Trump Drops Hammer on Biden at Arizona Rally

President Donald Trump went on the road this week to do what he does best: rally supporters.

Trump took the stage for a rally in Tuscon, AZ on Monday to the chants “USA! USA! By his supporters.

But what Trump said to them moments later really got them going.

“Joe Biden has always and always will be a corrupt politician,” Trump lamented.

“As far as I’m concerned, the Biden family is a criminal enterprise,” he continued.

Trump also told a crowd of his supporters that Biden “should’ve been locked up weeks ago” and that Biden is lucky Bill Bar is the Attorney General because “I know people would have had [Biden] locked up three weeks ago.”

“Bill Barr is a very nice and very fair man,” Trump added.

Before Trump hopped on his plane for the rally he told the media that “Joe Biden is a criminal”.

Members of the House of Representatives are now calling for Barr to appoint a special counsel to “investigate recent issues that have been raised about former Vice President Joe Biden’s involvement with his son’s business dealings.”

Here’s the letter to Barr which is co-signed by GOP Congressmembers Paul Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04), Ted Budd (NC-13), Jeff Duncan (SC-03), Jody Hice (GA-10), Mark Green (TN-07), Debbie Lesko (AZ-08), Louie Gohmert (TX-01), Ted Yoho, D.V.M. (FL-03), Andy Harris (MD-01), and Steve King (IA-04):

Dear Attorney General Barr,

Last week, reports surfaced about an uncovered hard drive and laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden. Emails, allegedly on the hard drive, have indicated that Hunter Biden may have helped to orchestrate a payout to his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, from his dealings with a Chinese energy corporation, and that he may have compromised the integrity of his father’s role as Vice President of the United States with his business dealings in Ukraine.

These alleged revelations raise serious issues about former Vice President Joe Biden’s reported participation with his son’s business dealings, specifically whether the former vice president (1) received foreign monies during his tenure in the Obama administration, and (2) if former Vice President Biden allowed his son to peddle access to his father with foreign business entities.

Americans deserve public officials who take great care to protect the integrity of their offices. Our constituents place great trust in their leaders at every level of government to conduct the people’s business with the utmost honesty, transparency, and accountability.

If these reports about former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, are true, the former vice president fell far short of his responsibility to uphold his constitutional oath and betrayed the sacred trust of the American people.

It is imperative that the American people receive answers and a full accounting of former Vice President Biden’s dealings with his son and his son’s business partners, and if the former vice president misused his office for personal gain.

We request that the Department of Justice immediately appoint an independent, unbiased special counsel to investigate the issues that we have raised – as well as any corresponding legal or ethical issues that might be uncovered from the former vice president’s 47 years in public office.

We ask for a response to our request by Friday, October 23, 2020, at 5 PM EST.

Barr has yet to respond to the request.

    1. It’s way over due! We the people are being played like chumps and we pay these MF’ers salaries. Many of them have lied, cheated and stolen from us for personal gain. They should be held accountable! All of them! WTF is going on?

      1. NWO one world government and 45 communist goals to takeover America is what is going on…all of the democrats and some RINO deep staters….we the people have been asleep at the wheel for decades as the commie/marxists made inroads all over the place

        1. Yes, we have been chumps! Because WE were the ones working and taking care of our families, while the commies were working on perfecting their takeover plans.

  1. Useless Barr will sit on this like he has all other matters. His job is to see to it that no big fish get hooked.

    1. I hear you, and I don’t want to believe it, but I’m afraid he has not acted as I would like to see it.
      Everyone please get out and vote in person. Vote RED UP AND DOWN THE TICKET.
      We’re voting in person today.
      RED all the way!

      1. Voted yesterday in person / in the rain and the line was a constant 200-300 yards long for the entire hour and a half it took to get into the building! People just coming and coming!

        1. We voted today. So excited to vote for wonderful President Trump and RED TICKET ALL THE WAY! Lots and lots of people there and more kept on coming. Peaceful and I was impressed how quickly it moved.
          TRUMP/PENCE 2020

          1. Ask for a paper ballot and make sure it goes in the correct slot. Our state has mail in ballots but we are going to take them in personally and put them in the box ourselves. We don’t trust the Dims any further than we can throw them.

          2. I would put money on the fact that there are thousands of machines that have been tampered with.

      2. Please! And also ask for protection of the ballots! We have heard that President Trump will probably win Pennsylvania but the evidence shows it could be stolen by voter fraud!

        1. I’m totally petrified of this happening in states like Pennsylvania, CA, FL, IL, and probably others too. Hope the President has people in place to deal and watch this kind of thing.

