Source Verifies Damaging Biden Corruption Info

White House [Public Domain]

A source, who was on the email chain that outlined a scheme to give former Vice President Joe Biden a payout from a deal with a Chinese energy firm has confirmed the veracity of the email to Fox News.

According to Fox News:

One email, dated May 13, 2017, and obtained by Fox News, includes a discussion of “remuneration packages” for six people in a business deal with a Chinese energy firm. The email appeared to identify Hunter Biden as “Chair / Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC,” in an apparent reference to now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co.

The email includes a note that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.” A proposed equity split references “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” with no further details. Fox News spoke to one of the people who was copied on the email, who confirmed its authenticity.

Sources told Fox News that “the big guy” is a reference to the former vice president. The New York Post initially published the emails and other controversial messages that Fox News has also obtained.

The Bidens’ relationship with Ukraine came under special attention last year as House Democrats pursued an impeachment inquiry surrounding President Trump’s now-infamous July 25 call with Ukraine’s president. In it, Trump asked President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the former vice president, who was suspected of abusing his authority to pressure the government into firing its top prosecutor.

The Biden campaign has pointed to investigations by the press and two GOP led Senate Committees which were unable to come up with any wrongdoing on behalf of Biden. However, a new investigation has arisen to see if the FBI was in possession of this damaging information during impeachment where the Dems were impeaching the sitting U.S. President, without evidence, for precisely what the evidence showed the Bidens were doing

    1. Agree 100% Democrats could care less about America all they know is that the MSM has taught them to hate Trump and America

      1. The RATS are already saying that Trump colluded with the Russians and they are who gave Rudy the Biden laptop,they are true to the old democrat playbook,always accuse your opponents of what you are doing and then keep right on doing what they’ve been doing.

    2. Demturds are paid to hate America. A civil war is coming if no one will get rid of the demturds then it’ll be up to the ppl. My prediction

    3. USA TODAY Fabrication says; “The unlikely account of how emails related to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, surfaced raised immediate questions about Russian involvement, particularly because U.S. officials have warned that Russia is interfering again, this time in the 2020 election. USA TODAY SAYS “FBI probing whether emails in New York Post story about Hunter Biden are tied to Russian disinformation, that the FBI is investigating whether emails published by the New York Post about Hunter Biden are linked to a Russian effort to spread disinformation.”


  1. If the old-time Democrats (and there still are some, though few perhaps) can access this information by bypassing the corrupt lame-stream media, they would swing to Trump. That;s why the globalist corporations which own the networks put a lockdown on the media and social media.

  2. This Covid Virus was a manmade killer and the scumbags that are behind doing this should be shot where they stand Fauci is one of them. Barr better get off his ass and do something quick

    1. Wait till after this election … if Biden Wins we can take it back and get rid of millions of Demorats at the same time !

    2. It’s a landslide win for Trump. All this is just smoke that will end up burning the democrats when if Trump turns it into fire

  3. At the beginning of this new election, Biden himself knew dam well he was full of corrupt business. That is why he did not throw his hat in the beginning. That is why Obama, did not and will not endorse him. Obama knew of Biden’s dealings too. The Democrat congressmen and woman below them were not aware. They pressured Biden to run for president not knowing the consequences, and now everything is coming to light. Surprised to know that the Washington Post brought Hunter Biden’s story. Two thumbs up.

    1. The other democrats knew about this. It was part of their plan. They ALL knew it. Now we just need the voters to re-elect Trump so the rest of this can be exposed and these democrats go to prison!

      1. If Biden gets elected the paper shredders will be running 24-7 and he gets off scott free,lack of evidence.

        1. And China will suffer no repercussions for unleashing an Obama-paid-for Virus (see Obama’s $3.7 million dollar grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology shortly before he left office) on the world.

  4. Since this evidience and sources have come forward about biden doing this, I question why would he run for any office knowing that this could come out. Was it because he knew the FBI and all other federal agencies were sitting on this information with the evidience to back it up (laptop and former partner of Hunter Biden)?
    If it is as it appears to me, that in fact all federal agencies were in the know about this, and had the evidence, joe biden thought he would become President since Hillary didn’t to protect not only himself but others that did crimes like this too.
    If this is true, this country is in far worse shape than most of us were aware of.
    Not only are elected officials harming this country but own federal agencies being part of this means our justice system is dead when it come to equal justice for all.
    This explains why Wray is STILL the director of the FBI and why Barr is the Attorney General.

