BET Founder Suggests Vote for Trump Over Biden

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BET founder Robert Johnson stopped short of endorsing President Trump but did suggest that he would vote for Trump over Biden.

According to Fox News:

Johnson began by expressing that he couldn’t say who “won” Tuesday night’s presidential debate but made clear that the American people “lost.”

“This was like a schoolyard fight over who had the best-looking girlfriend,” Johnson said. “It was a waste of an hour and a half that gave no guidance, no direction at all as to where the country will go after this election… Where I come out as a businessman, I will take the devil I know over the devil I don’t know any time of the week. And that seems to be what business people are confronting today.”

“I’m not endorsing anybody,” Johnson quickly responded. “What I’m saying is if I’m a businessperson, what you want more than anything else, particularly coming out of something as horrible as this pandemic… the more you know about who will be pulling the lever of economic growth, economic development, taxes, stimulus, regulation. In my opinion, you’re better off dealing with somebody you know where they’re gonna be than somebody you really have no idea what decisions they will make at such a critical time.”

He continued, “I absolutely do not know what Vice President Biden will do. I haven’t heard anything coherent out of what he said he would do.”

Johnson seemed to like the predictability of Trump and was afraid of the unpredictability of Biden. This could mean Biden’s loyalty to far-left progressives is greater than we think.

  1. Americans of every color see right through democrats and leftists blatant bigotry, racism and hate for country and rights. THEY ARE DESPERATELY TRYING TO HIDE THEIR CORRUPTION, THEIR PERVERSIONS, THEIR CONTEMPT FOR CITIZENS AND THEIR SEDITION. THERE ISNT ONE DEMOCRAT WHOS IS INNOCENT.

  2. Trump is the Rational Choice over Harris/Biden! This debate was a train wreck and it showed the lies and biases of the Left and Trump never wavered from the Truth! If we were lied about with every sentence we would fight back like the President did! Liberals must lie and cheat because they don’t have the truth on their side but they won’t bamboozle us!!

  3. It would really be sweet if he put on some public service announcements with some of the great things Trump has done for the black community, and ran them on the BET with pictures of Trump included.

    Also it would be super if he ran PSA’s about the horrible and destructive things democrats and Bidet has done to the black community.

    1. Agree! Especially, if he ran the many things Trump did to help the black communities, many years before he ever thought about running for president.

  4. globalist $oro$ puppet, chester the molester biden “imagines” he has some wonderful ideas if he becomes president, globalist $oro$ puppet, chester the molester biden has been in politics for 47 years and never contributed one thing positive for America, 47 years all positive for globalists .

  5. It is past time for people of every race, color, religion and creed to identify who the real enemy is in America today. It is not a new enemy but an old one. Marxism or Communism. It is being financed by some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet and none of them are Republicans. The focus is on personalities but it must be on the realities of the ideology and political power that has been consolidated to ultimately do away with the very foundations of our government. The nation is divided but the nation still has a Constitution, the rule of law, a Judiciary, a Congress, and Executive branches of government. These are the means provided by the people and for the people to have civil discourse, political debate and a means of electing representatives to carry their ideals

    A powerful faction of Marxism has taken over the leadership of the Democrat party. They are not content for peaceful protest. They do not believe in secure borders, with legal immigration. They seek the dissolution of the traditional family. They support sanctuary for illegal aliens and criminals. The support the defunding of local police and law enforcement. They support violent protests with no accountability for those who destroy property loot businesses and kill people while rioting. These people are conducting open warfare on civil society, and have been empowered by elected officials who have abdicated their responsibilities to uphold the law and maintain the peace.

    We maybe divided over many things, but we should be united that the infrastructure of everyone’s freedom is being threatened, and attacked by Marxists. We should enjoin ourselves at every level against the real and destructive reality that if we lose our government, we lose the means for civil society to negotiate our grievances, and we will all lose or freedom and liberties that we share.

    1. Arrest Soros, Gates, and Zuckerberg. Found out yesterday that facebook will block Trump the 7 days prior to the election, so he can’t defend himself.

  6. The Looney Left may soon get the message that there are millions of black people, who can think for themselves.

  7. Why can’t this man just support Trump?? We all know Harris/Biden will destroy this country. I hate wish washy people.

  8. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Stacking the Courts and talking about outlawing guns is all it takes for me Vote for Trump just like i did 2016. Trump Maga

  9. Smart man. An African American billionaire, I believe. Talk about American exceptionalism, right? Every black child needs to know they, too, can grow up to be Robert Johnson.

  10. The whole debate was carefully planned by the crooked Dems, with Biden well propped up with an Ear Piece, Wire under his jacket, i pad in front of him and the bigger ear piece sitting in the moderators chair! And the choice of questions all favored to Biden. President trump was insulted, cut off from trying to negate his lies, and always Wallace protecting biden the Obama mouthpiece. Next debate, choose a republican moderator! Do drug tests and no props!


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