Fox News Host Has Suggestion for Trump

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham has an idea for how Trump could close the polling gap between himself and Biden with women.

On her show Tuesday evening, Ingraham mentioned a new poll from the New York Times which shows Biden leading Trump by 23 percentage points among women.

Per Fox News:

“If that poll is anywhere near accurate, the president would have a hard time closing that gap with women but he could narrow it,” said Ingraham, who added that many media members and public health authorities have “frightened and misled” women across the country about the nature of COVID-19.

“They are afraid the kids will go to school and they will get sick or they will bring sickness back to their own communities and back to their own homes,” she said, “when any honest adult knows virtual learning is a train wreck for almost every kid out there, especially for those who are poor.

She continued by saying “but Biden and his handlers don’t care about the kids…They keep concerning themselves with that their political allies think. The teacher’s union. They need to keep them happy.”

While the recent New York Times poll showed the 23 percent polling gender gap there is some good news for President Trump.

In late September Washington Post/ABC News released a poll showing Trump trailing Biden with women by 31%. However, two weeks they released a poll showing Trump trending in the right direction. Trump narrowed Biden’s advantage with women to 23% in two weeks nationally. If the trend continues Trump will be well-positioned come election day.



      1. Caps are easier to see and thus read. this is a read only forum! The function determines the form required to do the job!

      2. Have to say it loud we have a bunch of millenials that have been brainwashed by some China crap in schools. And not smart enough to truly realize what socialism,communism, Marxism really is. I keep trying to tell them as much as I can from doing these post all day long . WJ juornel keeps rejecting my posts because I am not politically correct.

    1. You must be a libtard. I totally disagree, and am very interested in the Biden criminal activity. So is everyone I have talked to about it. And, Trump has not been distracted by any means, and has not stepped back from any of his duties. He is carrying on as usual. Just got a Supreme Court Nominee sworn in. He’s doing a great job!!!

  2. Biden is a lying racist traitor who has made his whole fsmily rich. I will proudly take my chances with President Trump. PROUDLY….

    1. Same here! My family trusts Trump to do the right thing. Biden wants to do anything that will get him votes.

      1. Paula, Quid Pro Quo Joe isn’t really ahead! Conservatives just don’t do nonsense polls. They usually do the polls in or near universities… which are all liberal! Thus the high numbers for the democrats. That is why they were all scratching their heads when Trump won in 2016, even thought the polls had Hillary way ahead of Trump.

  3. Trump needs to politely tell the moderator that he is exactly that and if you try to gang up on or try to run interference for Biden i’m walking! And I’m talking about when the men are first introduced! that’s what I would do if I was Trump I would remind the moderator that he’s just that he’s not to interfere or get involved in any aspect whatsoever!

  4. The moderator is a Democrat.Her parents are big doners and she had dinner at the WH with the Obama’s.She shouts out disrespectable questions to POTUS at WH pressers.

  5. Real thinking females will see thru all of Biden’s BS! Biden does not give a damn aboout women! Or their families! So if you are a woman who thinking about voting for Biden, thik again!! If you love your family forget about Biden/Harris! I am in my 8th decade of life and have witnessed so much in my time and will tell you I have never seen this country so divided, ever! And it is the Democrats that have divided us! Their lies and corruption is obvious to all. These people care only about the power they can have to control every aspect of your lives. And that scares me! Trump may be a bit rought around the edges but his love of this country is unequalled by anyone! Remember Trunp has not taken any salary, he has donated his salary to verious causes. Did you ever hear of a Democrat doing that?? Of you want a free country and your rights then vote for Trump!

    1. Welcome to the over 80 club. It seems that it is wrong to be a patriot these days. I wonder what Joe’s price is for the whole country?

      1. No real numbers in so far, but my guess is that he, his druggy son, the rest of biteminehole clan along with nance pe$lutsi, her nephew gavin and scores of other demohos like johni “I was wounded 4 or 5 times during my 4 months in Vietnam” kerryinski have received a very handsome down payment from the chinkee winkees with more on tap should the scam voting goes like the SCAMDEMIC and fools fall for the biteeminehole commie concepts.. lots of indoctrinated children will be voting for the 1st time and we have seen thousands of their contemporaries out in the streets rioting for free speech.. that should about give a full accounting of how far south that there education has gone ..

    2. Gramma I agree agree with you. I am almost 81 and I truly do not recognize the democratic party any more. They used to be normal people. Now they are brainwashed radicals.and I am scared to death of going socialist I am from Europe originally and I love America and what we used to have here. Now we are on the verge of losing it. This election will decide our future. Trump is our only hope.