    1. James Wray should have been fired from the FBI instead of promoted to Director when they had the “mini house cleaning”! I said it then and I also thought a lot more agents in at least supervisory level positions should have been fired! It’s too bad we could not have fired the entire intel community and started from scratch! That’s the only way to get all the corrupted rotten wood out!
      Don’t think AG Bill Barr can be included in this because after DJT took office he had AG Jeff Sessions, when DJT fired him there was a interim AG before he brought in AG Barr! I believe Bill Barr was working in the corporate world or in a law firm before coming in.

      1. Barr is very careful to follow the law and EVIDENCE. Despite the fact that we would like to see prosecutions before November Barr will not bring charges if he feels he doesn’t have enough irrefutable evidence for a conviction.
        If we want to see the guilty brought to justice we MUST vote to reelect President Trump, take back the House and hold the Senate.

      2. This isn’t the show “Law and Order”! There is no crime, arrest, trial in an hour. In reality, it takes sometimes a year or two, sometimes more to go to trial. All the t’s must be crossed, the i’s dotted and enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, to convict. Barr is following the law and making sure he has a winning case. There are many indictments underway, that we don’t know who or what, but we will, sooner or later, when the time is right.

    2. I believe you have touched the ‘vital’ nerve. Do we have an FBI or has it been reconfigured into the DBE (democrat bureau of escape). The FBI has had “IN THEIR POSSESSION” data which would have PREVENTED the ‘Russia” witch hunt and the LAUGHABLE phony (Pelosi) impeachment fiasco. This (now ridiculous) organization should be COMPLETELY reorganized and ALL the top brass put out to pasture (or indicted, as the case may be).

  5. Don’t vote any demturds for anything. They are all bought by the elites.
    It will be the end of America if they win. You can count on it!!!
    I wouldn’t vote any demturd for dog catcher.
    They tried to impeach our great president when all the while they were the ones needed to be ousted. Vote republican the only way to save America.

    1. I agree. I thought the mantra of the DemonKraps is “No one is above the law” unless it’s their corrupt people. Wouldn’t surprise me if Soros is paying people inside the current administration to withhold information. Like head of FBI. How many times has he been slow to release info requested by Congress.
      Get out and vote RED up and down the ticket.
      In PERSON

  6. Mark my words, these dirtbags are going to piss the american people iff so bad that I wouldb’t be surprised if they eliminated that dirty scumbag before they can ruin our lives! They are begging for war! We all know that President Trump will win in a landslide and they had better watch their backs if they try to screw the american people from our choices! They gave no idea just how much they have enraged us with their filthy criminal behavior!

  7. Joe Biden should have had a blinking red sign embedded in his forehead that reads CORRUPT…….for 47 years and maybe longer! He, Hunter and Lord knows who else need some serious jail time! This goes further than bribes, graft, and corruption………think the security of America and maybe treason!
    No wonder DJT has been saying if Biden is elected China will own America! China, Ukraine, Russian and who in hades else?

    1. AND, I forgot to include more proof of Biden’s untruthfulness! He said he has never discussed Hunter’s business dealings with him and knows nothing about them! Well it seems “the big guy” knows everything about everything and is involved in it up to his “botox face and hair plugs”!

      1. Who’s to say the big guy might not be referencing Barack Obama,he’s been living mighty high of the hog since leaving office.

    2. The biggest reason the democommies are so corrupt is that they have their press agents running interference for them.

      1. If Biden wins the election then I have lost all faith in the American peoples ability to govern themselves.

  8. Commies always accuse their enemies of doing precisely what they, themselves, are doing. I think it’s part of their “initiation into the Secret Society of Wombats.” They all vie for the prestigious honor of being the top “Pooba.”


    1. I think Dick Durbin lied through his teeth after months of investagating and he came up with nothing. of course he is a democrat so i never expected him to come up with anything you think he would implacate his own party.He needs to be investagated.

  10. This is what happens when the American Public has no connection to the main-stream-media and the “secondary” media is denounced as dangerous, conspiracy theorists – the lying, cheating, stealing of the Leninist, Democrat Domestic Terrorist party is covered up. Now, though, it sounds like they are not only terrorizing America, but have gone international.
    We need a national TRUE American news source that is on TV 24/7 so an American citizen has a choice to watch accurate reporting instead of the alphabet-liars.