        2. I think there will be enough votes for Pres. Trump to win in a landslide, but the Dims will be cheating every way they can to keep the House and regain the Senate. This MUST NOT happen!

      3. By the way Barr has acted lately, I am wondering if someone like Soros or some other Dem, has paid him off or Threatened him!!!

        1. You definitely have a point.
          I’ve noticed sometimes things are going along great with any certain person, all of a sudden, you can tell the change in the wind sails. I always say, someone got to them. I.e. Justice Roberts with the ACA bill. Hmmmm

    2. I so believe you are right. I have tried to recognize that there are years of info to go through. But, IF he was on the side of justice, he could have chosen one thread and followed it through to convictions! I wonder if he is actually helping to bury the evidence. He needs to be fired. If Giuliani had given Barr this latest evidence, it would have disappeared.

  2. Wonder how much the BOY from Kenya got paid to authorize the use of Air Force 2 transport Joe and Hunter Biden all over the world.

    1. He got the admiration of white journalists, college educated suburban white women, white college professors, white billionaire CEO’s and the admiration of half the U.S. white population.

        1. Why an idiot? It is apparent that since Obama was elected twice to the Presidency that his statement is lamentably mostly correct.

          1. OBUMMER was and continues to be one of the most corrupt people to ever occupy the WH! He’s involved in all this corruption up to his eyeballs. Exactly why he NEVER left DC.
            Also, how can he afford all these expensive cribs? On his campaign trail he kept saying how they had student debt? Haha, BS!
            For such a believer in climate change how could he purchase a home so close to the ocean? Isn’t it gonna rise and wash away the big, big MANSION? Oh, I get it. Good for me but NOT thee. Doncha know????? Haha

          2. Aside from all of that….
            Who elected him, not once but twice????
            Hint: they’ve been convinced that they are evil, bad and owe reparations. They have been indoctrinated to possess self-guilt for being white.
            p.s. I know, I know NOT YOU!!
            But obviously enough have to get the guy elected twice.

          3. He was not ‘elected’. He was put into the office of president tp accomplish the NWO backed and paid for by multi billionaires for one purpose…to turn this country into a dung hole with socialism our new government. Remember when obamanation promised a ‘change’…? Well, it was not the change we all expected it to be. He was working for Soros, Saunders, the Clintons, etc. and was paid well. How do you think he became a multi-millionaire while in office,. The job doesn’t pay all that good. Trump doesn’t even take a salary..instead he donates it to a charitable organization. So don’t believe the American people ‘elected’ him…..that is simply not true.

          4. Eliot, I came back to give you a thumbs up on this comment. I’m still a bit confused on your standing, but ok.
            First time he got elected because many in our country felt bad about its past sins, then he got reelected because of more guilt.
            Now, hopefully all those people can be proud of what he put in place for 8 years and continues to work behind the scenes to destroy our country! We are literally one breath away from becoming a banana republic. I cannot explain to you the pain that this causes me, for my children’s future and for all Americans who want to hold on to our God given rights and freedoms. Even many in the African American community understand that Obama was not their messiah as he promised. Stay safe out there.

          5. True as that is, sufficient enough of fellow citizens did elect him twice, which was Eliot’s point.

          6. Finally…. someone out there who can read and comprehend.
            (Nothing like seeing a bunch of republicans acting just like democrats.)

        2. Think about it…. How does Obama get elected, not once but twice. Purple martians?????
          And who did suburban college educated white women vote for in the mid-terms??? Even FOX news noted it.
          Even Trump has taken note of that. I’m sure you heard him during tonight’s rally, right? You did hear him mention suburban women not liking him, right???
          Blame them, not me for God’s sake.
          And exactly what color are 90% of the journalists who bash Trump???? Purple???
          And who are the billionaire CEO’s of these tech companies trying to undermine Trump???? Are they purple martians too?????
          Surprised there’s so many of you out there with reading comprehension problems.
          (Man, Republican mob here acting just like democrats…love it)
          I’m a republican too… goofs!!!
          Ya’ll better start taking a closer look at the demographics of the radical left.
          I suspect many of you are in denial that your own children and/or grandchildren are among them.

          1. i’m not in denial. I know my children and sisters and just about everyone in my family, but me, votes lefty. But they’re all adults and there is nothing I can do to change them. They all got turned liberal in college.

      1. He also was the person most responsible for President Trump becoming the Republican nomination for President. His heir apparent HRC was the most responsible for President Trump being elected. In fact history will show that Obama’s greatest contribution was the election of President Trump.No President
        could withstand more malfeasance at the hands of the rabid (white) LEFT than Donald J. Trump. God bless him, and God bless the United States of America.

