Biden Pledges to Stop Negative Ads While Trump was Hospitalized; He Lied

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Joe Biden was praised for his pledge to stop negative ads against President Trump while he was hospitalized. But new analysis seems to indicate that did not happen.

The Biden camp is even defending the move saying they were “factual” and not “negative.”

According to The Daily Wire:

Democratic nominee Joe Biden garnered dozens of good headlines for himself when his campaign said they’d suspend negative ads against President Donald Trump following his positive COVID-19 test.

“We think it’s inappropriate to use the president’s illness to score political points on our opponent, which is why we unilaterally took down our negative ads,” said Biden campaign national press secretary T.J. Ducklo.

Team Biden has said taking down the ads is “not like flipping a switch,” suggesting some of the negative ads still up are simply up because of a lag. However, the Biden camp is also defending some of the attacks ads, suggesting they are “factual” and not “negative.”

“Despite pledging to stop his negative advertising, nearly 100 negative Biden ads slandering the president and lying about his record have aired today while the president is at Walter Reed,” Andrew Clark, Trump 2020 Campaign rapid response director, told Fox News. “Meanwhile, Joe Biden has continued to attack the president in his speeches.”

Fox News outlined the ads that were airing while Trump was in the hospital:

” … in Raleigh, N.C., Biden’s ad accusing Trump of planning to wipe out Social Security within three years was still on the air. In Charlotte, N.C., on Saturday, Biden was still on the airwaves blasting Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, saying it’s ‘unforgivable’ that Trump ‘failed to protect America.’”

“Overnight in Las Vegas on Saturday, a Biden ad aired that hit Trump on his ‘tax cut giveaway’ and declared ‘Donald Trump is lying again” about Biden’s tax proposal.’”


“And in many media markets Saturday, including Manchester, N.H.; Orlando, Fla.; and Minneapolis, Biden is airing an ad that talks about how health care is personal to him in the context of the auto crash in 1972 that killed his wife Neilia and daughter Naomi, as well as his son Beau’s death from cancer in 2015.”

“‘When I see the president of the United States try to eliminate this health care in the middle of a public health crisis, that’s personal to me too,’ Biden says in the ad.”

Biden attacked President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus while he was campaigning calling it “despicable.”

    1. Without LYING they cannot SPEAK……and DEMENTIA JOE Forgets what he “PROMISES” or “WHERE he is” pr WHAT SCHPP: he DID NOT attend and Taught Constitutional Foreign LAW” within the HOUR…..

    2. he forgot him and obummer sent 55.000 factorys out of the running on build better. waiting for the conn. lawyer to drop the big bomb on sleepy joe hunter and probably obama

  1. Is it fair to use old Joe’s statements to limit attack ads on Trump while in virus recovery since he’s not in control of his campaign and with his obvious mental decline.

  2. Is anyone surprised about this additional lie? All dim wits of the insane asylum of the DNC today are infamous liars, cheaters, and thieves. Old Senile Joe and Hunter are among the biggest liars and apparently that is all these two are good for. Old Joe’s wife definitely has a low bar for husbands. I imagine she jumped old Joe for more money and the hope he would be a top notch liar for her benefit. Sorry to disappoint but you picked a real loser Honey!

    1. No, they are not idiots. Those that are in control of the party are liars, cheats, thieves, but not idiots! Of course they THINK that all Americans are idiots!!! It is up to us to show them different on November 3rd!!!

  3. Who would believe a word Biden says? His whole DC life is a huge lie. One corruption after another, esp the past 12 years!

      1. Nothing like riding the Gravy Train on the Public Dole!!! THAT’S what they are so afraid of losing!!!

  4. This is not news, Dementia Joe always lies! The only time he tells the truth is he says he will take your guns and raise your taxes. Keep Joe in the basement – VOTE TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS!

  5. His negative ads are just as flimsy as was his debate. This ads only have one way out but no response. If Biden is going to make me believe him, he should had done that in the debate. His ads only tells the lie of what Trump will do, but no truth of what he is going to implement. Trump 2020

  6. Did Joe Blow tell you about the times he used a black man to power his lake row boat ? The black man was requested to put his lips in the water and go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

  7. This sort of lying and slander is how Vladimir Lenin was successful in the Bolshevik Revolution against Russia, and, of course all leftist dictators use these tactics, they just don’t publish them for others to use, as Lenin did.
    In my business we call this a violation of the Eighth Commandment which was punishable by stoning to death. Fortunately, some Christian foundation still exists in America which tends toward Christ’s forgiveness.
    But we do have laws against slandering people in this country to protect their person and reputation. We have been too lenient with these lying leftists so long that they think they are immune from common decency. It’s time to put a stop to their filth and slander and prosecute them to the full extent of the law!

    1. Castro used the same tactics to come to power in Cuba! The same can be said for Nicaragua and Bolivia! It ‘s what the Democratic Party is promising for the United States if they get elected! When are we going to LEARN from history??? Those that do not LEARN from history are doomed to repeat it!

  8. Sniffer Joe is a so-so speaker because he simply reads it, losing his place only occasionally. But he cannot remember what to write and someone else must compose it for him. At the debates, blank paper should be allowed to facilitate taking notes. But whole speeches should be forbidden.

  9. Old withered lying Skeletor looking racist leftie. He wouldn’t know the truth if it sat on his face, he’d just hope it was a 12 year old girl

  10. That lousy POS! Biden is a demented old fool and he will not be our president! He is a dirty disaster and we will take him and all the other lying xheating democrats with him!

  11. Democrat politicians are liars. And what liars do is LIE. And sadly, Republican politicians are not much better. That is why President Trump is such a great president. HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN.

  12. Please, what did you expect Biden to do once Trump was out? The first thing Trump did was to slam Biden, which is fine with me. Biden came back at him, which should be fully expected. Biden is fighting for his life and he’s going to lose in a landslide so it doesn’t matter.

  13. Biden doesn’t know where one lie ends and another begins. Just a continuous string of lies, but probably only when he opens his mouth.

  14. The lying left is pathetic. I get why they lie though. For one thing the devil has possessed them and lies are the language of the devil. Also, the democrats have absolutely nothing to run on. They have accomplished nothing for the people so hate Trump is all they have. Much of their electorate is indoctrinated and stupid enough to believe their lies but I will not be deceived.

  15. I expected Biden to do this. Should not be a surprise. This is WHO the Democratic Party is!!! They don’t know when to quit “beating a dead horse” and have NO common sense in general!

  16. And the lies keep on rolling from the democrat party. Joe, you head the biggest bunch of con artists since the soviet system politicos in Russia. Oh, sorry Joe, I forgot, you head the soviet system right here in the good Ol’ USA.

  17. The liar and whose lies shall all fall into the PIT! Lairs are not rewarded anywhere; even among those who do evil for a living!! No Liar is ever welcomed into any Society, nor any Family!

  18. Biden is a Scum-o-crat there fore he is a chronic liar. He flip flops on every issue depending on who he is talking to. You can’t believe nothing he says. He is a Liberal sack of feces, a womanizer, and a genuine creep. The news media is covering for him because they want to go Socialist. They want First class (ruling) second class (enforcers) and third class Slaves, servants, workers).Guess which class we are in?

  19. Everything biden says is a lie..I gave up trying to count his lies at the debate and instead counted when the told the truth..that was easier…as it was just once


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