Trump Announces HUGE Foreign Policy Victory

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump made the groundbreaking announcement that Sudan will become the third Arab state to normalize ties with Israel, joining with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The historic deal brokered in the run-up to election day will help deepen ties with the United States.

Trump’s announcement follows his conditional agreement to remove the nation from the list of state sponsors of terrorism if Sudan agrees to pay compensation to the American victims of terror attacks.

In a report from Fox News:

It also delivers a foreign policy achievement for Trump just days before the U.S. election and boosts his embattled ally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Recently, the United States brokered diplomatic pacts between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Jordan recognized Israel in the 1990s.

Netanyahu has made it a priority to forge ties with formerly hostile countries in Africa and the Arab world in the absence of any progress with the Palestinians during his more than decade in office. The deal also is aimed at unifying Arab countries against their common adversary, Iran.

President Trump made the announcement to the world from the Oval Office.


  1. Oh NO!!! Orange man bad!! Peace, no not that!! Arabs and Jews excludes the terrorist Palestinians.

    Peace is breaking out all over.

  2. The President knocked it out of the park last night! This is just another jewel on his crown of achievements.
    I believe AZ WILL STAY RED
    I believe MN CAN GO RED
    I believe NY CAN GO RED.

    People are fed up with the shut downs, governors who think they have absolute power and endless taxes.

    Please get out and vote in person.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  3. And Trump does it again brings more peace to the world. Trump 2020 . As Joe Biden tells another lie how he is for bringing American people together but as president he is only willing to do things that will please the Socialist and stack the court so Democrats have all the power to take away our freedom.

  4. Biden is a crook along with his whole family and the democrats. all they do is lie and destroy america. LOCK THEM ALL UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY.

  5. Unfortunately this news won’t be reported by the MSM and likly will be distorted and/or blocked by social media.


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