Trump Releases Unedited ’60 Minutes’ Footage Exposing Extreme Bias

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump recently cut off an interview with “60 Minutes” Leslie Stahl after what he said was a “vicious” interview.

President Trump is now allowing Americans to judge for themselves by releasing the full unedited video in the interview.

In it, President Trump continuously reminds her of the softball questions “60 Minutes” asked Joe Biden while she hurls charged and difficult open-ended questions at the President.

The bias of the media has always existed but instead of denying it like in the past they are now proudly showing their bias as a way to virtue signal their peers.

The interview reveals how these journalists have lost any sense of ethics and operate on a double standard.

When President Trump brings up Hunter Biden’s laptop and the corruption that has recently been uncovered Stahl insists it has been verified.

This would be a good excuse had the media not reported hundreds of “unverified” stories about President Trump, Russian collusion, and the Trump administration.

Almost equally as bad was the NPR tweet about the organization’s excuse for not running the story.


  1. Trump needs to replace the top five officers in the FCC. They should have pulled the license of several Fake News outlets. They have violated the Constitution. They are biased and actually lie and deceive using their licensed platform. Fine them and arrest the chief offenders and pull their license for 30 days. Let them lose a bunch of advertisers and viewers, plus a heavy fine, and even jail time for the worse offenders. It is time to force fairness into our news outlets! They should not be above the law, the arrogant BASTARDS!

  2. By calling such an example of blatant corruption a “non-story”, they lose complete credibility. And NPR did EXACTLY what they claimed they wouldn’t do when they wasted an enormous amount of time pursuing the non-story of Russian collusion. As the saying goes…”if liberals didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all”.

  3. Thank-God for President Donald Trump & Judicial Watch for UNMASKING the corruption in long term (too long) entrenched government personnel-this is why we need term limits and THEY SOLD OUT AMERICA AND they are UPSET THEIR MONEY TRAIN is UNVEILED-OFF HARDWORKING AMERICAN TAXPAYERS BACKS. EXPOSE THEM FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE-HATERS & TRAITORS.

    1. Sorry Carol: while I agree with every word you wrote I disagree that we need term limits – that’s what the voter was supposed to do – remove garbage before it became entrenched in the only job these people could hold since no company would hire them because of their incompetence!! If we impose term limits we are admitting we failed in allowing Pelosi, Waters, Biden, and others from both Parties before them to camp out on the Hill for too many decades!! Hmm… You may have the only option for us though!!

  4. It is maddening that DJT has to be subjected to any MSM interviews and I don’t understand how he manages to remain as civil as he does!
    However, I do understand what he is doing, he is able to use their own words against them as he did to “liberal Leslie”! It was brillant his team videoed the entire interview, let them air their segment, which was the part they wanted their liberal viewers see and THEN DJT released the entire interview so the world could see how they edit and release as they see fit!
    The real “diehard Dems” don’t care because they believe in winning at all cost by whatever means necessary BUT, at least they need to be exposed to the rest of us! Could even make a difference to the Independents and undecided, we can only hope!
    Great job Mr. President!


      1. Leslie is the worst. I never watch Sunday Morning on NBC or ABC, whichever I’m sure she got a raise for this damning interview which is really a hatchet a job. She kept interruppting and arguing with our president.

  6. Pull every taxpaying dollar from NPR now. It does not serve the General Public. It only serves the liberal public. Let the left support NPR out of their own generosity or let them go to commercials. That news show irritates the crap out of me with their left leaning self righteous indignation and blindness to what is really happening in the world. Their is no reason everyone should be paying into that station if it only promotes one side.

  7. This virus was manmade and unleash on America as well as other countries from China and many corrupt people have ties to it. It’s an act of war, foreign and domestic!

    As for the bad actors in Hollywood, media and social media. They all have been caught in a coup attempt and are fighting for their lives because their big paydays are at stake.

    Most intelligent people are seeing through the lies and see them struggling to hold on to their narrative to save their asses.

    There is one in charge and that’s God. He uses imperfect people that he helped shape to raise into powerful places to weed out the vermin. Leslie you have become such a vermin and God is giving you a chance to rectify yourself. If you don’t God’s mercy will be JUST!

  8. This is why the media is called fake media – they prove it! They can’t confirm the information because they WON’T confirm it – it’s already been proven but they refuse to report on it. They are covering for Biden and the dems and they know it. They have lost all credibility. Her whining tone on this interview was irritating.

  9. 60 minutes was a big part of my life growing up , my mom and dad watched it and it was a night the family was together on a weeknight although my brother and I didn’t care much about it at the time we grew up respecting it as a credible source of news , if my parents were alive today they would be discussed at what it has become , shame on 60 mins for becoming what they used to investigate

  10. I can see why President Trump walked out of this fiasco. It made me angry watching this farce. FAKE NEWS YOUR BIAS IS SHOWING.