  11. Every single person involved in this government run felony MUST be put in prison after being found guilty at trial because IF THEY DO NOT do this our government will do it again and again.

    1. Un known. Dealing with a company that is for Damocraps it is doubtful till after the election . so far I have read they will be taken to court over the sensor ship . At this time that’s all I know.

      1. I dont thing the social media outlets can hold on much longer,they are getting calls for their heads on a platter and they are now trying to walk everything back so first part of next week will how afraid they really are.Bidens going down with or without facebook and twitters help so they will choose company survival over ruination.

  12. Biden picked a crackhead and a junkie for a business partner and is getting his butt burned for it in front of the entire world who are watching with much interest so one has to ask was his pick for vice president made with the same amount of recklessness? The country needs to call a time out and make the democrats go back to the drawing board and bring us out a couple of new democrat candidates who can at least pass the smell test!

  13. Use all your resources to spread this information. Write letters to your local newspapers, post on social media, have rallies and stand up for our Country, Law Enforcement & the President. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED.
    If you re in California, please download and sign the Recall Gavin Newsom petition. Visit and read the instructions.
    Recalling Gavin Newsom and Defeating Prop 15 is the best gift Californians can give President Trump and of course the votes to increase his popular vote.numbers.

  14. As we speak USA Today is running with a Story that the FBI is investigating the Biden matter as created by the Russians.
    USA TODAY Fabrication says; “The unlikely account of how emails related to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, surfaced raised immediate questions about Russian involvement, particularly because U.S. officials have warned that Russia is interfering again, this time in the 2020 election. USA TODAY SAYS “FBI probing whether emails in New York Post story about Hunter Biden are tied to Russian disinformation, that the FBI is investigating whether emails published by the New York Post about Hunter Biden are linked to a Russian effort to spread disinformation.”

  15. The only way things are going to change is we need to start protesting and our Spineless Republicans need to get off there ass and demand this gets invested, also the DOJ has to crawl out of the Swamp and press changes if not we are done as a Country and our laws mean nothing

  16. My son-in-law has DTS so badly he asserts that the President is selfish and everything he says is a lie. He further insists that Trump has not done one good thing for the country. And he refuses to believe anything bad about Biden or Harris. He claims that they are all false accusations and they would never do anything to harm the United States. He doesn’t even believe that Harris arranged to have rioter bailed out of jail. There is no reasoning with him. He will never vote For Trump no matter how bad the opposition may be. This is the sort of derangement we have to deal with if we are to save our republic and preserve our freedom & liberty.


  18. The FBI took possession of Hunters laptop SIX MONTHS ago folks. That means our justice department has known all about what we are just now finding out and yet not one arrested. Is Barr And Wray deep state ? Of course they are and Haspel as well. Come on President Trump Fire the scum and lets make America truly GREAT

  19. Oh it MATTERS…. just like BLM, blue lives matter, ALL lives matter… it ALL MATTERS!
    Wait til’ you see the hoards of shocked people who haven’t voted for Biden yet, and really didn’t wan’t to believe the horrible actions of then V.P. Biden… the title should be stripped from him as well, since he sold his office to the highest bidder! He brought SHAME on the FAMILY NAME… but that is what doesn’t MATTER when your crime FAMILY IS HEAPED IN CRIME !!!

  20. To save our country from the do nothing democrats is to get out and vote 100% Donald Trump 2020. The democrats and Joe biden are out to destroy our country and to take your life away from you so they can control your every move. Wake up Democrats out there and vote Trump 2020. Get out from under their control and be free with Trump 2020

  21. Oh it MATTERS….just like BLM, blue lives matter, ALL lives matter.. it ALL MATTERS!
    Wait til’ you see the hoRds of shocked people who haven’t voted for Biden yet, and really didn’t want to believe the horrible actions of then V.P. Biden.. the title should be stripped from him ad well..along with his pension, since he sold his office to the highest bidder.. (Change out two letters of ‘bidder’ and what do you have? Why ‘Biden’, of course! He brought SHAME on the FAMILY NAME…That is ACTUALLY what ‘DOESN’T MATTER’ because as the news has it currently, his Crime family is HEAPED IN CRIME !!!

  22. i’d bet the savvy business owner who had the laptop may have a receipt from the FBI or should have had one. There must be some record when it was picked up. Next.


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