      2. Yes–AMAZING how gullible Americans can be. No surprise he got the Nobel prize for being able to pull off the biggest hoax ever in USA history!

          1. I think most people got your point. Sometimes I make a quick read of a short note and mischaracterize it.

        1. It was so amazing how the Sheep in America elected the FRAUD, Obummer, for not one, but two terms…TOTALLY DISGUSTING! And he’s still hanging around trying to influence the SHEEP!

          1. You are Totally and completely missing the point.
            Nobody is arguing we will “lose most Americans if a socialist is elected.”
            (Are you over 75???? You’re not grasping the underlying points being made. However, you’re quick to attack…,much like emotional democrats do when they hear something they don’t agree with.)
            In your case, you are misinterpreting what is being said.

          2. He doesn’t see anything….
            With constituents like this guy, no wonder republican bureaucrats get away with doing nothing.
            (Nevertheless, maybe I should have prefaced my comment by noting that the only republican getting ANYTHING done is Trump…. by himself and that’s because he’s the only non-career politician in Washington.)
            Maybe they would have gone easy on me….lol

          3. I agree with you. Most Republicans in the House won’t fight against Nanzi the Notzee, and the Rinos in the Senate seem to outnumber the rest of the Republicans. The only thing I can see that the Senate Republicans have done is vote against Nanzi’s impeachment hoax. Oh, and they voted against Ocrazyo-Cortez’s Green New Deal. What a joke that is!

        1. You mean like Hillary being indicted?
          You mean like ANYONE, ANYONE at all in Clinton’s inner circle EVER being held accountable?
          You mean like Adam schiff being investigated for lying under oath.
          You mean like James Comey being indicted?
          You mean like Peter Strzok being indicted. Nah, he just landed a teaching position at Georgetown Univ.
          You mean like McCabe being indicted?
          You mean like Lisa Paige being indicted!
          You mean like the Steel Dosier being proven a hoax during criminal proceedings against the aforementioned?
          You mean like Clapper and Brennan being indicted?
          You mean like Hunter Biden being charged? Forget joe Biden EVER being charged with ANYTHING.
          You mean like the unnecessary unmasking of Trump family members?
          You mean like …. get the picture yet???

  3. Please be advised that the FBI and the CIA knew all about the Money Laundering scheme of things in Ukraine, with the Biden’s, and chose to ignore it. Joe Biden is guilty as a Fox in a Henhouse. Giuliani has a host of signed affidavits. From the individuals involved, and from the POISONED prosecutor. Look on YouTube foe the Ten or more part series, by Rudy Giuliani, called” Common Sense”. It’s the worst scandal since Watergate.
    Spying on the Trump Campaign in 2016, during Obama Administration, IS 100% worse than Watergate.

    1. Watergate was a child’s game compared to what the democrats and the Biden’s have been getting away with.

      1. I have said over and aver that Pelosi, Schummer, Biden, Kamalla, and the rest of this nest of snakes have openly and repeatedly been advocating the overthrow of our government, which is the very essence of SEDITION AND TREASON!! They should be charged and prosecuted accordingly!

      1. I’m wondering that as well. They have been proven to have committed crimes, even bragged about it on camera, but nothing has been done to stop Quid Pro Joe. And the guy is running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! If the Dims cheat enough to get him elected all this proof will vanish~~ Gone With The Wind. Where’s the justice?

  4. Be certain that if Biden gets elected and the Democrats gain control of the senate all this will fade away Biden is a criminal and so are a great number of Democrats in Congress especially in the House Look how long the Clintons have evaded criminal prosecution

    1. I even say MOST Democrats are not doing what they pledged when they took an oath to uphold the constatution of the USA. They don’t because they want a socialistic government now & that’s against the oath they took so I say they are NOW a TRATIOR!
      I the revolution war a man that did the same kind of thing was HUNG.

      1. I also have CD’s & DVD’s of my concerns of the direction this country is headed. If anyone wants them just email me & I will send them to you. My cost to produce them is very small. I can send them for only $12.00 for both including postage.

  5. The question is “Where do you find an honorable, unbiased, attorney to act as a special prosecutor?” Or better yet, why do we need an unbiased attorney, for the Dims never go that way. Let’s just find a bulldog attorney with no fear, turn him loose, and let the chips fall where they may. If Bi-Dumb wins this election all will be quickly swept under the rug and we will never get to the bottom of this and many other travesties.