  6. They have cleared the misinformation up that Adam Schiff and others claim about the laptop. The FBI confirmed there is no misinformation from Russia and the lap tops are in FBIs hands. I know the election is coming up and hope people really think twice about voting for Biden. For one thing he more than likely has dementia. He and Kamilia Harris are very much for abortion. I think he is mixed up inside himself for one minute he says he is against Fracking and the next he is for it. That is just one contradiction he is coming out with. He has lied about his college. He seems to be a huge lier. He has said statements against black people. These two are crazy and have socialism for our country. We need to pray for a fair election and the outcome be accurate. Some states not all have had mail fraud.

    1. All states have fraud. It just varies by degree! In Chicago the dead always vote at least once! This year a court ruled that the dead can legally vote in Massachusetts. In Pennsylvania, the courts ruled that you have to count mail in ballots, even if there signatures don’t match! That is legalizing voter fraud!

  7. I’m not sure the President really has a chance here. The fix is in. What Ms. Ingram says is partially true, but unfortunately women have difficulty accepting strong men and tend to gravitate toward the mealy mouthed mousey types. Joe puts on a good act here. The President just has to not get caught up in the emotion of it all. Turn on the charm. The moderator and Joe will try to work the crowd by baiting the Pres.

    1. Contrary to your faulty thinking, women do NOT “have difficulty accepting strong men!!” Are you out of what little mind you might have?!?

      1. I am sure the man is not talking about all women so don’t feel offended. I am not and I am completely against the Harris/Biden cabal. First of all I am from CA were the demos have ruled for 5 decades now now we have a crap state left. The illegals are the only winners here. Harris didn’t even get the support from CA when she ran for president and that should tell you a lot. Don’t be blind and help the democrats to destroy our country.

        1. Helga, VERY WELL SAID! CA is exactly as you describe. Joy seemed to get triggered a little too fast. Notice the insult because someone had an opinion different than hers?

        1. If she marries a wife beater, that is an example of a weak woman. Especially, if there are, or will be children involved.

      2. Actually, strong women respect strong men. Weak women choose weak men, because it makes them feel stronger to boss a man.

    2. Sorry to let you in on this but Real Women love strong men. Only millenials like the weak soy boys and they don’t vote! I don’t know how old you are but I’m leaning toward late 30’s early 40’s just by your comment. Either that or you don’t know women very well. Plus, polls can’t be trusted!

      1. unless the woman is a strong man type … LOL then she picks a wimp so that she can whip him into shape .. lap dogs are a neccessity in certain situations ..

  8. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Kamala Harris is NOT eligible to be VP or POTUS as she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, a requirement of our Constitution as defined on Vattel’s Law of Nations, as both her parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth. They were in the US on a students visa.

    1. If she was born on USA soil she is a citizen…I can’t stand the witch and her dirty knowing smiles…but she is legal! Don’t vote for the old home wrecker!

      1. The camel is definitely NOT a citizen of the US as defined by the 14th Amendment which states, AND which the libtards REFUSE TO acknowledge: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States. She was subject to the jurisdiction of the US, she was subject to the whims of her parents – one a Jamaican and the other an India Indian!!!!!!!
        That is what I was taught in US Government in high school back in the 50s. And that is how the 14th STILL reads.

      2. That is NOT a natural born citizen! There is a difference and people need to start understanding that. Therefore she is NOT eligible to be VP or president. This is an extremely important issue. Otherwise you could have those children born in the US from China whose mother came to the US just to give birth to the child. Or the illegal who gave birth to a child in the US (like the drug cartel’s wife). You would be saying those people are NATURAL BORN CITIZENS. NO WAY!

    2. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi knows that and why she is trying to get Trump removed or lose the election. Then when Joe drops his guard he is out and she wins. That assumes she is still in the seat after this election.

    3. I believe that she was bornin the USA but both of her parents immigrated here….none the less, I find her to be a liar and a less than reputable person who did not abide by the law when she was a judge. I would never ever vote for her for even dog catcher let alone Veep of the US,

    4. Neither was osoma Obama and yet they denied, lied, and killed off the granny that new! DNA test would prove it! Hospital records showed that he wasn’t born in Hawaii.

  9. “Polls. polls, polls, polls’!!!……..WHY are people STILL citing ‘polls’???? The so-called ‘polls’ LIE! Always have and always WILL!! 3/4’s of the voting population is voting for POTUS Trump. The REAL NUMBERS are PROVEN at every single event around the country! Maybe people should stop using CommieCore ‘math’ and use REAL Math?!

