Media Underestimates Trump, Look Like Fools Again

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The manufactured panic around the Chinese Virus has backfired tremendously on the enemies of the American people in the media cartels. Like most of the Left, they live so deep in a fantasy that they lost sight of their narrative when they found out the President was sick. 

Immediately they began speculating: “what if Trump dies? Can we kick him out of office? Here’s how Biden can actually win!” Some of the more bloodthirsty actively revealed their inhumanity by calling for his death. 

All that suspense, all that build-up, all that mystery…. and what happened? Trump became a statistic – one of the over 95% of people in his age bracket who walk out of the hospital completely fine. 

Now the media cartels and the left have a real mess on their hands. Either Donald Trump – a man who is overweight, over 70, and lives on KFC, taco bowls, and Big Macs – is superman, or the Chinese Coronavirus isn’t the Black Death. 

Honestly, either could be true – Trump knew from the beginning what the best treatment for this thing was, and he also knew it wasn’t the Spanish Flu. Now what are the Dems going to do? The communists in France want to erase all Christian holidays because of COVID. Is that where we’re headed? It’s going to be a lot harder for the Socialist Dems to push their anti-Christian, racist, anti-American agenda using their Asian panic bug now that America’s President has kicked it in the teeth.

Keep well, Mr. President, and keep the Left on their back foot!

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

  1. God, continue to Bless this President and allow him to win by a Landslide against the horrible, Godless DemocRATS/Liberals! Trump/Pence on Nov 3rd!

    1. I have to say a huge AMEN to that God bless all true believers who have received His Amazing Grace

  2. Trump was chosen by God, so the evil minions on the left can now just watch in wonder while once again good triumphs over the wicked minions of Satan himself. Hollyweird and the democratic party are going to burn for their sins. We just have to be patient and watch them slowly ignite and burn. And may God bless the Trumps and America.

  3. TRUMP will LIVE FOREVER in the hearts of true AMERICANS. And haunt the dreams and aspirations of communist dumbocraps for eternity.

  4. Of course, we don’t know how all this will end, but I think we know enough to know that the WuFlu is – as you wisely point out – NOT the Spanish Flu! And as more people test positive, MORE PEOPLE are gaining life-saving IMMUNITY!! Yes, the DemonRats on the Left have concocted a TRUE “witches’ brew” of lies & hate!! But, winning in November will definitely be the BEST revenge on all of ‘rm!! Go, Pres. Trump!! MAGA!!

    1. Very well said, Joy! Their own lies and schemes are coming back to haunt and punish the so-called “leaders” of he Democratic party, just as a spider’s web of lies and wicked schemes always do! President Trump is arrogant and even appears rude at times, but HE GETS THE JOB DONE! AND HE HAS DONE WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO!!! GOD bless President Trump and may God once again BLESS the United States!!!

    2. It’s fastenating that every ad I see for Harris/Biden ticket is the exact oposite of the 110 page platform adopted by the DNC. And people believe that stuff that’s in the ads or maybe they hate Trump and this country so much, anything will do. Trump oin November for 4 more years!!!

      1. all Bidens ads are fiction he is rallying some of the words of Trump in some ways and then tossing in lies between the sentences.

  5. Meanwhile coward Dementia Joe cowers in his cellar. Gutless wonder that he is. Oh, I forgot, they had him out the other day, and the only people that showed up were Trump supporters. They had to whisk the loser away.

    1. And Peelosi’s 25th Amendment is aimed at Biden should he be president beause the Dems Deep State and Rinos will then have Harris as presiddent ASAP afater elections. Think about it. Of course, if we don’t hae a determination of who is president before 20 Jan, Piglosi will be and that’s a scary thought.

  6. I have never wished death on anyone, what has President Trump done so bad to these tolerant left people to hate him so much, to wish him to die. Time you look in the mirror and ask yourself, where did I go so wrong?

    1. Answer—Trump got between the evil and us. He blocked their takeover of the United States. They are furious, because they have been dumbing down America, for years, in anticipation of a total takeover.

    2. They don’t hate him so much as they fear him and his exposing the treason they have committed with our enemies China, Russia, and Iran.

    3. The sycophantic fake-news media has not forgiven the ppl, for ignoring their BS and voting for Trump…in 2016, and the demon(c)rats wanna talk about a peaceful transition? Wtf is that about…

    4. He won in 2016. He slow the progress of becoming a socialist’s nation. Trump will not play their game of ball with their rules.

      1. They elected Bill Clinton, and later Barack Hussein Obama. Now they ( the Fake News Media) want to elect Biden, then kick him out, and have Harris, a Socialist in. They want to destroy freedom and Democracy.

  7. DJT=sweet dreams for Conservatives
    DJT=nightmares for marxist Demon-rats

    The marxist left has underestimated DJT since the day he rode the golden escalator down in Trump Tower and announced he was running for President!

  8. Their hatred is mind enervating just as the Bible has prophesied Satan is overwhelming the anti-Christian fools who have no moral compass. It became evident with Obama who proclaimed himself to be be a Christian but his actions spoke loudly that he was not and there is no truth in him. ?Having Trump has slowed the decline of America but that is all The worst is yet to come

  9. It’s certainly nice to win one, once in a while. You’d NEVER know it from the response of the MSM — the cheer leaders of disease and death. Well, like the ghouls and vampires they impersonate, their own day WILL arrive. For the rest of us, it’s a glorious day; the President is recovering, the fight goes on and we pray for victory.

  10. President Trump is the greatest. The left hate him but, then again, the left hates anything that is good for America and the American people.

  11. Well ya have to be ‘left-tarded, libturded and, have terminal TDS’ to actually, believe the official MSM-narrative, in the first place?


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