Former RNC Chairman Officially Endorses Biden in Op-Ed

Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos / Public domain

Former RNC Chairman and member of the anti-Trump Lincoln project has officially endorsed Joe Biden for president.

The move proves that access to power and riches Trump value loyalty — always.

According to The Daily Wire:

“I am an American, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,” Steele wrote in an op-ed for NBC News. “And I am voting for Joe Biden on Nov. 3.”

“Over the last 150 years, the Republican Party, at its best, built on the legacy of its founders, and championed freedom not only throughout our country but around the world,” Steele wrote, appealing to the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. “In my lifetime, my party insisted upon not just ending, but winning, the Cold War and toppling murderous regimes that denied basic freedoms to their oppressed people. Republicans also were the lead advocates for market-based economic systems that reduced the rate of extreme poverty globally from over 35 percent in 1990 to less than 10 percent in 2017 — an astonishing but largely overlooked achievement that benefited hundreds of millions.”

By contrast, Steele argued, Trump cares only about promoting himself. “Rather than binding up the nation’s wounds, Trump exacerbates division. Rather than standing up to the world’s dictators, Trump cravenly seeks the favor of thugs. Rather than fostering free enterprise, Trump embraces economic principles not only outdated in Lincoln’s time but made even worse today by a leader who lost close to a billion dollars in a single year running a casino. Rather than seeking to build on the legacy of the Republican Party’s founders, of which Trump is surely ignorant, Trump has posited a single purpose for the GOP — the celebration of him.”

Conceding that many of the issues Trump pinpointed are legitimate grievances, such as sneering coastal elites, education disparity, and impeded economic mobility, Steele maintained that such things should be addressed “responsibly” and not “demagogically.”

Stelle also tweeted out an ad he did for the Lincoln Project:

Steele stated that he disagrees with Biden on policy but hopes he will help the country heal with policies he vehemently opposes. This is the logic of the unhinged anti-Trump “right.”

      1. He sounds like so many lifelong Republicans who see that Trump is not.
        This Johnny Come Lately has only be a registered Republican for 10 years.

      1. Yes you are right Steel is a lifelong establishment republican. What he wants is the old republican party the do nothing republican party that is controlled by a few. They just talk with no action or leadership. That’s the party Steel wants back.

  1. So steel is voting for a mob member who alis with china to do their bidding and he has the gaul to talk about President Trump. I also want to say that the thought of these sleezebags being able to mute the President of the United States during the debates( or at any time) is criminal!!!!!

    1. When someone insists on talking over someone else there is nothing sleazy about turning off their mic. Trump is like a kindergartner that way.

      1. Hes got to defend himself since the moderators suppress his answers and elevate his imbecile opponent! Why do they chage the rules wthout consulting the other side. If Trumps people were doing it, I can just hear the screamng lunatics in the donkey side what they would bee saying and doing. Bunch of COWARDS!

      2. Oh and Biden didn’t do any talking over the President. Actually Biden is the one that started the interfering if you look at the video you idiot.

  2. Michael Steele wouldn’t know character and decency if it hit him up side the head! Also, who does this narcissist thinks cares who he supports? Obviously he belongs with Joe Biden and his entire criminal family!!!

  3. I guess he is a fan of murdering babies, open borders, anti Constitution, anti America. I hope he is happy and his family will be pleased with him.

  4. Who cares what that loser has to say. He singlehandedly screwed up the Republican Party apparatus. It took two cycles to correct his errors. Then he was all butt hurt because the party showed him the door. Wouldn’t you know he ran right to a liberal media outlet crying like a baby. One big mistake.

    1. He is playing the role of the useful idiot for the dims. Once they have no more use for him, they will forget he ever existed.

        1. Do you expect foul play to occur? It is that how so called Conservatives deal with anyone who opposes Trump?

          1. Excuse me, but you are confused. The only people who are involved in foul play are your Socialist friends. They are supporting the groups like Antifa, who are rioting, burning down homes and businesses, assaulting Trump supporters and murdering police officers. Your VP candidate, Harris is an avowed Marxist and has endorsed these violent groups and encouraged them to continue, in the same manner.

  5. Who cares who this rich punk votes for? Effing traitor. I always hated Biden and will not vote for that nasty hair sniffer. Cry me a river when Trump wins fool!!

    1. He is not rich. He is the former head of the Republican National Committee. Who voted for him for that position?

  6. It’s not a personality contest! It’s a policy contest. Joe Biden would be so horrible for this country! Pres. Trump is perfect for our country. It’s about the U.S. not other countries. I couldn’t care less about other countries or what they do.

