L.A. Ordered to Pay NRA Six Figures for Violating First Amendment

Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)

The city of Los Angeles has been ordered to pay the National Rifle Association a six-figure sum after losing a First Amendment case against the group.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

A federal court ordered Los Angeles to hand over more than $100,000 to the National Rifle Association after ruling that the city had violated the gun-rights group’s First Amendment rights.

Federal district court judge Stephen Wilson struck down a city ordinance aimed at punishing prospective contractors with ties to the NRA as an infringement on the right to free speech and association. On Tuesday, he ordered city officials to pay for the Second Amendment group’s attorney fees, which totaled nearly $150,000.

“In this case, the text of the Ordinance, the Ordinance’s legislative history, and the concurrent public statements made by the Ordinance’s primary legislative sponsor evince a strong intent to suppress the speech of the NRA,” Wilson ruled in December. “Even though the Ordinance only forces disclosure of activity that may not be expressive, the clear purpose of the disclosure is to undermine the NRA’s explicitly political speech.”

The NRA filed suit against the ordinance shortly after it was implemented in April 2019. Amy Hunter, a spokeswoman for the NRA, told the Washington Free Beacon the rulings prove the city unfairly targeted the group because of its advocacy.

The group is also battling New York and got San Francisco to stop a similar threat.

  1. Good for them!!!! The problem with libturds having to pay is that it will be the taxpayer again NOT the morons that need to be held liable!

    1. Remember, it was the MORON voters that elected those MORONS!!

      They NEED to pay for their MORON decisions!!

      Maybe, just MAYBE they will “think” before they elect/reelect more MORONS!!

  2. It is time groups such as the NRA, Of which I am a proud member are no denigrated by the clowns of the left. These brainless wonders refuse to acknowledge the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and have my approval to leave my country and find one that is as much sociopathic and pathetic as they are.

  3. GOOD !!! About time they gets their ‘COMEUPPANCENTS’!!! ‘CONSEQUENCES’ for WRONG doings are finally coming around. -‘KARMA’ !!!! 🙂

    1. The democrats can’t resist toughing the stove from time to time to see if its still hot,God help us all if they ever touch it and its cool to the touch!

      1. Dennis you misspelled your second word. The correct spelling is “Dumb As A Craps”. Corrupted since the mid 1800’s.

  4. The one thing these libtard infested big city’s fail to realize is that the NRA is each and every one of US,with out US the NRA wouldn’t exist so when they attempt to stifle the NRAs freedom of speech they are stifling each and everyone of our first and second amendment rights as well plus what part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED do the libs find so hard to get through their thick skulls?This crap has been going back and forth for years now and I’m getting sick and tired of it,there needs to be jail time assigned to anyone who intentionally infringes on anthers constitutional right!! Fines are not enough!!!

  5. I am a 75 year old Agent Orange disabled 1968 Vietnam Tet Offensive survivor of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade who had a degree in Government WHEN he served as assistant to and field protection for, under the Geneva Accords, MOH awardee Chaplain for valor (CPT) Charles Angelo Liteky,. I finished my active duty with a 2 year post combat toue as staff at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center then in1969 on Georgia Ave.NW in the swamp that even then was Washington, DC. and I will tell you this: EVERY Democra or RINO trying to end the 2nd Amendment is guilty of 3 impeachable offenses; oath violation, malfeasance in elective Office and dereliction of Duty and Obligation to serve the ONLY consttuency they are sworn to but rarely if ever do; AMERICAN CITIZENS! THERE IS LITTLE EQUITABLE JUSTICE IN THE OBAMA CORRUPTED AND STILL SO DOJ!The attacks on American and World History and the duties and obligations of American citizenship are no longer adequately TAUGHT and our kids are being indoctrinated and have been since, 1969 when unionization of teachers , fire, police, nurses and federal employees was authorized by Richard Nixon hatened our spiralling descent into ruin BUT, this decision and hopefully many more undoing the damage and increasing the fines and punitive penalties on these TREASONOUS TROLLS who all belong in PRISON, NEVER OFFICE, will sooner or later result in just that happening and THAT, will salvage and restore the Constitutional Republuc and end the incompetence of establishment , business as usual morons whose only talent is ceaselessly ending individual linerties and expanding a horrendous debt. Tetm lik=mits strictly enforced and a balanced budget amendment will help enormously so, REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE TO SAVE YOUR FREEDOMS AND CHOICES, PRIVATE PROPERTY AND ALL ASSETS THESE FILTHY FRAUDS WOULD TAKE FROM YOU IF YOU LET THEM!

  6. As GOD ALMIGHTY/Jesus Christ is my witness, so many people out there really “NEED” to get a King James Bible and READ and SEARCH out and STUDY that BOOK! Isa 34:16 /2 Tim 2:15/John 5:39 People can NOT figure things out! they have no idea what to do and only go w/what THEY think they should do! I STRONGLY suggest you do the above and get something in you that gives you some good GOD Honoring direction! Then go there! The ways a of a man seem right in his own eyes…Proverbs 14:12KJV

  7. California is literally on fire and IN BIG trouble and can Ill afford to do anything but consider what they are doing to have brought all this trouble upon themselves, and they think giving something to someone who will only take and take just to get ahead will make a difference! Someone in the high offices have NO idea what they are doing! The KJV Bible says IF you don’t work, you don’t eat! It also says “Be fervent in business” “Romans 12:11” /2 Thes 3:10KJV There is a reason why “GOD/Jesus Christ” SAID, in HIS word, and that is so that things will go as they should when life happens! TRY THAT KING JAMES BIBLE! IT does work you KNOW!!

  8. Always keep in mind the purpose of the Second Amendment which makes no law for infringement legal. Our Second Amendment is there to protect us from our government, and it is our government who is trying to take the guns that have been provided for the protection of the American people from our very own government. All these laws and restrictions that have been passed are totally illegal and violate the Second Amendment. Our Supreme Court judges have not been supporting the Constitution but making social judgments – this needs to stop. Every American has the right to own guns even those as powerful as what our military uses – one only has to remember that our American militia, that is our citizens, carried better weapons than the American army during our fight for freedom. Anyone can make a rationale to contradict this position but it is simply that, an invalid excuse.


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