    1. It’s not the polls I am worried about but the cheating. Here in CA the dems have been in power for 5 decades and illegals and dead people and ballot harvesting have made them win every time.Now with millions of unsolicited mail ballot the cheating can be even greater.If Harris/Biden win you can kiss America good bye and say Hello China come right in.

      1. So totally agree with you. The cheating has been perfected, with so many years of Dimocrats and/or weak Republicans.

    2. Poll results can be controlled to achieve the results the pollsters want…thus they are not accurate…remember 2016 when Killary was the presumptive winner….HAHA Killary you lost!

  10. Is anyone worried about our country going communist ??? Here sometime around 2022 the feds are going to put a end to our paper money and our change. And replace it with what they call a FEDCOIN and I was reading about it. It said this is a smart coin and it can a d will track a d trace everything you buy is noted in a database. And if you are over weight it will stop you from buying sweets of any kind. If you are a felon it will stop you from buying a gun and bullets . and when violate their rules they can freeze your account until you agree to follow their rules . to me that is communist. People that is another issue we the people need to do something about. USA IS GOING TO BE A COMMUNIST NATION. this is not a joke.

    1. It’s not communism, it’s much worse!
      The apostle John wrote about it over 1,900 years ago in the book of Revelation. (Does the number 666 sound familiar?)

  11. So, what was the mighty Laura Ingraham’s advice for Trump?!? I seemed to have missed that!! Isn’t it a little late for Trump to change his personality? And what SENSIBLE woman doesn’t know that Trump would be better for EVERYONE – not just women!! Besides, as a woman, I totally resent being categorized by GENDER – and not BY IDEAS & INTELLIGENCE – and, not to be forgotten, CONSERVATIVE political points of view!!

  12. Thank you Suzanne St John – I have been spouting those exact words to everyone I know (and don’t know that well) since bidentime first announced the libtards had selected the camel as the VP choice. Secondly, if bidentime were elected and the camel were to replace him in a few months, them piglousy would be next in line and I know she would do her darnedest to have the camel removed quoting the second part of the FIRST sentence of the 14th amendment – to wit: and subject to the jurisdiction thereof invoked. Then that would downright scary – actually the thought of either as president is the destruction of the US

    1. If they are in a stairwell together, maybe weak, skinny Pelosi could trip her. But, otherwise, Kamela could definitely get rid of Pelosi.

  13. The women in my age bracket for the most part, like Trump over Biden and have for a long time. We are able to discern that he is the better choice of the two. Pence is hand down better than Harris as well!

  14. Well he just made up that deficit, by nearly doubling his support with blacks to 46% in three days. My mom voted for Trump before she died one year and 22 days ago. She always voted for “the best looking man”. She refused to vote for a woman because ” they ain’t got any sense”. I have to believe that there are many woman that vote the same way. So, Trump beats biden. Trump’s wives are better looking than bidens! Trump is more athletic and mentally fit/capable than biden. Trump had twice as many children too. Trump is a better parent, for his kids ain’t drunks and dope addicts. Bidens kid hunter is a crack head, thief, and pediphile. The question that needs to be asked is how can any woman in their right mind vote for biden, or any damn democrat?

  15. Trump may change his words but he won’t change his persona. He will always be the crass and bigoted man of always. He may promise us the wirld that he does not own.

  16. these women are not thinkn because thy are so afraid of thr kids going to school because of China virus well thy could get it when these women take thr kids to walmart too so hmm i trust schools more

  17. So women would prefer a senile politician who’s been in Washington for 47 years, and has accomplished next to nothing, versus, a workaholic business man who’s been in Washington for 4 years, and has accomplished everything he promised he would. I have to say if that’s the truth of the matter, then I don’t have much respect for women’s political acumen.

  18. Sounds to me like Ingraham thinks women are stupid and can’t see through all the demoRATS bs — I believe she will be surprised at the female vote.

  19. There should be more study about what may be the most important difference between Trump and moast every other politician, TRUMP IS NOT A POLITICIAN, HE IS A BUSINESS MAN ! He proved very quickly what he wanted to accomplish was what we the people wanted chsnged. Remember he takes no salary he brought his own money into office so during his first campaign he made it a point to ask what the American people wanted we told him and HE DID IT DURING HIS FIRST TERM so what a surprise some one actually doing what they promised the voters they would do what they promised. ALSO HE IS THE ONLY MAJOR POLITICIAN THAT NEVER CAME INTO OFFICE BROKE AND WITHIN 2 YEAR OF LEAVING OFFICE AS MILLIONAIRES THANKS TO THE TREASURY AND AMERICAN TAX PAYERS


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