  11. This is the “political” way not the right way !!! Media works for the democrap politicians Mr. President Trump , is not a actual politician . the difference is he likes getting things done . politicians don’t . all politicians want is to complain like shotty nosed temper tantrum throughting whining kindergarten kids . only thing they care about is taking tax payer money and wanting more power. Just because Pelosi don’t like Trump she has to be a cry baby . Pelosi , Hillary,Biden, kamala and the rest of the cohorts really need is to be put in mental institution because they have mental problems. Just like like most millenials they have been brainwashed in schools by these China Bullshit they have in schools about socialism ,communism,Marxism . If they think it sound good to them go to china. They will see just how much fun it is when they beat and rape you. Treat you like dogs. They really need to go back to school and grow out those China books and pick up the old history books and read and learn. You have NO RIGHTS in a communist country. Go give it a try you bunch of over educated idiots. That means the politicians to. This is supposed to be a free country our politicians are supposed to protect our FREE country. If they dont they are not doing their jobs and need throughout out on their asses into a mental institutions . they have no business in a public office where they don’t do their jobs.

  12. Here we go again another site still taking messages down . that even Mr. Trump would agree with. This is supposed to be the Trump train not the dump train. I tell the truth and this site don’t post it another media that wants fake news or should I have lied that would have worked

  13. If media outlets like NPR actually employed Journalists they would be ruthlessly investigating the Biden corruption story. They love to call conservatives fascists, while ignoring that the most successful tactic Hitler used to control the populace of Germany was by controlling all media and only allowing them to present the stories that he approved. One stand out example-that Jews (the current subject is conservatives) were the cause of all the ills that were affecting German citizens. Exactly the way the majority of the U.S. media are are attacking President Trump and his supporters.
    I sincerely hope that the majority of Americans wake up and recognize what’s going on before they vote.

  14. Total brow beating, with the commie talking points. Wow! This “woman” is sick. KAG 2020 and Way, Way Beyond!

  15. The “media” personalities need to leave this country, move to Communist China, where their campaigns of disinformation will be welcome and they can march right in step with the Communist Masters of Deceit.

  16. It is no longer the free press for the purpose of keeping the public informed. They must be defunded, and lose the privileges they were freely given. We have many on line journalists that have come about during covid-19, because the msm seemed to want to tell people what to think (that is socialism) instead of telling them facts. The YouTubers have worked hard, done their own marking and research….no more overpaid treasonous mouthpieces!

  17. Of course there is no story in a v. president bankrolling our his family on our safety and well being. Never watching 60 Minutes again.

    1. The world is now a better place because of your decision. I made the same in the early 70s after Mike Walleace and his gotcha journalism.

  18. The media is so dishonest, these are partisan hacks trying to pretend they aren’t partisan and they are terribly unconvincing in doing so. Lesly Stahl does a disservice to journalism and whatever it is she actually gets paid for because none of this serves the people.

  19. Just watched the 60 Minutes interview HERE (before airing). I’m thinking Leslie Stahl needs to have her license to interview revoked. Her bias was out there IN YOUR FACE and she showed NO RESPECT with her questions to President Trump, yet showed EVERY respect towards Joe Biden who is DEFINITELY corrupt and compromised and should NOT be running for ANYTHING involving the USA and her policies, safety or law. Was she trying to one up Chris Wallace, who ALSO crashed and burned when he moderated? 60 Minutes should REALLY be ashamed if they even air this fiasco. Kudos to POTUS for maintaining his composure under such an obvious prejudicial attempt to interview.

  20. Love President Trump. Thank God the USA voted him to be President. The Democrat political party is so corrupt it is breathtaking. As for the “Fake News” and their minions like Leslie Stahl, they should all be embarrassed by their bias and false reporting.

  21. So glad to witness Leslie twisting President Trump’s words. I loved hearing his answer about his supporters. I am sure she and the rest of the liberal fake news people think we are chumps and deplorable’ s but if anyone just opens up their eyes they would see exactly what President Trump see’s. (And that Does include many of his suburban women supporters!!)

  22. It’s hard to believe that Lesley Stahl is so completely unprepared. She really should have a better grasp of what she wanted to ask and a better understanding of the facts. She presented herself as rude and argumentative to the President, as if we the viewer should be more interested in what her opinion was rather than that of the President. Good for the President for closing it down.

  23. The top officers of the FCC, like all top government positions are Deep State – INCLUDING YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. President Trump has been setting these people up by allowing them an opportunity to act honestly. We can see the result and a lot of them are already gone – don’t expect to see it on the 6 O’clock obituaries. Hopefully, in his second term this will come to full fruition.
    Yeah, my wife and I stopped listening to NPR 40 years ago, when they came on one Sunday evening with the National Lesbian Hour . . .

  24. Thank goodness Trump recognizes the extreme bias Main Stream media holds for our Republican President. This will backfire as media outlets recognize we the American PEOPLE don’t agree with them and their ratings go down the toilet – where they should be today!! Wonder what will happen when the first media outlet breaks with its colleagues??


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