Trump Unleashes Historic Trade Crackdown

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump is authorizing a historic tariff collection on 18 countries that the administration has determined to have dumped goods into the U.S. market.

According to Fox Business:

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says the U.S. will collect tariffs on  $1.96 billion worth of aluminum sheet from 18 countries after determining the goods were unfairly dumped here, the broadest trade enforcement action by the agency in more than two decades.

Collection of the duties on imports from nations including Germany, Bahrain and Oman will go into effect immediately, even though the department’s determination was preliminary, Ross said. The U.S. International Trade Commission is expected to make a final determination in February 2021, he said.

“This is the largest and most far-reaching case that our department has brought in more than 20 years,” Ross said Friday morning during an interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo.

Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey were also affected.

If the commission rules that the dumping wasn’t unfair the money will be returned.

    1. The U.S. politicians should care about the succes of our country and city. However most care but only thir own power.

      1. Unfortunately, they only care about themselves these days and about preserving their own power. They are not the democratic party of our parents’ time, they’ve bought into a socialist agenda, a precursor to communism.

      2. The Demorats are doing what my OLE MAN used to say…”they are stealing from themselves”, because when they have destroyed this nation, they also will be destroyed! they actually believe they will be exempt form what troubles they cause!

  1. “President Trump is authorizing a historic tariff collection on 18 countries that the administration has determined to have dumped goods into the U.S. market.”

    This is what the law requires and the government is supposed to do ALL THE TIME, but hasn’t for decades. During the last 50 years I’ve watched dozens of U.S. industries disappear due to dumping, buying marketshare by selling product below cost, and intellectual property theft–without the U.S. government lifting a finger in defense.

    IT’S ABOUT TIME! But would anyone but Trump do this? I doubt it!

      1. Why does it always seem the Democrats chose the moderators for debates and very often their bias comes through loud & clear? They did it when Romney and Obama debated also! And in the Clinton impeachment, it was the Democrats who decided a small consortium of Senators would meet in a closed session, and decide the impeachment. The Republicans objected to the smaller group meeting in a closed door session and the Democrats said, no-that’s the way it will be done! And so Clinton was impeached symbolically, but allowed to remain in office! He lied to the Senate, and got caught, and I believe he was under oath, and still he remained in office!

  2. Wow. good play Mr President. That should help our economy. The old saying “charity begins at home”. Maybe we should also be re-thinking foreign aid to a lot of countries who no longer need it or are not really our friends – or not giving anything to any body until we are out of debt.

      1. EXACTLY! Its insane to give away BORROWED money as we’re technically broke if you look at our national debt.

      2. Why SHOULD we give ANY “foreign Aid”? Just deal with all honestly, and if they cheat hit them with tarriffs.

  3. When you read that one country or another don’t like us, this is it. Trump protecting our country for a change, all the while he is trying to establish fair trade for all countries. He wants everyone to do well, but not take advantage of each other. It is a noble goal and addresses the mistakes of prior administrations.

  4. Thank you Mr. President! The liberal Democrats, like Obama and Slick Willie, allowed this to go on because they didn’t want of “offend” the other countries. They were spineless cowards.

    What every Conservative understands is that that if you allow someone to do something that is wrong, AND IT BENEFITS THEM, with no consequences, you can expect it to keep on happening. All our great President Trump wants is for others to play fair. This has been long overdue.

    1. The dumbocrats allowed it to happen as they were taking payoffs under the table to let it happen. Biden’s son was making millions on Chinese coal while daddy was killing American coal industry. How do your think Obummer got so rich on his puny president paycheck. He may have gotten a kick back from all the cash he sent Iran too. They are all greedy crooks out for themselves and not the country. They figure the people are stupid and they can lie their way out of anything. GOD is watching and taking notes. People are getting fed up with the whole bunch. VOTE THRUMP 2020. GOD Bless America and Trump.

    2. Does anyone doubt that Obama and Slick Willie were not receiving kick back behind the green door. As you may recall, no one knows what goes on behind the green door.

  5. The time has come, America will no longer be taken advantage of like it has been under Obama/Biden, and the Clintons. Atta Boys to President Trump.

  6. First President in a long time who puts American workers first. Ant person, black or white who does not support him is ignorant of what he has accomplished during his first four years. Once the virus is conquered stocks and bonds will take off. Drugs will come down, employment will rise as will salaries and 401k’s. Babies may get to live. Taxes will be low and fuel will be cheap. We live in a land of plenty, a land of freedom where all can prosper and fulfill their dreams. Encourage everyone to vote Republican and send the would be Slave masters home. We will not be second or third class citizens. MAGA!!!!!!

  7. I hope all you lefties out there listen up — You won’t ever find the “Harris” ticket standing up for the American working man. “Biden” — who’s that?? He’ll be gone right after the inauguration. Ah well, other than baseball, what can you expect out of a ‘south paw’ ??

  8. The thing about Trump is he knows how the real world works. I think better than anyone in Washington. They don`t like him for this reason. A real nuts & bolts kind of guy that understands the cost of materials and labor. This scares people.

    1. I agree. That is why Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 because WE THE PEOPLE were sick and tired of the same ole same ole. We wanted someone who stood up for us the working class and we have it in Trump. Trump 2020


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