Major Spanish Television Network Reports Trump Won the Debate

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Telemundo conducted a poll of its viewers’ post debate and is reporting that Trump won the debate against Joe Biden by a margin of 68.7%-31.3%. The Spanish-language television network is one of the most popular in the country boasting nearly 12.5 million viewers.

Though the poll is unscientific the numbers are promising for the Trump team. In the weeks leading up to the election, Trump will need every vote he can muster to defeat the former Vice President who has reportedly had a slight edge in polls against the president. However, Trump has been leading Latino demographics. A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll showed Trump leading the race in Florida, a key swing state with a massive Spanish-American population.

    1. Excellent point! Biden can’t overcome truth or change it, although Lord knows he would love to!
      Joe Biden gets 🤥🤥🤥🤥 each time he speaks!

      1. Your whining and crying, sure is showing. Were you one of those who were screaming AT THE CAMERA when Trump won yay and Hillary lost boo hoo in 2016? haha, a win is a win is a win, Therefore, laughably, Trump obviously cheated somehow when he won in the Electoral College, answer, well, we MUST get rid of the Electoral College, mustn’t we! What’s next, pinhead Dems?????

        1. Mandy was answering Walkin’ O’Shea’s question~~ “How can Joe overcome the truth?”
          Mandy~~ “Only by cheating!”

        2. Getting rid of the electoral college only ensures that most of our votes won’t count. No one will even need to vote except the largest states, like NY, CA etc. because the rest of us won’t ever have enough votes to make a difference. It won’t matter anyway, because if the socialist left wins, there most likely won’t ever be another election. They will take away our right to ever have a say in anything again. If you want to live like that, you should try Cuba or Venezuela, but I don’t think you will like it very long.

      2. Oh, did Trump wear ear plugs? Because Biden did! And did Trump have wire on him? Biden did! And how many times did Wallace interupt Trump? 76 times and Biden? Alot less! Well then we know who really cheated now don’t we?!

    2. He tries his best to overcome the truth by ignoring it and inserting the Democrat’s lines of so-called “information” instead!

      I won’t even comment on the bias of the majority of the media!!! Anyone with HALF a brain can see THEIR bias!!! MISinformation has become their game rather than true “reporting” of the news!

  1. I won’t even get into the debate on who won or lost. I will comment, however, on the person who was supposed to be the moderator — what a ringer!!! Trump was debating two people at all times. Whenever he scored, this drip would cut him off — whatever Biden did, he was supported ‘all the way’. I thought moderator’s were SUPPOSED to be neutral ?????

    1. even the 2015 debates were fixed with hillary ass kissers, unfortunently there is not one middle of the road moderater on either side of the coin, only one ts that could moderate these debates is a person who has no skin in the game a foreign country like england denmark sweden or ireland a nuetral country moderator.

    2. Wallace is a left wing horse’s petoot not even thinly disguised any more. I cringed when I heard he was ‘moderating.’ 🙁

      1. Yes and the next moderator for the second debate is a guy who worked in Biden’s campaign office! Again, who is picking these losers and why doesn’t Trump’s team get to choose? Stupid demonocrats…

    3. You are so “spot on” FlashyOne! Have to agree with Phantome1973 as well. I cringed and groaned when I learned that Wallace was the moderator. Wallace was RUDE to Donald Trump during the 2016 debate. Now that Donald Trump is our President, he shows NO respect our duly elected President of the USA or to the office of our great U.S.A. … wallace is a sniveling littel weasel

  2. That poll is about right. He was debating not one but two liars at one time. By the way why has about a dozen of Trumps staff including him, suddenly tested positive? What about the Ricin that was intercepted? And who financed the Biological Warfare Wuhan Lab in China? The same one probably that is financing the protests, the looting, and the riots and destruction. Follow the money trail then n arrest the creeps. Some think its G Soros and Obama, and Biden, and Hillary, and Piglosi, and Schumer? Could they be behind all this dearth destruction. SOME ONE CERTAINLY US!

    1. So totally agree with you. I have wondered if Trump did not protest Wallass, just so that he could expose him, AGAIN.

  3. It certainly was a messy debate and I understand the Presidents frustration. He has positively been ganged up on and treated unfairly since his campaign in 2016 right up until now. Calling the President a liar and a clown is the most disrespectful act I have ever seen in our government. Disgusting!! My fear is that nobody seems to care how crooked and devious the left is. Hunter Biden made millions using the Biden VP influence among other family members. Obama’s administration conspired with Hillary. (Who actually did conspire with the Russians) to undermine Trump’s administration. Obama is now the first President to remain in Washington & promote politics after leaving office. Biden will never admit anything and will never answer a direct question. Get ready for President Harris!! It’s been their plan all along.

      1. They are Deep State shills. I lay My hopes on the Marine Reserve, DJT activated them against the ongoing coup attempt under the insurrection Act months ago, they are getting in position and ready to act now.

    1. lol, great comment, Obama, a know nothing, do nothing, inept smirking wannabe leader, will do and say anything after he gets the scent of money. Anything he says is paid for, for sure. Anyone he backs, has to be struggling, as Obama is a liability rather than an asset. Hillary, with her nose in the air, a smirk and a sneer, called voters “deplorable” and bragged she “would be another four years of Obama”. How did that work for her? Obama is now laughing at America, he screwed us over, did nothing for African Americans, lives in a mega-mansion in Hawaii (paid for by taxpayers), and will always collect huge regular paychecks all paid by our taxes. No wonder he’s always got that big toothy grin! Hillary now has the same slavering aspirations as Obama had. Dems really don’t care about Biden. But they want the Presidency. They anticipate that Harris can then take over at some point from the aged Biden. At that point, Harris can easily take Hillary as Vice President. The proverbial Democrat/Liberal WET DREAM. For the present we absolutely need Amy Coney Barrett to be confirmed to the empty SCOTUS seat. Dems agenda to do anything and everything to stop that, shows how frightened they are that Barrett will be confirmed by the Senate. And, tellingly, Pelosi, her own time limited, she is 80 years old, would take that as a deep and personal failure. She absolutely knows if Barrett is confirmed, that her own status as a leader, will be severely damaged. Everything that is happening now is a distraction, Dems are enjoying that. We must stay focused on Barrett, her Senate Hearings, and that the process is expedited!!!!!

  4. Our Latino citizens of this great country are wise to the demonrats to trash this great country. Most have seen first hand what socialism/communism is like.

  5. voting fraud means that individuals who actually vote will not determine the outcome of the election. Hope the RNC has the cajones to fight back.

  6. Trump will continue to win as long as We the People do not get tired of “winning”! Continue to MAGA with four more years and thorough swamp cleaning of both the democrats and RINO’s

  7. Draw off enough Latin votes and Biden is in trouble in Nevada, Texas, and New Mexico as well as Arizona and Florida.

  8. Not one of the “National polls” is scientific …. a random sample is impossible and the formulae for weighting the data is significantly flawed.
    JP, a former senior gallup pollster

  9. President Trump had to deal with 2 crooked so and so’s! They only asked stupid questions not of interest going forward and were not allowing him to speak the truth! Democrats are crooks!


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