  6. Four years later I’m still waiting for Hillary to get indicted.
    So don’t hold your breath on any justice coming to the Biden clan.
    After all, this is Amerika!!!! lol

    1. Ah yes, “lovely” Hillary~~ she is as crooked as Quid Pro Joe but no arrest, no indictment, no nothing. Where’s the justice?

  7. Barr/DOJ needs to investigate now, the FBI won’t touch it. How do the Democrap mafia intimate our highest law enforcement/

    1. 60 years of corruption will do that to any organization! Look at the congress, the courts,the doj, fbi, cia, irs and etc., to the 20 + “blue states burning” all corrupt as he 1 1!!

  8. Barr is The A. G. of the U. S. and he has a duty to do what we taxpayers are paying him to do. With all the evidence that has surfaced in the public domain l would like to know WHY HASN’T OUR DOJ ALREADY DONE ANYTHING ABOUT THIS ? They have been sitting on this for more than six damn MONTHS. IS BARR CORRUPT ? Is Wray corrupt ? We have had enough of this kind of crap in our government. President Trump please do something

  9. Why isn’t the fbi director sitting in front of our president in the Oval Office right now? Explaining why they have been sitting on this. Mr. Trump needs to fire his ass immediately.

  10. The reason the LEFT is in panic mode to elect slow joe is because if the President wins, EVERYTHING WILL BE COMPLETELY AND FULLY BROUGHT TO LIGHT!
    Can you all imagine if today we had Hitlary as President???? We would all be in the dark and know absolutely nothing about this corruption.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  11. It is time that we totally get rid of the Democrat Party holdovers (aka The Deep State) as well as investigate, indict, and prosecute as needed. We elect a President every four years by voting for him and he deserves to run his administration without Democrat Party holdovers back stabbing him at every turn. They have done this every single day of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S administration. So far they have gotten away with it untouched.

  12. Well it looks like the Republicans are doing what they do best, sitting on their hands. If Trump had done what Biden has done the Dems would be walking the halls of Congress with nooses in their hands. Barr has all the information he needs to act but won’t, WHY? He and Durham are stalling and it is more than obvious why. If President Trump doesn’t have the balls to stand up to the Democrats then maybe he shouldn’t be President anymore. We are tired of the excuses and the caving in to Pelosi’s demands. Remember the old saying, “SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT”.

  13. President Trump should tell these bastards to shove it and refuse to do that RIGGED debate! Who in their right mind wants to hear what that. Criminal POS Biden has to say? I won’t be watching this shit!

  14. Where is the FBI,its their job to expose crime and lock criminals up,there has been multiple felony’s committed yet the top law enforcement agency in the country sits idly by and does nothing.At least the president has exposed the mess that has been gong on within out government.The FBI is just waiting for Biden and the demo’s to win the election so they can go back to business as usual,the feds will provide cover and protection for Biden inc.

  15. My only question is -“Why haven’t Republicans at every level from city, to county, to state, and to Congress been demanding justice and speaking out non-stop about these scandals and demanding justice?” Seems like most of the Republicans are too busy running for cover, sitting on their hands, or making excuses! Gutless and cowardly.

    1. Democrats control most of the cities and left leaning states look how many are having troubles and keep asking for AID.

  16. BARR and DURHAM haven’t finished the Russian HOAX and sent many to ‘GITMO’, So how is it likely ‘BIDEN’ will be indicted in my Lifetime. Not much !!😡

  17. This would be the entire Democrat Domestic Terrorist party!
    And it ain’t over yet. Barr is indeed “a nice and fair man” and that would demand – when all the evidence is in, and there is no chance of escape – that he will bring the fairness of justice to prevail, so that Our Country would never sink to this level again.
    As I said before, when you let even the head of the serpent in, it’s hell getting him out.
    But it must be done.

    1. Please share how you came to that certainty. I defended Barr in a few social gatherings, but am starting to wonder about his honesty. Pres Trump learned about his foot dragging, from Rush Limbaugh, on a live program. It was easy to recognize that Trump was angry, but he handled it better than I would have.

  18. Sadly, it appears that the “Deep State” political corruption is huge. President Trump can not fix it all by himself and he doesn’t seem to be getting much help from people like Barr and Wray. They don’t get anything done. President Trump needs to put a couple of hard chargers in those positions.


    1. He has zero plans to do anything, until after the election. Then, if Trump should lose, he can sit around and eat some more!

