Majority of Americans Feel They are Better Off Than Four Years Ago

The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

A majority of Americans, 56% to be exact, feel like they are better off today than they were four years ago.

Ronald Reagan famously asked the question while campaigning in 1980.

According to The Daily Wire:

The question has since become a key barometer that presidential candidates ask Americans to consider as they mull whom to vote for in the quadrennial battle for the White House.

And for decades, the Gallup polling organization has been asking people that very question. Just three weeks before the election — and with one pollster saying Biden has an 86% chance of winning on Nov. 3 — Gallup’s latest finding were quite surprising.

In a survey taken Sept. 14-28, the polling organization asked more than 1,000 Americans “to compare your situation today with what it was four years ago. Are you better off than you were four years ago or not?”

A whopping 56% said they are better off. Just under a third (32%) said they were not.

When Obama was re-elected in 2012 45% said they were better off, George W. Bush won re-election when 47% said they were better off, and Reagan won a landslide when only 44% said they were better off.

George H.W. Bush lost in 1992 when 38% said they were better off.

  1. Yes we are better off now than we were 4 years ago but we need to jump start the economy which means the stimulus bill should pass to help the economy and then we would be greater than ever. Get itdone. Vote red

    1. Americans have been voting by mail for decades.
      It is how the majority of the military votes.
      We should be voting by Smartphone.
      If it is safe enough to move money it is safe enough to vote.

      1. Voting absentee ballot is different than simple mail-in voting as some states are now doing.
        Hess…hmmm…any relation to Rudolph Hess of Nazi Germany.

  2. It’s hard to find ANYONE who is not better off today than they were in 2016 — EXCEPT those who would DESTROY America !!

      1. You’re a moron. The FACTS are that before Covid (which has devastated many) people of color had lowest unemployment ever and highest median income ever, as well as Opportunity Zones and highest funding ever for HBCU’s, along with some criminal justice reforms. None of this on Democrats clock! Just like Nazi propagandists, if you continue to spew lies and distort truths, I guess morons like you and the liberal Dems will keep believing in your falsehoods.

      2. Even with all the mess created by the Pandemic, they are better off than they were 4 years ago. Obama left people of color 40% worse off economically than they were when he first took office. A vote for Biden is a vote for Socialism. In the event that happens we will all be worse off than we have been in years,

    1. I feel better off now than 2016, but people like the clintons and obamas another demo-communist are feeling the hurt and burn, that their plan FAILED

      1. Amazing that morons like you are giving Trump a hard time for the unemployment figures and the lockdown that every Dem screamed for, yet it would be OK for Biden to shut down the economy, which is what he has stated he would do. You can’t have it both ways.

  3. Americans of all color are better of under the Trumpster compared with that loser Barack! Our enemies actually fear and respect America now and our countrymen and women love our president now. MAGA 2020

    1. Our enemies do not respect Trump, they think him the fool.
      They do fear Trump, they think he will do something stupid.

      1. Only fools like you are afraid of President Trump, were brain dead Biden ever to be elected, only China would cheer, the rest of the world would shake in their boots in fear!

      2. How do you figure that Biden & his side kick will be seen by America’s enemies.America’s enemies fear our President

      3. Our enemies know that Pres. Trump is a man of his word~~ he’s proven that over and over. Built the wall (btw, Mexico IS paying for it), cut taxes, conservative justices on the SC, and 300 conservative federal judges, destroyed ISIS, destroyed Soleimani, destroyed El Bagdadi, moved the embassy to Jerusalem, rebuilt the military, supports the pipeline, supports coal miners, supports fracking, no more lockdowns, best economy on the planet in history (not once but twice!). There’s a lot more but I need to fix supper. Anyway, our enemies know he means what he says so they are very, very cautious about how they treat America.

    1. 210,000. and counting, Americans no longer fear the Chiner Flue.
      Did you know that the Spanish Flu originated in France?
      Did you know that the first infection in New York came from Italy?

      1. Did you know the first clueless idiot to post on this board is Albert Hess? C’mon man, of course we are all better off now that four years ago. We don’t have bath house barry and slo joe trying to fundamentally change America. I saw a great bumper sticker for you big Al,
        TRUMP 2020!
        MAGA 2020!
        KAG 2020!
        ACB SCOTUS 2020!

      2. The origins of the virus are confirmed to be China. Yes, Italy was hit hard due to their unholy borrowing alliance with China which required goods and services to be from China. Hence, China Covid spread to that particular section of Italy and devastated the area. Italy was hit very hard at the outset and never could recover. As for 200,000 deaths, that number is over-inflated. Some dead were never tested or confirmed; others died from other causes but apparently had Covid positive tests so official cause of death listed as Covid; many of those died due to idiot Dem politicians sending positive cases back to nursing homes when other alternatives were available. Even in spite of this, idiot Dems like Biden say that every death was preventable and Trump failed. If Biden, or Hillary, were in charge there would have been more deaths, since neither would have cut off flights from China and Europe; and, we wouldn’t be this close to a vaccine, since neither would have created Operation Warp Speed.
        Keep living in your liberal fog.

      3. Guess what, only the sick elderly need to fear, they must lock down and retreat from life, I WILL NOT !!! I wear my mask where required and feel 100% safe, and I’m 71 years young!

  4. The economy, jobs and stock market are all coming back and doing well under Trump; when something works you stick with Republican!! Trump 2020!!!

  5. Yes, we are much better off than 4 years ago. And, if Trump gets reelected for a second term we will be better off at the end of the next 4 years.

    1. in spite of the treachery and treason purported against trump, he still has done more for the prosperity and well being of the USA than the last 4 presidents combined. Wait and see the rate of improvement after he eliminates the deep state.

  6. When Reagan asked the question in 1980, it was right during the time Jimmy Carter had spent the previous 4 years totally destroying the US economy, and interest rates and inflation were both running over 17%.

    1. Furthermore, Reagan’s REAL landslide did not come until 1984 when he won 525 electoral college votes to Walter Mondale’s 13 EC votes, after Reagan had already cleaned up most of Jimmy Carter’s mess within less than four years.

  7. I am so much better off with Trump than Obama.Also when Obama Care came in we were only allowed to work 24 hours .I was making $8.50 an hour .I wish Nancy Pelosi only made that kind of wage.

  8. What? So now you guys believe polls again?
    Great! here’s more from your new favorite, Gallup Poll:

    Trump’s Job Approval Rating Steady at Lower Level

    Story Highlights

    38% currently approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president

    Record partisan gap, with 91% of Republicans, 2% of Democrats approving

    Trump’s job approval rating is down among most demographic groups

    the current poll also indicates the president’s approval rating has dropped among independents, from 39% to 33%, as well as among Democrats, from 5% to 2%.

    U.S. National Pride Falls to Record Low

    Story Highlights

    42% “extremely,” and 21% “very,” proud to be an American

    Republicans’ pride is down sharply in the past year

    First time extreme pride among whites below 50%; nonwhites’ is now 24%


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