All the Declassified Documents From the Russia Hoax via Wikimedia Commons

House Intelligence Committee transcripts

United States Senate / Public domain

Committee Chairman Adam Schiff released more than 6,000 pages of interview transcripts that ultimately proved that top Obama officials had no “empirical evidence” of the conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016. In House interviews with former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, Obama national security adviser, Susan Rice, and former deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes all parties were asked if they had any knowledge or evidence of collusion between the campaign and Russia. All individuals replied that they had no empirical evidence of the conspiracy.

  1. It seems to me that the real “Hoaxes” are The DOJ, the FBI, The CIA, Bill Barr, and Durham and his toothless (so far) investigation. Americans are going to want some blood and we might not be all that F’ing particular where it comes from if they continue to betray us.

      1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for those two swamp dwellers to do anything! They have been “investigating” for over a year and a half now! All they have done was go after low hanging fruit…..A lawyer that altered a document! The rest of these snakes will never be prosecuted.

    1. So agree. Trump, on today’s Rush broadcast, was very upset to learn that Barr intended to wait, until after the election to release his findings. I agree—it feels like betrayal.

  2. We should know the full truth of the Obama-Clinton Coup Plot and Biden’s level of involvement before the election. The Democrats have a right to know if their candidate is a treasonous seditionist. The Obama-Clinton Coup Plot is the biggest political crime in history.

    1. I don’t think the Democrats per se really want to know the truth. They want to just keep believing what they have been fed.

      1. Oh, they already know! They are hoping we take our eyes off the ball so they can pull a “a Lucy” on us and get back to their games- I don’t think so!!❗❤️🙏💯👏🇺🇸💜📖‼️🤪

    2. No, we won’t. This mornings news shows AG Barr claims the Durham report will NOT be ready, or released, before the Nov 3 election.

  3. It has taken way to long for the Durham report to come out. What the hell took so long, should have done much sooner not after millions already voting without this important scandal. The democrats don’t know crap because Cnn and the other radical media does not report it’.When you read some of the nonsense the liberal are writing it is obvious they are brainwashed. Democrats are evil in everything they do.

  4. Start the Arrests … show the Criminals in handcuffs … I want them to be humiliated to no end … have one mass trial … give them all the same penalty … DEATH !

  5. I pray they all go to jail and do hard time for TREASON.
    If they can do that to then Mr. Trump and now President Trump.
    Who is safe from these lunatics.
    God Speed Mr. President!
    I already voted for you again!
    Thanks for making America Great again.
    Despite what Eric Holder and Obama said America was never great.
    I will be the first one to pay their fare to go somewhere else!

    1. I was a democrat for 40 years and became a Republican after Obama won the presidency. For the rest of my life I shall remain a devoted Republican. I love Trump. He is the best that happened to the USA! I know he will this election.

  6. How interesting. Right after Trump declassifies the Russian hoax, all of a sudden Nasty Pelosi wants a petition to remove him from office. Why the rush Nancy? The election is about 25 days away. Why can’t you let the voters make up their mind and decide? Oh yeah that’s right. President Trump is make you and those of your ilk look incompetent.

  7. And as long as Barr is the AG, not a single thing will happen to these treasonous asswipes! Clean House Mr. President. Barr and Wray must go! Don Knots would make a better AG than Barr!

  8. And as long as Barr is the AG, not a single thing will happen to these treasonous pieces of garbage! Clean House Mr. President. Barr and Wray must go! Don Knots would make a better AG than Barr!

  9. Did anyone really think any thing would happen with the Barr and Durham investigation? If so, I heard of some beach front property in Nevada you can buy.

  10. Starting with Hillary, then Comey, & all the other lackeys in the FBI at the time, and
    let’s not foget Obama & Biden’s involvement. They all should have a price to pay
    for putting the country thru hell.


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