Trump Won the Final Debate; Here is Everyone Who Agrees

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President Trump won the final presidential debate against Democrat Joe Biden. The final event was a stark contrast from the first debate which was marred by loud arguments, the two candidates constantly interrupting one another, and a biased moderator who could not get the night under control. Last night President Trump was calm, cool, and collected as he easily answered questions from Kirsten Welker meanwhile Biden had difficulty not fumbling through responses and getting sidetracked. There was a clear winner last night and it was President Trump here is everyone who agrees:

  1. That’s them damn Democraps for ya !!! They cry stepmother feet through a temper tantrum. Then when they still don’t get their way they have to tear shit up. Ain’t no wonder nothing even gets done . always fighting like little school kids. Pretty bad politicians Democraps and Republicans are over educated idiots it take a non-politicion to get something done. Mr.Trump could get more done if those little kids would grow up. That means pelosi, Biden , Schumer , kamala Harris. Damn schoolkids . kick their ass Mr. Trump

  2. At the beginning of my text not stepmother that was supposed to stomp their feet . sorry I hate texting

  3. The very thought of a liberal president is scaring people to the point that they are fearful of losing their jobs at the start of the new year. Biden’s plan for America shuts down millions of jobs in the manufacturing and energy sectors. People are already looking around for other money-making options just in case Biden wins. One company in Florida is already warning its employees that they will lose their jobs unless President Trump wins in November.
    The message went home, as each employee picked up their paychecks after work. The letter inside the envelope was a warning that people should have a backup plan if Biden shows his ugly face in the White House in 2021 because Biden is seeking to shut down millions of jobs around the country on the first day of 2021.


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