    1. You must be new to politics, getting elected is all about personality. People do not vote for people because they understand and like their policy. They vote for someone they would like to spend some time with, someone they find likeable .

      1. That is one of the dumbest posts that I have ever read. When Trump first started his bid for the presidency, I heard people say they didn’t like him. My response was always, “ He is not coming to your home, for dinner. We are NOT hiring a friend.”

  7. I don’t know who this guy is! Republicans have heard democrats, rhinos and new people say everything negative about our President. I trust President Trump. I will continue to support him!

  8. Steel you really are a stupid democrat, stop pretending to be a republican. Trump has done more for this country than any body else before him. And the bad things you have said about Trump are things that the democrats have been doing to destroy this country and if you can’t see that well dig your head out of your ass. biden is the biggest criminal his whole family are criminals.

    1. He is a lifelong Republican, and he still is.
      Trump changes parties for the same reason he changes his underwear, because he has soiled them.

      1. You are nothing but a nasty troll who thinks he knows something about politics. Why don’t you just troll your butt right out of here? You will not win here. It matters not what you say. So flip off and say goodbye. You are history.

  9. Go ahead elect Joe Biden. Then, you will ask “what happened to the USA? Remember your vote and you will have the answer?

  10. Americans will put Biden,Harris ,and the rest of the “Swamp” where they belong! On the trash heap of History…Gitmo! Make that a new state,with reps!

  11. I remember him from the GWB days, I believe.
    His article tells me he’s UNINFORMED and has a really bad case of DELUSION not to mention he hates the President.
    If joe is elected, it won’t be long before he realizes and regrets his vote.
    Folks, very simple. This election is really and truly a choice between good and evil.
    Say goodbye to our country if the 2 crazies get elected. Truly pains me to think about it much less write about it.

      1. Albert, if you hate the country that you live in and want a communist regime, why don’t you leave? It’s an honest question? Why stay?
        You must know the countries I’m thinking of for your next residency. It would be the ultimate eutopia for you.
        Leave us alone to enjoy our freedoms and God given rights! But you won’t leave because you’re a coward with a potty liberal mouth.

      2. Stick around these conservative sights you may learn some thing. Angry liberal does not look good on you or anyone. Open your mind and the right vote will follow.

  12. No surprise. Steele was a worthless RINO chairman who only succeeded in running down the repub party. He truly belongs on msnbc.

  13. This guy is an idiot. His fundamental premises are screwed up – and wrong! Therefore His conclusions are ridiculous.

  14. Just pray and watch what God will do.
    This is not a political battle. It is a battle of everything evil against what is our God given rights, our constitution, our religious freedoms, and what is just, and Godly

      1. if that would be true then Please PLEASE read The Bible and let the Spirit of God show you the Evil that wants to swallow up this dear USofA through the socialist, communist, globalist, defrauding, lying, cheating, thieving, depraved, murders of innocent babies (abortionists), pedophilic, human trafficking left.
        Lord God have mercy on us!!
        #fourmoreyears of your mercy Lord God!!
        God bless President Trump and may God bless America!!!
        “You will know them by their fruits, a bad tree cannot produce good fruit”, “the dark cannot produce light but runs from it”
        …your Bible, if you truly even own one…..

  15. Mr Steele is not about healing this nation. He is about being on the side of more power. Think of how much could have been accomplished if the President had the cooperation of all government parties. Who is really to blame for all the dissention Mr Steele is not a leader. He is a follower. Sad. Very disappointing

    1. Mr Trump is not about healing this nation. He is about being on the side of more power. Think of how much could have been accomplished if the President had cooperated with all government parties. Who is really to blame for all the dissention, Mr Trump is not a leader. He is is just sad, very disappointing

      1. Think of all the good which could have been accomplished had the Dems not obstructed everything that he tried to do and wasted time with ridiculous political nonsense. If not for China and its virus, the US would be continuing to have unsurpassed prosperity, employment and opportunity for all. That is a fact. It’s OK to disagree with other politicos but the hatred and vitriol directed at Trump and Republicans is astounding. Dems have nothing positive to add, only destruction and hatred.

      2. I wonder why you have not received any positive responses! Should make you realize that you are making a total idiot of yourself!

