Schumer Won’t Take Court Packing Off the Table

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Senator Chuck Schumer responded to inquiries about the potential of Democrats packing the Supreme Court should they take over the Senate and the Presidency in 2021 by stating that nothing is off the table.

According to Town Hall:

Ahead of the start of confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett Monday morning, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer backed calls for Democrats to pack the Supreme Court if they win the Senate majority and the White House on Election Day.

He’s also planning a temper tantrum to delay Barrett’s confirmation and issuing plenty of threats.

Schumer’s statement comes 24-hours after Democrat Senator Chris Coons told Fox News Sunday that Barrett’s nomination and likely confirmation, despite qualifications and constitutionality of her appointment, justifies packing the court in the future. He also lied about the definition of court packing.

It appears that the Democrats are the ones who want to destroy the institutions of this country despite them hollering that Trump is going to do so over the last four years.

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  1. Sen. Chuck Schumer is NOT an American patriot. He’s a left wing New York Jew who is anti-American and hates President Trump. I’m sure the Chinese LOVE him.

  2. Dems packing the SCOTUS was already a sure thing when DJT seated the second Justice, Bret Kavanaugh, on the court! The dye was cast at that moment!

    1. Pray for his soul! Pray God to convert HIS HEART to a TRUTH LOVING HEART for the sake of HIS IMMORTAL SOUL which JESUS DIED TO SAVE!

      We, as Catholics, we must always pray for those who are LAST, CONFUSED, or was never TAUGHT about SALVATION! Jesus died the WROST DEATH KNOWN iin our HUMAN HISTORY for one reason only, that is, for the SALVATION OF SOULS! No matter how evil a person might be, that SOUL deserves SAVING! Because, Jesus died to SAVE! “Your sin, no matter how great, is, but a drop in the OCEAN OF MY MERYC! Come to my MERCY….” Diary of Sister Fustina! ” In one of my hands there is MERCY. In my other Hand, there is JUSTICE! Come to Mercy, this is the time of MY MERCY!”

  3. If Chuck Schumer wants to destroy everything in our Constitution why is he the Dem in charge of the Senate? He will do anything to hurt America! Throw him out!

  4. Demon-craps are pathetic. This political party is not the Democrat Political Party of 20 years ago. They are now an extreme, America hating, liberal, moronic gaggle of communist fools.

    1. But how come they keep getting away with theses stunts. Have Republicans no guts to stand up to these jerks or are they just stupid. If Republicans pulled these kinds of stupid tactics the dems would have 5 impeachments in the works. Confirm Barrett now and get on with the business of governmnet.

      1. Most of the “stunts” can only be squelched in the House. The House was more pro-American under the tutelage of Tip O’Neill when Reagan was President than any time since. I know, you are going to tell me that Ryan was Speaker the first 2 years with Trump. And that proves what? Ryan was the turd in Trump’s punch bowl. I’d rather have had a Tip O’Neill the first 2 years of Trump’s administration.

    2. Actually the Democrat party was hijacked some 60 years ago by the Communist Party USA. They have worked slowly but surely towards their goal of Communism and we are starting to see the effects of it.Keep voting Democrat and it will happen sooner than even they expected it.

  5. Dems have been planning to add seats to the scotus for month – maybe since Trump got Kavanau on the court. They will now say they HAD to do it because Trump “packed” the court with ACB. Adding a person while you are potus when there is a vacancy is NOT packing. The polls show voters are strongly apposed to court packing but I am not sure enough will vote rep to keep it from happening. The dems are trying to play nice during the confirmation and then bam – they will strike.

    1. you really don’t think they are honest/ and they haven changed word meanings of words in Webster’s

    2. We’ve already seen massive evidence that the Anti American Socialist liberals don’t give a tinkers dam what the American people want. They should have been removed from office and tried for sedition and/ or treason, for their betrayal. The evidence wouldn’t have to be fabricated, as they have been doing with the President.

  6. Senator Schumer (and others), you do realize that the members of the Supreme Court are NOT supposed to make law. The Legislative branch creates laws that the Supreme Court may only rule on the Constitutionality of those laws. Members of the Supreme Court take an oath to leave aside political leanings and only vote on the Constitutionality of those laws. “Court Packing” is an illegal act and members who do not follow their oath of impartiality should be removed as being subversive to the law of the land, not retain their “life appointments” as they have perjured themselves.

  7. I think the thing that really burns me about all of this, is that if the Dems had this situation presented to them; ie. they had the WH and the Senate and they were presented with the opportunity to seat a SCOTUS Justice 8 weeks before an election that they would just not do it, because it would be more fair to wait until after the election and if they lost they would just let the new President seat the Justice? If ANYONE believe that, I have a bridge in New York I’d like to sell you! When was the last time you saw the Dems do something that was fair? Give me a break, they would do exactly what we are doing. AND they would tell us to look at the Constitution, that a President is elected for 4 years not 3 and that he is the President until the day the next President is inaugurated.

  8. One thing to attend to, if ever we have the power to do so, is to ram through a Constitutional Amendment that fixes SCOTUS at 9 justices, to keep this crap from ever coming up again.

    In addition, we ought to reexamine that SCOTUS arrogated to itself to be the final arbiter as to what is Constitutional or not…

  9. We might as well EXPECT the Democrats to orchestrate some kind of sneak attack. THAT is their “accepted” way of doing anything, even if they have to “manufacture” it!!!

  10. The Demoncrats are always shooting themselves in the foot. All of their manipulation when the had both Senate and House are coming back to bite them. Pray God they never succeed in their election fraud. May God arise and let his enemies be scattered and defeated.

  11. Schumer the cloaca of congress. This idiot should have been fired a long long time ago. The poster child for term limits in congress for all politicians, equal to or less than those of the president. We went to war with England because of one tyrant, just to replace him with the screwed up system we now have. A system developed by politicians for politicians. They have come to the point to give themselves a pay increase any time they wish without the approval of we the people who have to pay for their salaries.

  12. Wa-wa-wa! Stamp your feet and throw a temper tantrum and, while you are at it, destroy the country as we know it.

  13. the dems should have run bigfoot instead of biden,bigfoot makes more appearances and Kamals wouldn’t mind appliying her tecniques to the top.

  14. Lets pack the court until we have a 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000 justices!!!!
    Democrats are always the rotten food that causes the subsequent diarrhea!!!!

  15. Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer is a repulsive little man. Judge ACB is probably one of the best candidates “ever” to agree to join the Supreme Court. She and Justice Kavanaugh are probably two of the finest people on Planet Earth!

  16. SCHUMER is a true demorat and anti-american also a CHEAP but head to cheap to buy a pair of descent bifocal eye glasses looks like he gets the one’s he wears from the 99 cent store LOL



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