  20. This is a very important message to send as if it’s accurate, which it very likely is, it’s very necessary to deal with it at once! I’m absolutely certain that anything that Pres. Trump has said about this situation is true and accurate! I don’t doubt that it will be found so by the attorney general and what should have long ago been done in regard to Joe Biden, will now finally come to be!

  21. I’ve been meaning to ask this question since the fact debate. If there are any MD’s on this site I would appreciate your input.
    Joe has gone out of the basement very few times. However, his gaffes are absurd and most of all extremely scary.
    The guy on the trail is CRAZY!

  22. Trump needs to fire Barr and get someone in that will arrest these bastards! When Barr said that POS Obama and that POS Biden has immunity this is when it is the final damn straw! We have had it!

      1. Or as I stated before, MAYBE SOMEONE THREATENED BARR or DURHAM! is very sad that this is happening in America It is very SAD!

    1. Yep I don’t get it not a peep from anyone in the DOJ and 3 years of Russian BS!!!!! Why the hell isn’t someone in freaking JAIL

  23. The public seems pretty good at electing criminals – look at how many went to Washington poor – have spent decades in office and come home very rich starting when Congressional people made $52K….how do you get rich on that small a salary

  24. There has been so many criminal acts done by the Left that I have lost count, from Benghazi to Biden and not one person was ever investigated but Trump makes a phone call and that’s front page headlines and they want to impeach him so unless we the people start raising holy hell I don’t think anything is ever going to happen, we are now living in a different America and it sucks I do love this country

  25. The whole obummer/biden administration should be locked up, there dirty low=down lying,bunch of traitors. They all were caught red handed, and still try to lie their way out. But as more comes out, the worse it looks for these deep state actors, they think they got away with their coup,russian hoax,ukraine hoax,overthrow DJT,keep thinking that,but u better be looking over your shoulder, because there’s investigations still going on, and we will have justice.

  26. Time for prison for all these f#cks!! I know it is not the norm but either is Trump! Change is the always the future! Time to accept it.

  27. Our Country is in trouble and needs the help of all citizens. Vote for Trump and the USA. Say NO to Democrats corruption, Socialism-Communism.

  28. Good letter! A.G. Barr should act immediately, confirm the authenticity of the data and release it to the public like yesterday. If the FBI or DOJ has had this information for more than a couple of days, they should have a new boss. If there were ever a case for a re-vote, this is it, and it should be paid for completely by FB and Twitter for their continuing violation of their rules of operation, removing conservative content from their systems.

  29. Democrats, and Democrats only, impeached President Trump for making a phone call to the leader of the Ukraine and asked that leader to investigate what may have been a corrupt act that involved the previous vice-president, Joe Biden.

    But those same Democrats said nothing when VP Joe Biden demanded that the leader of the Ukraine fire his General Attorney of Investigation, or VP Joe Biden would not allow the Ukraine to have the $1.1 billion funding that was approved for them by the USA.

    Why should any American politician demand that a high governmental official of a foreign country be fired, and hold up approved funding as blackmail to ensure that the firing takes place, to stop an investigation into the foreign country’s company, that his son was being paid more than a million dollars a year from, while he lives and stays in the USA, having no knowledge or experience in the company’s business, does speak their language, and never attends board meetings that he is supposedly paid for, never even going to the country the company is doing business from?

    President Trump is impeached for what he innocently asked of a foreign leader, but Joe Biden’s demand of a foreign leader in the same office of the same country, using US funding for his blackmail scheme, is just ignored by those same Democrats who impeached President Trump.

    We’ve now found that Hunter Biden was being paid for political favors that he couldn’t provide or deliver, but Joe Biden has been sharing his son’s revenue from those foreign countries, since Joe Biden could provide and deliver those political favors, has then done for those foreign countries what they asked of his son.

    Yet Democrats not only refuse to question all these things that Joe Biden has been involved in doing, but they are actually actively attempting to help cover it all up, so the American people won’t find out about all of Joe Biden’s corruption, that would keep him from being elected POTUS.

  30. AG Barr isn’t going to do anything to anyone, along with Durham ! They are afraid if Biden won they would feel the brunt of the left ! So, they are going to do “ NOTHING “ ! Just like Trey Gowdy, AG Barr and Durham are nothing but Hot Air !

  31. I feel the same way-Biden’s son’s action are definitely criminal and he probably learned it at his father’s knee–

  32. I am so tired of all the investigations an money being used for that without anyone getting arrested or brought to court on charges. How many times are we going to hear about money laundering, fraud, theft, and other crimes and still nobody is ever found guilty or even had to go before a court. WHY are those people never brought to pay for their crimes?


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