DOJ Files Antitrust Suit Against Google

Maurizio Pesce, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Department of Justice has filed its long-awaited antitrust lawsuit against the tech giant, Google. The suit alleges that Google has engaged in anticompetitive conduct in an effort to preserve its monopoly in search and search advertising. Google has become so ingrained in American lives and technology that it has left little room for competitors to make any headway in the field.

The lawsuit follows an investigation by the Department of Justice spanning over a year and is the most aggressive U.S. legal challenge to a tech company in over 20 years. The last similar case was filed against Microsoft Corp. in 1998 which eventually resulted in a settlement.

In a report from Fox Business:

The department alleged that Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., is maintaining its status as gatekeeper to the internet through an unlawful web of exclusionary and interlocking business agreements that shut out competitors. The government alleged that Google uses billions of dollars collected from advertisements on its platform to pay mobile-phone manufacturers, carriers and browsers, like Apple Inc.’s Safari, to maintain Google as their preset, default search engine.

The lawsuit also took aim at arrangements in which Google’s search application is preloaded, and can’t be deleted, on mobile phones running its popular Android operating system. The government alleged Google unlawfully prohibits competitors’ search applications from being preloaded on phones under revenue-sharing arrangements.

Google owns or controls search distribution channels accounting for about 80% of search queries in the U.S., the lawsuit said. That means Google’s competitors can’t get a meaningful number of search queries and build a scale needed to compete, leaving consumers with less choice and less innovation, and advertisers with less competitive prices, the lawsuit alleged.

It’s unlikely that the major tech company will shrink from the lawsuit as they currently sit on top of an over $120 billion empire. However, if Google is handed a loss in the suit the company could be facing court-ordered changes that could open up the field for more competitors.

  1. It’s about damn time that Trump took his gloves off with big Tech and handed down the antitrust lawsuit against them where’s the one for Facebook Twitter and YouTube!

  2. it should not be that we have to get behind the atty. gen. with a pitchfork to get legal action on the subject of censorship.

    GO TRUMP 2020 !!

    1. or biden, obama, clinton pelosi, schumer and the whole democrat party the whole bunch are no good scumbag law breakers who think they are above the law

  4. Its about time these republicans start getting some back bone and start fighting back against the crooked DEMOCRAPS and there associates Media Hollywoodies no nothing Sports Figures Phonies and Announcer’s and the rest of these corrupt people who will ruin this COUNTRY OF OURS NOT THERES THEY JUST VISIT HERE they have other homes elsewhere if trouble arise here in our country we cannot go anywhere else we live and work here we will suffer not them after they try to destroy our America……………….thank you

  5. It won’t be just the DOJ going after Google – several other nations are loolinng at the same/similar actions against Google

  6. It is about time this happened I remember when google was hardly known by most people just people that was really into computers myself I am trying to stay away from them anymore they are so corrupt now and put money and politics over true information to the point you may have to go thru 6 pages of crap to find what you are looking for

  7. Thank you President Trump! Google (and some other tech companies) need to be punished severely for their bias and censorship while claiming that they are “UNBIAS” and a free speech / expression organization. THEY ARE LIARS. They are pushing their liberal agenda and getting away with murder.

  8. About time something like this happened and now add Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft to the list. All of them have the same Monopoly on their section of Big Tech. There needs to be more Competition in the field so prices come back down to where us peons can afford the tech.

  9. It will end like the microsoft suit ending in a settlement where the rich get richer, (including many politicians), but no real change in operation. The consumer is still getting less and paying more

  10. google insinuates visual spying….indeed that’s how they started out…they had a spy program for the government …..that’s where google maps came from,,they are a monopoly just like Bell Telephone

  11. I have used Duckduckgo as my search engine for a long time, and am very pleased with it. I do not use Chrome or GMail either.

  12. I hope and pray that they don’t bribe their way out of it and they are held to account in the strongest possible terms. They have become totally offensive and need to be broken up!

  13. I have mixed emotions on anti-trust activities but cannot think of a more worthwhile government function except of course, national defense. Monopolies are anathema to free enterprise and privately owned businesses.

    It’s plain for everyone to see that Google, Twitter and Facebook are monopolies. Now that they’ve crossed the Rubicon, these colossal high-tech entities must be divided into competitive parcels both for access by individual customers and for ownership by private entrepreneurs.

    I wish the government could be defined as a “special case” monopoly and similar principles could be applied to entities like public education. I understand some of the technical difficulties of privatizing public education, the biggest of which is size, but believe it needs to be undone by altering the method of funding.


  15. Truthfully the I termed should have never been put up. The shit ain’t safe never has been never will be. No matter what there will always someone somewhere can hack and steal your information money identity. But yes Google should be knocked down to size. For the money we pay for these phones and services no one should ever be blocked or band . this is what happens when people like Google get to rich. And now we will soon be having to worry about our own government banding our us currency and making it illegal to use it . this fed coin Bullshit will be happening soon . hide and watch. So they can track you every where you go and know what you bought and even stop you from buying completely if they don’t want you to have something. They are using this China virus as part of the reason for getting rid of our paper money. Fedcoins like but coins. Online news source tonight said the damocraps are planning a communist take over . and even left a 8645 sign beside a news woman while on air and says this was for our President and Trump is you they were referring to 8645 means assassinate . Look in the urban dictionary. They are threatening Mr. Trumps life. And Biden crooked doings is only a part of what is going on pelosie is in on it as well and Oboma Adam shit and the crooked part of the feds. Just because they don’t like Trump and they are selling America to communist China. All over hunter biden. All Biden’s are crooks for over 30 years .

  16. The heads of these media giants have made unbelievable claims as to why they are innocent of any wrongdoing, but all those protestations are dwarfed by the recent overt censoring of conservative postings. I have no doubt that they are guilty as hell of election fraud. It’s too bad that this isn’t last February and we could do this stuff right the first time. And that includes knowledge of Hunter Biden’s laptop.


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