  16. It’s no wonder the RNC has been so derelict in their mandate to actively and effectively promote the Trump Presidency. They have too many RINO’s embedded in their ranks. You don’t see many Democrats, past or present, turning on their Party.

    1. The RNC has no mandate to actively and effectively promote a recent ‘convert’ to the Republican party. The Democrats are happy, enough, with their ‘leadership’. There are now millions and millions of lifelong registered Republicans who hate Trump’s guts. And so many people who have never voted love him. Only in America. It is what makes America great.

      1. The radical, socialist, do as I say, not what I do Democrats, are happy with….. Aintifa is only an Idea Nadler, Shiffty Sneaky Lying Schiff, Crazy Obstructionist Nancy, Chucky Schumer, Snaky Criminal Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden……really does make sense when you think of it!

  17. Michael Steele, another idiot who hates DJT more than he loves America!
    It is a easy decision, or it should be……..why does anyone get hung up on not personally liking or approving of DJT? I don’t care if he is as mean as a junkyard dog, what I want from the President is his proven record of making promises to the American people and keeping them! He has been doing this for four years AND he will for four more years!

    1. I love America. I “hate” DJT. I do not approve of people I do not like. I do not vote for people I do not like.I do not want to led by a junkyard dog.
      Achievements – 100 miles of wall a year, defeating Obamacare, one of the highest death rates from covid 19, in the world, the highest rate of deficit increase since WW@, there must be something else.

  18. Steele is going to feel real stupid endorsing a guy who at any time could be removed from office and into federal custody for corruption.

        1. You obviously believe in Socialism and total government control over every aspect of our lives. You could find that in almost any other country. Why would you want to impose that on America?

  19. Who cares about a traitorous RINO. If he think the dims are going to put him up on a pedestal, he is in for a rude awakening. Once President Trump is sworn in for a second term, the dims won’t acknowledge this foolish person and he will have burned his bridges with the real Conservative Republicans.

  20. So, Michael Steele is joining the Communist (Democrat) Party. Apparently, he wants America destroyed. Congratulation Mr. Steele on abandoning your country.

  21. Did an awful job at the RNC as well as his own campaign for some office in Maryland, I think. Has been a hack on CNN ever since. Who’s going to miss him or pay any attention to who he ‘supports’

  22. Michael Steele needed to wait until he could get confirmation that Biden was dirty with his dealings in Ukraine and China before he could put his official stamp of approval on Biden for President. Now that he knows for sure Biden is dirty he feels much more comfortable supporting someone that supposedly has the opposite view of government than he does, right?

    Was Michael Steele a supporter of socialism when he was head of the RNC? How does that happen that someone goes from the head of one party to supporting the candidate of the other party? Michael Steele wants to support Constitutional norms so he is supporting a candidate that may pack the Supreme Court, add two new states for political advantage and ran a sham impeachment process, oh and supports the candidate that was involved in trying to undermine the current President during the transition from one administration to another! That is what Michael Steele stands for, wow! Steele is the epitome of a deep state loving Republican, happy to lose as long as he gets a seat to watch all the action, now he is clearly a LOSER!

    1. Steele needs to stop taking the Big Pharma medications Hillary had prescribed for him. They are really messing with his brain.


  24. SAD to learned of Mr.Steele voting for BIDEN. I am a DEMOCRAT and Latino but Trump has done more more minorities in 3 years than Biden in 47 years in politics. What kind of moron are you Mr. STEELE

  25. Even though Steele opposes Trump, he won’t find what he wants in the way of sensible policies in Biden’s Democrat Party Platform. Big grandstanding gesture. Makes Steele look pretty ignorant of what the GOP stands for. Big mistake.

  26. All part of the swamp, eh Steel? Were you their token? If you were on the Trump Train, you would have amounted to more than that. But lets face it, you would have had to work for it.

  27. why do the liberals aka Democratic party always put so much “stock” in a RINO that flips to their side?( or announces their grand migration to the left)?..They’re still just one damn vote and frankly this traitor, Michael Steele, was never a real Republican, in my book anyway.. this is a snooze fest..get on with the real news…

  28. Michael Steele left out the part about how he was pimping young girls to big RNC donors while he was the RNC chairman — which is why, when he got caught, he is no longer RNC chairman.
    He and Biden are a perfect match.

  29. Steele has NEVER been a Republican. He is an opportunist and goes to the Party where he can get the most money. He will regret this decision.

