Trump Reveals Who He Thinks Should Moderate Debate

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Trump revealed that he will not participate in the October 15 presidential debate now that the event will be held virtually, calling it a “waste of time.” However, Trump still hopes for an in-person debate against Democrat candidate Biden for the third debate but with one change. Trump wants to replace C-Spans Steve Scully with a “fair” moderator to referee the debate. The President directly challenged Joe Biden to a debate while being interviewed on Hannity, going around the Commission for the Presidential Debates. These are the moderators Trump recommends:

      1. Yes! Absolutely horrible. Wallace was the worst. He was awful the last time. Why would the Republicans agree to him again???

        1. He is a democrat and often slips into being unfair to Republicans. I’ve always advocated to get him out of Fox. It’s self-destrutive to keep him.

          1. He’s in for life at (going downhill fast) fox news. The big lib/indulged Murdoch boys and (failed former House speaker) Paul Ryno love crissy wallace…

          2. The word “often” threw me. The only time I watch CW is by accident but the little I do watch he is not fair.

    1. A fair debate should include one moderator of Trump ‘s choosing and one of Biden’s choosing.No holds barred on questions and no use of earpieces or teleprompters. Questions should not be announced in advance. Social distance should be practiced and audience should be remotely located in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Three minutes to answer questions and 3 minutes to reply (without interruption). Debate workers (ie cameraman ,audio technicians and other necessary personnel) should be mutually accepted by each campaign manager.

        1. Actually, I think I read where DOJ is about to UNLEASH the Hounds of Hell in the form of Hitlery’s emails!! So, it won’t work to hide anything THERE (at least for now….).

      1. And Biden must be checked for wires and/or ear pieces. He looked like he was waiting for answers the last time.

    2. Why can’t a panel of regular Americans bring their questions for debates? Unlike a town hall, where there is still a moderator allowing and disallowing questions, the role of moderator can be given to this panel who votes for their moderator to present their questions to the debaters. We trust our peers to be on juries and yet we don’t to ask mere debate questions?



  3. JOHN Q PUBLIC should be the MODERATOR for the next debate!!! He is a natural born citizen of the USA, very intelligent, will maintain order, will ask specific questions & require specific answers & he is an INDEPENDENT!

  4. I would agree with any and all, with the exception of Hannity. These days, Hannity likes to hear himself talk, much more than he wants to hear anyone else.

  5. Great picks! Joe would never survive a real debate with real honest questions. BTW check him for wires next time, and check his eyes for electronic contacts.

  6. The moderator should be neutral, but who can be neutral these days? Either you are a socialist/communist, or you are a Trump supporter, wanting more freedoms and successful governing.

    But you’re not liable to find out the truth by questioning a Democrat. The Democrat Party is the party of lies, which they have honed into sharp weapons over the past 4 years, guided by Hillary’s assertion that the end justifies the means. No debate is necessary.

  7. They all sound like good choices, but the left will label them all as far right. The best thing would be for Trump’s people to get together with Biden’s people. Each side makes a list of names. Then go down the lists until they come up with a common choice.

  8. Unfortunately, none of these would ever get past the demonKKKrat/never-Trumper infested debate commission. That being said, Trump’s team should have NEVER agreed to ANY of the moderators! Negotiate!!
    Pirro or Levin would be the best because they would put up with ZERO BS and call out Sleepy/Creepy/Puppet Joe on his lies.

  9. There should be two moderators. Each candidate gets to select one. They take turns with Trump’s selection asking Biden questions and Biden’s selection asking Trump questions.

  10. Tucker or Mark Levin would be awesome but the DemocRATS would never stand for it while our side has to suffer the Liberals all the time!!
    Trump/Pence or lose the Country!

  11. Amen!! Any of these people would be a great moderator! At least they would not be biased against Trump! And in reality may even not be biased against Biden! Ad we would have a more fair debate. As it stands now the moderators, and the Commission of the Debate, some of those people are actually Never Trump persons! What is fair about that?? NOTHING!!
    To be really fair, there should be one Republican and One Democrat! With the R asking Biden questions and the D asking Trump questions. The questions should come only from citizens, again R and D people. And that folks would be a very fair debate.
    As an Rperson my question for Biden: You have been very vocal aboutt the Trump admin and the response to the COVID pandemic–What EXACTLY would you have done? How differently would you have handled the virus?

  12. Biden had help last time. That thing shown under his cuff on his left side looked like a switch. I wonder if that is what turned on his receiver. It also could have been a device to jolt him and try to keep him on point. He also had some sort of wire show poking out from under his right lapel. It was not a wrinkle in his shirt.


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