 31 days to collect data that the department in charge says we have all the data. Damn… She must be psychic or an Obumer appointment….. I would bet the latter oh wait she is an Obumer appointment…… Obstruct the President at ever turn…..01


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