  30. This IDIOT even contradicts HIMSELF and doesn’t even realize it!!! Case in point:

    “Steele stated that he disagrees with Biden on policy but hopes he will help the country heal with policies he vehemently opposes.”

    If he already disagrees with Biden’s policies, how can he POSSIBLY expect the country to heal with those same policies???? He is DEFINITELY talking out of both sides of his mouth and at the same time!!!

  31. Steele dossier LOL? He favors Biden on everything but policy? What an ignorant statement. The Democrats now oppose everything the Republican Party stands for, congrats. Who is creating racial and other division, Trump? This blind guy can’t see it’s one of the fundamentals of Leftest strategy. Has he ever even heard of Saul Alinsky or Cloward & Piven? Not winning policy, but creation of a mess so huge that only government can address the issues created.

  32. You are not a Republican or Conservative and your vote for Biden confirms that you want this Country to fail big time!! Who has time for decorum and niceties when you are falsely attacked for years by the rabid Left? Shame on you and know we will remember this betrayal!!

  33. ‘Constitutional norms matter’…so he’s gonna vote for Biden?
    Sounds like he’s voting for homecoming king instead of on the issues.
    God help us.

  34. Thank God he is not in Trumps administration and I think he was promised a position if Braindead Biden wins I just keep praying that Trump wins and God protects him because the evil that is in America won’t stop at anything to take out Trump only God can provide protection from the sick evil DemonRatz and the Swamp

  35. Looser, he could not orchestrate even a minor victory election cycle during his tenure. Just another RINO that is locked out of the anti establishment Trump Administration and is pressing his greasy nose on the windows of the white house and bitter because he is no longer relevant in the new GOP🤪

  36. In other words Mr. Steele you really don’t want the United States of America to continue to be a leader in the world. Do you really have your head in the sand, and don’t realize what this man has done for the USA? Sure he may be a little crass at times, but he has turned the economy into a robust economy. Wait and see if Biden wins all I can say is God save us.
    THINK before you really vote for Biden, please.

  37. Steele has lost his marbles. Trump has restored the economy, defeated ISIS, rebuilt the military, got us out of the Paris accord, slowed Iran nuclear development and much more. What do you want Mr. Steele? Do you really believe a far left socialist is better than your vision of Trump. I was not a Trump fan in 2016, but I had the courage to say I was wrong. Obvious I voted for him over Hillary because it was the right thing to do. Voting for a lefty because you don’t like Trump is insane.

  38. This guy has been a loser all his life. And that goes when he called himself a Republican. He was STILL a LOSER.

  39. It’s disappointing that Steele has turned traitor, preferring Biden/Harris, Socialist anti American regime. Every thing the Socialists plan to do will end the U S, as we know it. Biden will either be led by the party to follow their agenda, or he will be declared incapable of making decisions, and Harris will take over. Harris who is an avowed Marxist, and endorses Antifa’s violence. This is what people like Steele are voting for. God help us all.

  40. Mr. Steele has just joined the list of Benedict Arnolds and will be remembered as such in the history books. And the same things that happened to Benedict Arnold will happen to him. He will be looked down upon by the very people, (Democrats) he is now supporting and will never be trusted by either party. The man has lost everything and very specifically his honor an trust in him. He will forever be a non-entity that will fade into unknown history. May God have pity on his soul.

  41. “I am an American, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,” He is none of those things. With that said, we don’t need any of these traitor RINO’s in the Republican party!


  43. Steele is a traitor to the American ideal. He craps on the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. He obviously supports BLM and Antifa and the destruction of the U.S.

  44. Boy, this guy is a flaming retard! Trump stands up to all dictators and can’t be bought. This guy has severe jealousy and TDS for our President? Loser!

  45. What did Steele ever do that was successful? He’s now MSDNC’s token “republican” spewing all sorts of swamp crap! If he had ANY honor, he’d just admit he’s a DIMM who craves the praise of amoral Marxists more than love of his country!

  46. Anyone that aligns with anything Biden, is just as guilty as the Biden crime family. They are a part of it if they vote for Biden and let him get into office and ruin the entire United States, raise our taxes and become a socialist country. That’s not who America is. We stand for Freedom and Liberty for all. TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  47. I’m voting for Pres.Trump! I don’t think that Biden is Preaidential material! He suffers from dementia, he can scarcely put a sentence together and simply doesn’t have what it
    takes to be Pres!

  48. Seems for quite some time now the Republicans have forgotten Presid2nr Reagans 11th commandment…Never Speak Ill of Another Republican out loud.


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